The goal of a game such as League of Legends is to defeat your opponents and take control over the map by capturing specific points on the map. A player who has captured these points gains dominion, which in many ways functions like an additional life bar for them. They can use this extra resource to purchase items or abilities that increase their chances at victory.

The “league of legends: dominion return” is a type of map in the game called “League of Legends”. Dominion is a very popular map, and it has been around since season one. The objective of this map is to destroy three towers on the enemy’s side of the map.

What is dominion in LoL?

In League of Legends, what is dominion?

In League of Legends, what is dominion? Dominion was League of Legends’ answer to Capture the Flag. Dominion was played on the Crystal Scar, a circular map with five different capture points. The game mode was five versus five just like any other League of Legends mode, and the objective was to take down the enemy Nexus.

When was Dominion kicked out of the league?

22-Feb-2016 Dominion was released to the public on September 26, 2011, at 6:00 a.m. PDT, as part of patch V1. 0.0. 125. It was deleted from the list of accessible games on February 22, 2016, and was completely removed with patch V6.

What was the reason behind Dominion’s removal?

When Riot took the choice to shut down the game in 2016, they did so for a variety of reasons. Balance and matching were also major factors in Riot’s decision to eliminate Dominion. The Dominion player base has dwindled to the point that it was difficult to match players equitably due to the tiny pool of players.

Is Dominion going to make a comeback?

While Dominion has not returned to League of Legends, the Crystal Scar setting has been utilised in two fresh modes. On May 27, 2016, Riot Games added ‘Definitely Not Dominion’ as a featured game mode to the game.

Is Ascension going to make a comeback in LoL?

While the original Crystal Scar map is no longer available, Dominion and Ascension are still available. Riot has even contemplated making Ascension an event in Nexus Blitz, or perhaps using the map for a whole new game style. “Ascension isn’t likely to return in the form you’re used to.

Crystal Scar, what happened to her?

In League of Legends, it was also a Field of Justice for the Dominion game mode. On February 22, 2016, Dominion was removed, however certain Crystal Scar graphics are still utilized in the Rotating Game Modes Ascension and Definitely Not Dominion.

Is 3v3 making a comeback in League of Legends?

Is 3v3 mode coming back to League of Legends? While the solution is yet unknown, the plain and easy truth is that the Twisted Treeline will not return to League of Legends. At least, that’s what we thought since the game data had been totally erased.

Is Ascension going to make a comeback in LoL?

Is there going to be a third season of dominion?

Season 3 of Dominion: No Season 3!

Will Riot bring Dominion back?

Riot has said that the game mode and the Crystal Scar map would not be returning — but never say never, as there is still hope for Dominion enthusiasts. Dominion by Riot Games was “fast and enjoyable,” with gameplay that was far faster than a match on Summoner’s Rift.

Why was the twisted treeline removed by riot?

After concluding that these modes weren’t intended to continue, LoL decided to remove Twisted Treeline as well. Despite its popularity, creators were adamant about sticking to their promise and favoring some modes over others. They quickly announced that the game mode will be discontinued after Season Nine.

Is League of Legends going to have dominion?

Riot decided to bring back Dominion with a fresh twist after it was withdrawn from the game a few months ago. This extensively modified game mode included several differences from the original, all of which appeared to make it even better.

Is Dominion getting a new game mode?

Riot revealed a new game mode in a forthcoming patch shortly after Dominion was officially removed from the game. The “new” game style was fairly similar to the previous Dominion game mode, but it featured a lot of changes that made it more pleasant.

How long does it take to play a game of Dominion?

The Dominion game option allows for a fast-paced fight with several little skirmishes, lasting 15 to 20 minutes on average. There are a few distinctions between this game mode and the others: With 1400 points, champions begin at level 3. Killing champions reduced gold gain.

In Dominion League of Legends, what do minions do?

If the target capture point is not captured, the minions will assist their team in seizing it. Greater Relics, Health Relics, Speed Shrines, and Capture Quests are the only boosts available in Dominion.


Dominion is a game mode in League of Legends. It’s an objective-based game mode that has two teams fight to control objectives on the map, such as towers and inhibitors. The team that has more control over these objectives wins the match. Reference: ascension league of legends.