Forelhost is a difficult location to reach, in the snowy mountains of Skyrim. In order to get there, you have to be skilled and prepared for an epic journey; hire one of several different companions or enter on your own. There are no shortcuts-you must travel up through dangerous wilderness and climb rocky paths towards the peak just outside of town that leads into the mountain sanctuary.

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How do you get to Forelhost in Skyrim?

In Skyrim, how do you go to Forelhost?

On the neighboring mountain, Forelhost is immediately southeast of Riften. On the southeast side of the mountain, just southwest of Broken Helm Hollow, there lies a trail. A single track runs up to the right from Riften along the paved road, just over a little stone bridge (south).

In Skyrim, who is Captain Valmir?

Captain Valmir is an Altmer who pretends to be a Stormcloaks or Imperial Legion officer, depending on which party you’ve joined. He is discovered in the encampment in the courtyard of Forelhost’s destroyed fortification. When you meet him, he requests for your assistance, and chatting with him starts the quest.

What is the best way to get Skyshard to walk above the clouds?

Continue northeast on the road and turn left at the first junction. Turn left at the second intersection. Veldrana will be seen at the point when the route bends north for the second time on this excursion. She’ll offer you the task A Walk Above the Clouds, which kicks off the Forelhost goal.

In A Walk in the Clouds, how old was Keanu Reeves is a well-known actor.?

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Which Dragon Priest Mask is the best?

Every Dragon Priest Mask in Skyrim, Ranked

  1. Konahrik is number one. When compared to others of its like, the finest Dragon Priest mask of all, Konahrik, an expression that alludes to “Warlord,” is also fairly unusual in terms of aesthetics.
  2. 2 volleys
  3. Morokei is the third character in the Morokei series.
  4. 4 Otar.
  5. No. 5 Nahkriin
  6. Six Krosis
  7. Miraak, number seven.
  8. Rahgot, number eight.

Is it possible for you to leave Skyrim?

sylvanir is the user name. It is possible to leave Skyrim’s map space, however there is no content other than random landscape items.

What are the names of the eight dragon priest masks?


Name of the Priest/Mask Location
Morokei During The Staff of Magnus, Hjaalmarch was labyrinthian.
Nahkriin During The World-Eyrie, Eater’s Skuldafn is in another realm.
Otar Ragnvald is a character in The Reach.
Rahgot The Rift’s Forelhost.

Is it possible to wear dragon priest masks with helmets?

With a dragon priest mask, you may wear a variety of additional helmets, including The Jagged Crown, Circlets, and the Ancient Shrouded Cowl.