In team games like League of Legends, competitive players use the split pusher to push their allied teammate into a better position. The best split pusher in LoL is referred by many as “Xie Jiao”, who has amassed more than 50 million hours of professional game experience and leads all world rankings with an 89% win rate.

The “lol best split pushers 2021” is a question that many people have been asking. The most popular players on the game are split pushers and there are many different opinions about who is the best.

Who is the best split pusher in lol?

Who in lol is the greatest split pusher?

Season 11’s top ten best split pushers are shown below.

  • Singed.
  • Yorick.
  • Shen.
  • Teemo.
  • Tryndamere. Gameplay/Guide for Tryndamere Split Push.
  • Nasus. Gameplay of the Nasus Split Push.
  • Camille Split Push Gameplay/Guide (*outdated things; check up an updated build).
  • Gameplay and General Guide for Jax Split Push.

Is Aatrox a pusher of splits?

Aatrox was reworked from a niche top lane split-pusher to a dominating laner and exceptionally powerful team-fight champion in the League of Legends visual and gameplay update (VGU) or major champion revamp in June 2018.

Is Aatrox a capable champion?

Aatrox is now regarded as one of the best champions in competitive play, owing to his flex potential. Aatrox has a 50.22 percent winrate in Korea in plat and above, according to, although his winrates versus many of the greatest toplane selections right now are below 50%.

Is it possible for Illaoi to play jungle?

Because Illaoi isn’t built to be a jungler, and I’m not a high elo player, this tutorial is mainly for low elo/normal players. You may begin on the bot-side or the top-side of the jungle.

Illaoi has how many different skins?

3 skins

Is Illaoi going to receive a new look?

Skins & Events in Season 2020 | Dev Video – League of Legends. While it isn’t 100% confirmed, Illaoi did not make the list for champs they confirmed will get a skin this year.

When shall I go up against Illaoi?

Illaoi becomes one of the finest 1v2 champions in the game after she reaches level 6. You obviously don’t want to fight within her ult area. In low elo, you must pray to whichever god you worship that your jungler does not commit suicide in Illaoi, expecting you to join him.

Is Illaoi a good counter to Tryndamere?

In 43.0 percent of her rounds, Illaoi confronts Tryndamere. Regrettably, Illaoi has done a poor job of defeating Tryndamere. Normally, Illaoi wins 49.0 percent of the time when the champions square off against each other.