The Medal punch card is a collectible item in Fortnite that can be used to unlock exclusive cosmetics and dance moves. The cards are earned by completing objectives, but they’re also rewarded through daily log-in bonuses.

The “fortnite medals and accolades” is a feature that was introduced in the season 5 update. It allows players to earn rewards by completing challenges and collecting coins.

What does the Medal punch card do in Fortnite?

What is the purpose of the Medal punch card in Fortnite?

‘Weapon Whisperer’ is represented as the E1 Punch Card in Fortnite. You must eliminate the enemy utilizing a diverse assortment of weapons in this game. Pistols, Assault Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns, Snipers, and Explosives are among the weapons available. All you have to do now is collect these weapons one by one and begin annihilating your foes.

What is the XP value of the Medal punch card?

You’ll get 2,000 XP every time you acquire a new Medal. The Medals Punch Card (which we’ll describe later) has a total of 8 spaces for unlocking Medals. Although you will get 2,000 XP for each new Medal you obtain, you will receive an additional 4,000 XP for the fourth and eighth Medals.

In Fortnite, how do you get medals?

a gold medalist (obtained by assisting 8 eliminations, playing Creative for a certain amount of time). Medal of the Sniper (obtained by eliminating a player with a sniper from at least 100m away.) Medal for fishing (obtained by catching a fish with a fishing pole.)

In Fortnite, how do you gain badges?

These badges may be earned by playing Solos, Duos, Trios, or Quads. Playing Creative, Arena, or a Limited Time Mode will not earn you badges. For every 40 minutes you play, you will get one badge.

Do you get XP from Punch Cards?

Each punch on a card awards 14,000 XP, allowing players to progressively complete their fight pass and receive the prize goods. Unlocking some of these Punch Cards is simple. Other cards, on the other hand, will need players to grind throughout the season.

For creative playtime, how much XP do you get?

Every 15 minutes, Fortnite’s Creative mode awards 25,000 XP. However, since then, other content developers have verified that the XP bonus refreshes every day, letting players to earn up to 125,000 XP by merely playing Fortnite’s Creative mode for 75 minutes.

How much damage do you have to do before you can hire an SMG expert?

Opponents will be dealt 250,000 damage. Deal 150 damage with shotguns or assault rifles to get Shotgun Specialist or AR Specialist. Deal 150 damage with pistols or SMGs to get Pistol Specialist or SMG Specialist. Deal 150 damage with snipers or explosives to get Sniper Specialist or Explosive Specialist.

Do bots exist in Fortnite?

When there aren’t enough people in the matchmaking pool, Fortnite frequently adds bots to lobbies without taking player level into account. If this is the case, you will begin to meet bots in your matches in order to shorten the wait duration.

Is there a Season 5 punch card?

There are numerous ranks to each Punch Card, or XP Quest, in Fortnite Season 5. They provide 15,000 XP and may be completed at any time during the current Fortnite Battle Royale season.

In Fortnite, how does the medal punchcard work?

Our Fortnite Medal Punchcard tutorial will teach you all you need to know about earning Medals and XP. In Fortnite, the Medal Punchcard awards players for performing basic activities like as opening chests, living longer than other players, killing other players, and simply playing one daily game.

What happens if you stuff a punchchard full of medals?

You may fill the punchchard with any of the medals — you don’t have to complete one of each kind, for example — and you can raise the medal’s rating from bronze to silver to gold by completing it again with higher numbers. There may be more medals depending on other sorts of acts, but these are the ones we’ve found thus far:

In Fortnite, how can you receive a medal?

In Fortnite, the Medal Punchcard awards players for performing basic activities like as opening chests, living longer than other players, killing other players, and simply playing one daily game. You’ll win a Medal for completing these different tasks, which will be added to your Punchcard.

When does the Fortnite survivor medal punchcard reset?

Survivor Medal: You must be one of the last 50 players in a match to get this award. Every day at 6 a.m. PST/9 a.m. EST, your Fortnite Medal Punchcard will be refreshed. This new feature should make it considerably simpler for users to gain XP and level up, allowing them to unlock all of the Battle Pass’s tasty prizes. Was this information useful?


The “fortnite badges” is a reward system in the video game Fortnite. The medal punch card allows players to earn rewards for playing the game.