Almost every video game has a specific end, usually after the main quest is completed. In Pokemon Black 2, it’s possible to beat the Elite Four and then enter an endless void. Where do you go afterwards?

After beating the Pokemon League in Black 2, players will be sent to a post game area. Here they can battle other trainers and collect new items. The “pokemon black 2 post game” is where you go after you beat the Pokemon League in Black 2.

Where do I go after I beat the Pokemon League in Black 2?

Route 15: Black City (Black 2) or White Forest (White 2) Magnificent Bridge.

What should I do now that I’ve defeated the Pokemon League?

10 Things To Do After You Finish Pokemon Let’s Go

  1. 1 Battle & Trade Online.
  2. Shiny Hunt is number two.
  3. 3 Finish the Pokédex.
  4. 4 In the Indigo League, take on Red.
  5. The Master Trainers are fought by five players.
  6. 6 At Viridian Gym, take on Blue.
  7. Green is the 7th challenge in Cerulean Cave.
  8. 8 Attempt to capture Mewtwo.

What do you do with Kyurem after you’ve caught him in Pokemon Black 2?

Go to the north-most cave in Giant Chasm to locate Kyurem once you’ve captured one of them. You’ll uncover an unique item after capturing Kyurem that enables you to unite Kyurem with Zekrom or Reshiram.

What should you do when you’ve beaten the irises?

The Gym Leader will instruct you to meet Alder at Pokemon League once you beat Drayden/Iris. You may get there by travelling north on Route 10 and the Victory Road. Clyde will also make a joke about charging you for all the Fresh Water he’s provided you along the road if you chat to him.

What happens if you lose in Let’s Go to Green?

You’ll need to go to Cerulean Cave to capture Mewtwo after you’ve defeated the Elite Four and become the Pokémon League Champion. Green will arrive and challenge you to a fight if you’ve done so. Green will resurface in Cerulean City once a day for a rematch after you beat her the first time.

After you’ve beaten Pokemon League, where do you go?

The battle will be different, and gym leaders will have more powerful Pokemon with greater techniques at a higher level! After beating the game, you’ll be able to battle the Elite Four and past Pokemon League Champion once more. They’re still available at Indigo Plateau.

What should you do after you’ve completed the game?

Check out the list of Pokemon that can be ridden! Master Trainers have dedicated their whole Trainer careers to raising a single Pokemon species. Take them on in a 1v1 fight with the same Pokemon, and if you defeat them, you’ll win their title! After you become Pokemon League Champion, you will be able to capture the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo.

What should you do when you’ve completed the Elite 4 Pokemon Black?

To begin the Mewthree quest, take a level 100 stunfisk to Chargestone Cave. The Pokemon Black and White 2 Boards’ Official Groudon. After the Elite 4, what should you do?

What should you do now that you’ve beaten the Elite Four?

Check Out Elite Four & Champion Rematch Guide! The Elite Four & Rival will have Pokemon that are at a higher level (+10). The Elite Four will also have Alolan Pokemon in their roster. You can power up your Lv.100 Pokemon at the Pokemon Day Care Center at Route 5.


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