In addition to the lures and egg hatching, players will be able to catch more rare Pokemon for their collection. This update is one of many coming in 2018 that should excite players with a completely new form of gameplay.

The “pokémon go account reset to level 1” is a question that has been asked for years. Many people have found out that it is possible to do this, but there are some risks involved.

Can you restart your Pokemon Go account?

Is it possible to reactivate your Pokemon Go account?

You’ll have to delete your account since you can’t reset it. It’s not that straightforward, however. It takes a few steps to delete your in-game account, and even then, it doesn’t register straight away. It’s also not possible to do it inside the app.

How can I re-enter Pokemon Go?

Because Pokemon is a virtual reality game, you can’t start a new game unless you create a new account and start again.

Is it possible for me to have two Pokemon Go accounts?

Yes, you may move between two accounts easily. The save data will be from the account with which you are now signed in. The only way this might go wrong is if you mistreat one of them, but that always goes wrong.

Is it possible to remove a Pokemon Go account?

Look for Settings. Select “Get Help” at the bottom of the screen. If you’re using an iOS device, go to Contact us; if you’re using an Android smartphone, go to the upper right corner and hit the message symbol. “Delete My Account” should be typed in.

What’s the best way to unlink my Pokemon account from Facebook?

Follow these procedures on your Facebook profile to withdraw app permissions:

  1. Select “account settings” from the drop-down menu.
  2. On the left-hand sidebar, choose “apps.”
  3. To cancel access to your data, click the “X” on the right of each app.
  4. When the popup asks you to, confirm “delete.”

What’s the best way to connect my Pokemon to Facebook?

Pokémon GO’s New Login Feature

  1. Trainers will be able to log in using either their Facebook or Google accounts.
  2. Tap the Main Menu in Map View.
  3. Tap Settings in the upper right corner.
  4. Select the “Not Linked” checkbox next to the login provider you want to link in the Account section.

Is it possible to connect my Google account to Pokemon Trainer Club?

To connect your Trainer profile to a Google or Facebook account, go to the Settings menu and pick the platform. They may continue to develop on their Pokédex by joining their Facebook account, and they can even link a new Google account to their Trainer profile.

What’s the best way to connect my Pokemon to my Google account?

To link an additional account: Tap Settings in the upper right corner. Select the “Not Linked” checkbox next to the login provider you want to link in the Account section. Follow the prompts to link your account. Once your account is linked, you can use that login provider to sign into your Pokémon GO account.