Destiny 2 is an online-exclusive game and only compatible with the Xbox One controller. If you’re looking for a PC controller, there are third party devices like XIM or Razer to play Destiny 2 on your computer.

The “destiny 2 pc controller not working” is a question that has been asked multiple times. The answer to the question is yes, it is compatible with PC.

Is Destiny 2 PC controller compatible?

Is a PC controller compatible with Destiny 2?

On the PC, Destiny 2 supports controllers, and aim assist is the same as on consoles.

Is it possible to play Destiny 2 on Steam using a controller?

Steam Input is not supported in Destiny 2. Destiny 2 features its own set of controllers.

For Destiny 2, how do you set up the Xbox 360 Elite controller?

Check out the steps below.

  1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide, then select System > Settings.
  2. Select Ease of Access > Controller, and then select Vibration settings.
  3. Select Configure for the controller you wish to update.

In Destiny 2, what is an elite enemy?

Elite adversaries are marked by a dull orange health bar and are far more difficult to kill than their basic versions. They also wield more potent weapons. They often occur in content geared at groups, such as Heroic Public Events and various Strikes.

What is a controller curve, exactly?

A linear mapping is a gamepad response curve of one. A linear mapping (Setting of 1) indicates that the more you press the look stick, the quicker your targeting sensitivity becomes. This is how Sea of Thieves was originally set up. Set this number to 1 if you want your appearance to stay the same as it was in Sea of Thieves.

What does the aim response curve look like?

The aim response curve modifies the connection between your analog sticks and the game’s reaction. While running and shooting, each aim response curve option employs a separate algorithm that produces various end outcomes.

Is there any help with aiming on linear?

Aiming down your sights does not snap your sights to targets in linear and exponential aim assist. When you’re on target, though, the assist seems more sticky – both linear and exponential help tend to adhere to what you’re shooting for, making it more difficult to lose your goals.

What is the difference between a response curve and a response curve type?

The Aim Response Curve Type option in Black Ops Cold War’s controller settings is more crucial than most players realize. There are now three Aim Response Curve Type choices to select from. It’s a setting that alters how the analog stick responds to player movement.

Is there any kind of goal assistance in Cold War PC?

While having Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s aim assist set to high isn’t necessarily a negative thing, many gamers are afraid that it may affect the game’s balance. On PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available.