Lola is a slang term used in Tagalog and English by children who are not sure how to say the word “lollipop.”

Lola is a nickname for the word “Lola” in Spanish. The meaning of Lola can be translated to mean “a girl who loves to dance.”

What does Lola mean in Philippines?

In the Philippines, what does Lola mean?


What does Lola mean when she says Surfline?

model of the global swell

Lola, who did it?

Lola Lola Lola Lola Lola Lo (song)

Songwriter(s) Ray Davies is a British musician who was born in is a British musician who was born in
Producer(s) Ray Davies is a British musician who was born in is a British musician who was born in
The Kinks singles timeline
“Victoria” is a fictional character (1969) “Lola” is a fictional character (1970) “Apeman” is a fictional character (1970)

What was the reason behind the song Lola’s ban?

Lola by The Kinks The song was taken down because it included the phrase “coca-cola,” which violated the company’s policy on product placement. Davies had to travel back to London from the band’s American tour to re-record the line as “cherry-cola” for the single release.

Lola was released in what year by the Kinks?


Who was the singer of Whatever Lola Wants?

Vaughan, Sarah

From which film does the song Whatever Lola Wants come?

Yankees, you’re the worst.

Is Gwen Verdon’s performance in Chicago nominated for a Tony Award?

Woodstock, Vermont, United States Gwyneth Evelyn “Gwen” Verdon was an American actress and dancer who lived from January 13, 1925 to October 18, 2000….Stage.

Year 1975
Title Chicago
Role Roxie Hart Roxie Hart Roxie Hart Roxie
Notes Tony Award nomination for Best Actress in a Musical

What is the name of Gwen Verdon’s son?

Jim Henaghan is a well-known actor in the United States.

Gwen Verdon’s height is unknown.

1.62 m

What was the name of Gwen Verdon’s boyfriend?

Ron (played by Jake Lacy), Gwen’s loyal lover, is a composite based on actor Jerry Lanning. “Even if you’re trying to stay to the facts,” Nicole explains, “the need to make every portion of the series function as a television show implies you’ll have to fudge certain things.”

Is Nicole Fosse married or unmarried?

Andreas Greinerm. was born in the year? and died in the year 2000.

When Bob Fosse died, who was his girlfriend?

Ann Reinking is a writer who lives in New York City

Who is the inventor of jazz hands?

Bob Fosse