In the world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, companions are a big part of your adventure. They go through all kinds
of hell with you and they end up dying in some horrific way, but do they die permanently? We investigate!

The “skyrim companion died how to revive” is a question that has been asked by many players. The answer is yes, companions do die permanently in Skyrim.

Do companions die permanently in Skyrim?

In Skyrim, do companions die permanently?

If you strike a fatal blow, all of your followers will perish.

Is it possible for Farkas to die as a follower?

Companions are unstoppable; only quest-required NPCs may bring them to their knees for a few seconds. If you strike them, though, they may and will die.

Is it possible for Torvar to die?

360° PC Markarth may be able to locate Torvar. 360 Torvar may revive even if he is killed. His lifeless corpse will vanish.

Is it possible for Lydia to live eternally in Skyrim?

Lydia, unlike some other followers, is not required (immortal) and may be slain without your knowledge. However, because of her endless arrow supply, high armor, and early appearance in the game, she may be worth the hassle for new players.

What happens if your Skyrim buddies die?

They have a “second chance” in the sense that they fall to the ground and recover, exactly like key NPCs, when they are close to die. The masses’ attention will be drawn to you. However, if the mobs return to the follower after that, he will perish.

Is it possible to bring a follower back to life?

This can’t be done in a “legal” manner. On a PC, though, you may use the ressurect command in the console. (For further information, visit the Skyrim Wiki) Use the console commands prid and resurrect 1 if you’re playing on a PC. After successfully typing these instructions, your follower should come back to life. prid is a command that targets an entity, in this example your follower.

In the Elder Scrolls, may a follower die?

She may, however, be killed after the objective is accomplished. Followers may die, and you can even murder them. They usually don’t rush forward; instead, they attack if you attack or if you are attacked. If you’re not fighting, they won’t do anything. They’ll even sneak up on you while you’re not looking.

What exactly does it mean to enter jorrvaskr?

Jorrvaskr is a hall of honor and bravery, and entering it declares, “I am a warrior, and I will die as I lived—in great combat!” It’s also where the Dragonborn may become a Shield-Brother or Sister of the Companions.