A lot of time has passed since the release of Uncharted 4 — the PlayStation 4 exclusive appeared in May 2016 and turned out to be an extremely high-quality development of the series about the tireless adventurer Nathan Drake. In its best traditions, the Naughty Dog studio has once again presented players with a first-class story in the spirit of Indiana Jones, full of fast-paced action, shootouts, and archaeological discoveries.

Unlike The Last of Us, a gritty apocalyptic drama from the same developers, Uncharted was still a fun ride with an engaging story and an overall positive vibe. If you love a bit of excitement, check Zodiac casino Canada after reading our review. In the final part, Nathan Drake goes on his last expedition in search of Libertalia, a mythical pirate colony where the treasures of the legendary pirate Henry Avery are kept. And six years later, already for the new PlayStation 5, a re-release of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves is presented, which, in addition to the fourth part, also contains an independent Lost Legacy spin-off.

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About the Series

The Uncharted series is the epitome of a classic adventure game. Don’t take this as a compliment to the series — it’s just an obvious fact. After all, games from Naughty Dog, even the latest The Last of Us Part II, mostly ignore modern trends in the development of the industry and bring the player’s entertainment right under their noses. When playing Uncharted, you are not entertaining yourself, but the developers are determined to entertain you. They lead you by the hand, show explosive cutscenes, and fill corridor levels with shootouts and unexpected events at every turn.

Coupled with a top-notch technical performance that, even six years later, surpasses any competitors in the genre, Uncharted achieves a flawless performance in terms of storytelling and gameplay. Although there were no complaints about the quality of mechanics and animations either in 2016 or 2022, they may still appear over the years.


Is It Still Worth Playing

The plot of Uncharted four will not get old until the developers develop the newest mechanics of immersion in the story because the game script seems flawless. Partly thanks to the characters with whom you fell in love, even if you missed all the previous parts of the series. Nathan Drake and his charisma alone can make you fall in love with this series. So Uncharted four both puts a solid end to Nathan Drake’s story, giving long-time fans plenty of fan service and works well as a stand-alone game if you’re playing separately from the previous three.

It is noticeable how Naughty Dog reluctantly succumbed to the trends prevailing in the industry today. Most of today’s big-budget adventure games take place in an open world or, at least, have large hub locations to give the player more space to explore. Uncharted 4, despite its predominant linearity, did dare to take this step, but very uncertainly. The developers added a small hub and gave Nathan an SUV to more efficiently explore the surroundings of a separate open location.

However, if you don’t have the strength to endure another open world with a bunch of quests and side activities, then for you, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves will be played as fresh and exciting as it was six years ago. And with improvements for PlayStation 5, including 60 FPS, and all the features of the new gamepad, this is almost the best entertainment for those missing a rich adventure. So forget about clearing another enemy camp or capturing an observation point and enjoy a cinematic story where you have the main role.