The game has a large number of NPCs to interact with, and the character you create is only one in that group. Sometimes this can be confusing because they all play different roles and have different personalities. To find your NPC, follow these steps:

The “skyrim console commands” is a command-line tool that allows players to select an NPC in Skyrim.

How do you select an NPC in Skyrim console?

In the Skyrim console, how do you choose an NPC?

You may also use the console to target an NPC or item by clicking on it and then running a command to effect the NPC or object.

What is the best way to modify NPCS?

How to Change the NPC’s Appearance in Minecraft

  1. The Non-Player Character Menu will appear. In this lesson, we’ve produced the NPC known as “Mr.
  2. Alter the appearance of your skin. To modify the NPC’s look, left-click on the new skin that you want to use.
  3. The NPC’s appearance will be altered.

In Skyrim, how do you manage NPCS?

Toggle Player Management Controls an NPC by turning it on and off. To use, choose an NPC to target and enter the command. The NPC will now be controlled, giving the user control over both their character and the NPC at the same time.

In Fallout 4, how do you choose an NPC?

If you activate the console while an NPC is visible, clicking on them will “select” them and show their id in the console’s top center. The ref id for MacCready is 0002a8a7. A complete list of character IDs (not only companions) may be found here. You’ll have to look for the companion’s name on the page.

In Skyrim, is it possible to marry Jenassa?

Jenassa is a Dunmer ranger who can be found sitting at a table at Whiterun’s Drunken Huntsman store. Jenassa has the potential to join the Blades. She also becomes a prospective marriage candidate when you employ her.

What is the best way to modify the skin of npc citizens?

You may always use the most recent skin for the player by using /npc skin [NAME] -l (a lowercase L) (updating if the player changes their skin). The current skin (at the time of invoking the command) will be preserved if this is not specified.

What is the best way to teleport an NPC to you?


  1. To place a new copy of an NPC at your current location, type the following in the console: player.placeatme <#>
  2. Type the following in the console to move to an NPC: player.moveto
  3. Type the following in the console to move an NPC to you: Prid
  4. Then there’s moveto player.

Is it possible to modify an NPC’s body?

You may change the body if you have RaceMenu loaded. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Vanillia. You can only use the console command you attempted in the game. It’s OK for vanilla NPCs, but it might cause minor or major issues with mod-modified NPCs.

Where can you discover an NPC’s base ID?

The help command I provided may be used to get a npc’s base id. It Is Effective! Even Kant’s kill order can’t save him! THANK YOU SO MUCH! NPCs have two identifiers: a base identifier and a reference identifier. The reference id is shown in the console, whereas setessential utilizes the base id. The help command I provided may be used to get a npc’s base id.

How can I receive a refid now that I don’t have the NPC?

When you click the topic in question, the mod “MFG Console” simply shows you more information. Simply search for the NPC in question and get their reference ID in the text file that appears. It displays a text file after I performed it. Now where do I look for the refID?

In Fallout 4, how can you re-enable an NPC?

Scroll through the console using the PageUp and PageDown buttons. Example: help leather 0 – This will show anything with the word “Leather” in the name, including item IDs, perk names, and commands. Example #2: lend a hand to “leather armor” 0 – Use quote marks around your search query if it includes a space.