Thaumcraft 4 is a magical addition to the world of Minecraft, capable of providing players with valuable items like those in-game blocks used for building. The only downside is that it’s very difficult to figure out what you should be scanning for in order
in Thaumcraft 4, so we’ve got your back! We’ll provide tips on how best to go about taking screenshots and where to find these elusive resources.

The “thaumcraft 4 aspects cheat sheet” is a guide that includes all the aspects in Thaumcraft 4. The aspect list can be found in the “Thaumonomicon”.

What should I scan in Thaumcraft 4?

Chicken –> Volatus & Bestia.

What does Auram have in his inventory?

Praecantatio and Aer make up Auram, the “aura” component. Silverwood wand cores and thaumium wand caps are both made using it. It’s made entirely of ethereal essence, along with everything else the essence has to give.

How do you find out about Auram?

There are three options. Get a reusable safari net and catch a wisp, then place the safari net in the auto-spawner to kill wisps and perhaps get auram, or locate an aura node with auram and shatter it. Auram is derived from Ethereal Esscence, which may be obtained by shattering a node.

What is the purpose of a Thaumometer?

Hold the thaumometer in your palm and gaze at the thing you want to measure. When you’re gazing at an item or a mob, use the right mouse button to scan it. A camera shutter-like clicking noise will be heard, and a tickertape message will appear at the bottom of the thaumometer screen.

In Thaumcraft 4, how can you acquire Vitium?

It is essential for the formation of ethereal blossoms and liquid death, and can only be found in tainted animals and things (usually tainted goo and taintacle drops).

How did you come upon Motus?

Sources. Motus can be found in Doors, Trapdoors, Rubber, and Bar Rubber (with the appropriate additional mods). Among other things, it may be centrifuged from Bestia, Volatus, or Machina.

What is the meaning of Permutatio?

Exchanging, Change, and Barter are all aspects of Permutatio. Permutatio is one of the first things you’ll notice since it’s seen on everyday objects like eggs and seeds…. Sources.

Item Name Aspect Worth
Seeds of (flax, barley) 1
Seeds from pumpkins 1
Seeds of Melon 1
Ore of Copper 1

What is the best way to get Vitium?

I’m looking for Vitium, but I don’t know where to buy it.

In thaumcraft 6, what can you do with the thaumometer?

Thaumometer is a character in Thaumcraft 6. Thaumometer is a term that may be used for a variety of purposes. Thaumcraft 6 introduced the Thaumometer as a new item. It’s generally used to scan blocks and things in order to open new research subjects, finish research topics, and earn Observation points in study regions.

In Thaumcraft 4, what should I scan first?

The first section should be done more-or-less in order (some items depend on earlier items). Gold Block OR Emerald Block and Iron Block. –> Lucrum, Metallum (if you didn’t have amber, pick up Vitreus from glass) And then you can scan the rest (no particular order necessary).

In thaumcraft, how can you gather magical aspects?

You must acquire magical aspects in order to perform anything in Thaumcraft. This is accomplished by building a Thaumometer and scanning anything that comes to mind. The two lists below will cover at least some of the elements. I haven’t included a list of which scans bestow which benefits. Simply scan the whole list and you’ll be fine.

In Feed the Beast, how does the thaumometer work?

Right-clicking while holding the Paper and Scribing Tools while staring at the moon, sun, or night sky will devour paper to generate Celestial Notes. Aura detection is also included into the Thaumometer.


Thaumcraft 4 is a video game that can be found on the Xbox One and Playstation 4. The “thaumcraft 4 sources of life” are the ways to gain new life in Thaumcraft.