A quick answer for this question is hard to give. It takes about six hours on average, and can take up to 12 depending on the speed of your internet connection. However, you should see a progress bar in the XMB (eXtensible Menu Bar) that tells you how much time has passed during installation.,

How long does it take to install Destiny 2 on PS4? This is a question that many people have been asking. The answer is around 6 hours. For Xbox One, the download time is between 3 and 4 hours.

How long does it take to install Destiny 2 on PS4?

How long does it take to download and install Destiny 2 on a PlayStation 4?

Approximately 2-3 hours

What is the total size of Destiny 2 with all DLC?

Shadowkeep will increase Destiny 2’s installation size to “165 GB hard drive storage space as of 09.17. 19,” according to the PlayStation Store. Destiny 2’s PS4 install size is roughly 82GB with all current expansions and post-release DLC. As a result, Shadowkeep’s size requirements will be doubled.

Why does Destiny 2 take so long to load?

There are two reasons for this. To begin with, it’s loading a lot of data (like a lot). Destiny 2 is a meticulously designed game that aspires to offer an open world experience. It’s also Peer to Peer, which means it may take longer to load if some players in your game have a sluggish device or a terrible connection.

How long does it take to download Destiny 2 on PC?

Depending on your internet connection, it might take up to 2 hours. It all depends on how fast your internet is. It took me around 3 minutes to do mine. Others are still downloading after 12 hours.

What is the size of the download for Destiny 2?

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is presently 120GB on PlayStation 4, 111GB on Xbox One, and 95GB on PC, including all updates. Destiny 2 will be between 59GB and 71GB in size after Beyond Light is released, depending on the platform.

Is it necessary for me to reinstall Destiny 2?

The impending Beyond Light update for Destiny 2 will shrink the game’s total size, but it will need a complete reinstall. Bungie has said that when Beyond Light is released in November, the game will need a complete reinstall due to these modifications.

How can I get Destiny 2 to work?

Install the Battle.net Desktop App from Blizzard Entertainment. Then, on Blizzard’s Battle.net desktop software, select the Destiny 2 icon, which is placed on the left-hand side. Wait for the installation procedure to begin after selecting your area. On October 24, when the game has been installed, you may play it.

How can I get Destiny to work?

The following are the suggested procedures for manually installing Destiny or using a digital download:

  1. Switch on the PlayStation 4 console.
  2. Sign in to the PSN profile you want to use.
  3. From the Home screen, go to the Library menu.
  4. Choose the Destiny release or add-on you want to install.
  5. Choose Download.

How can I get the latest Destiny 2 update?

To see the game, go to the Game Library menu, choose the Destiny 2 tile, hit the “Options” button, then “View Game.” You’ll be sent to the PlayStation Store page for the PS4 version of the game if you do so. Then, be sure you choose the three-dot menu icon.

What is the best way to acquire Destiny 2 on PS4?

Follow these steps to download and play Destiny 2 for free on PS4:

  1. Switch on the PlayStation 4 console. It’s a crucial step to download and install any game, as you surely know by now.
  2. Log in to your PSN account of choice.
  3. From the Home screen, go to the Library menu.
  4. Download Destiny 2 is the second option.

How much money does Shadow have?

Like Forsaken, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is a standalone expansion that costs $34.99. It comes pre-installed with the current Destiny 2 season (depending on when you buy it).

In Destiny 2, can I give silver as a gift?

Silver is tied to the Destiny account and release from where it was acquired, and it cannot be transferred or given to another Destiny account or release. Platform license sharing capabilities do not allow Silver and products bought with Silver to be shared across accounts.