The Pokemon Go craze has spawned many copycats including a game called Glaceon. The app is making waves in the world of gaming, but does it hold up? We dive into to find out.

Glaceon is a Pokemon that has been in the game since generation 4. It’s a water type and its best moveset is ice beam and blizzard.

Is Glaceon good for great league?

Is Glaceon suitable for a high-level league?

Glaceon outperforms Leafeon in two of the three major GO Battle Leagues, but its Great League performance falls short of expectations. In that classification, it is the 444th best Pokemon.

Ice Beam or Avalanche: which is better?

Ice beam is in the middle, doing similar damage as avalanche but requiring slightly more energy. Aurora beam is just slightly worse than Ice beam, but it is HORRIBLE in gym fights because to its very slow casting animation.

What moves does Glaceon have access to?

Leveling up teaches you new moves.

Lv. Move Type
25 Bite Dark
30 Ice Fang Ice
35 Hail Ice
40 Freeze-Dry Ice

Glaceon, how excellent is he?

With a MAX CP of 2866, ATK of 238, DEF of 212, and STA of 130, Glaceon is the game’s second strongest attacking Ice type, behind only Mamoswine and slightly ahead of Articuno and Weavile.

What does Glaceon excel at?

Glaceon is a Pokémon of the ice type. Grass, ground, flying, and dragon pokémons are all powerful against ice pokémons, but they are weak against water pokémons.

What are the finest Glaceon attacks?

Glaceon’s best moveset When fighting Pokémon in Gyms, Glaceon’s greatest attacks are Frost Breath and Avalanche. This moveset has the most overall DPS and is also the most effective in PVP encounters.

Which of the ice types has the most potent attack?

The 15 Most Powerful Ice-Type Moves, Ranked

  1. a single ice beam Ice Beam is Blizzard’s more dependable but less powerful counterpart.
  2. Blizzard number two.
  3. 3 Mist/Haze
  4. Crash of four icicles.
  5. 5 ice burn/freeze shock
  6. Ice Punch (nine)
  7. Ice Ball #7
  8. 8 Extremely chilly.

What is the finest Glaceon platinum moveset?

Use Special-based Moves over Physical-based Moves since Glaceon’s Sp.Atk (its greatest base stat at 130) is much superior than Attack (its lowest base stat at 60). Always distinguish Moves to cover a wider range of situations. * Because the Trump Card’s power is the same for 5, 6, 7, and 8 PP left, don’t use PP Up or PP Max on it. Sorry, but those are some really bad movements.

In Pokemon Go, what sort of Pokemon is a Glaceon?

Glaceon is an Ice-type Pokémon, making it vulnerable to moves like Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel. These movements are determined with the help of type benefits and disadvantages, as well as STAB.

Is it possible for a Glaceon to pick up moves from prior generations?

Glaceon can only learn these moves in previous generations. It must be taught the moves in the appropriate game and then transferred to Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. Cat. What is a good moveset for Glaceon?

Which movepool is superior, Vaporeon or Glaceon?

Glaceon lacks Vaporeon’s diverse movepool and is hence disregarded, although it has outstanding defenses and special attack. The last move is entirely up to you.]

What moveset is ideal for my Glaceon?

When fighting Pokémon in Gyms, Glaceon’s greatest attacks are Frost Breath and Avalanche. This moveset has the most overall DPS and is also the most effective in PVP encounters. The techniques indicated in green have a 20% damage increase thanks to the Same Type Attack Bonus.

Glaceon has a strong Unique Attack, making it a formidable wallbreaker capable of 2HKOing special barriers like Audino and Lickilicky. Its Ice type also offers it strong NU coverage, allowing it to strike a large section of the tier for significant damage. Glaceon also possesses useful bulk, thus it can take blows rather well.

Is Flareon an excellent Pokemon?

With Wish, Flareon is a superb team booster, and it makes a strong defensive core with physically defensive Pokemon like Ferroseed, Steelix, and Sandslash, who resist Flareon’s vulnerabilities but lack recovery.

In Great League, Glaceon is quite lackluster, which is sad. A stat distribution that emphasizes offensive produces mediocre bulk, while mono-Ice type provides no major resistances.

What is Glaceon’s secret phrase?

Linnea is the name of one of the Eevee trainers you had to fight in Pokémon Sun and Moon to earn the Eevium Z-Crystal. Simply change your Eevee’s name to Rea to ensure a Glaceon in Pokémon Go.

Is Dragonite a decent PVP item?

Overall, Dragonite is an excellent pick for PVP encounters in Pokemon GO, particularly for those who are still putting together their first squad. Many other meta-viable Dragon-type Pokemon are more difficult to get than Dragonite, and they aren’t as flexible across leagues.