There’s no easy way to transfer an Xbox account, mostly because of the complex system Microsoft uses for their console. You’ll need a friend with an xbox account that is not banned and has plenty of storage space. Though it might be difficult to do so, there are ways around this issue that can help you!

You can’t transfer your fortnite account to another Xbox account. Read more in detail here: epic games.

Can I transfer my fortnite account to another Xbox account?

Is it possible to move my Fortnite account to a different Xbox account?

There is currently no method to transfer game progress or purchases across Microsoft accounts/gamertags.

What is the name of the amazing account that is attached to my Xbox?

Use your Xbox Live credentials to log in. The words Manage Your Account may be seen in the top-right corner of the launcher. When you click it, your browser will access the Epic Games website. You’ll then be signed in as the person to whom your Xbox Live account is tied.

Is it possible to connect two Fortnite accounts on Xbox?

Epic Games provided customers the ability to combine two Epic Games accounts that matched certain conditions from September 2018 until May 2019. Before cross-platform play was enabled in Fortnite, this option was open to gamers who made numerous accounts on various platforms. There is currently no method to consolidate two Epic Games accounts.

Why can’t I connect my Epic Games account to my Xbox account?

You may get an error message stating that your console account is already linked for one of two reasons: You may not be aware that your console account has already been linked to an Epic Games account. It’s possible that you’ll use a pseudonymous account.

What’s the deal with my amazing account already being linked?

Do not use any current Epic account credentials. You are most likely attempting to use an email address or display name that is already in use if you get a “account already connected” error message.

What is the name of the epic account that is associated to my switch?

You may use the “Login with Nintendo” option on to log in. If your Nintendo account is already linked to another account, this should work. You should be able to view the accounts that are connected here.

What’s the best way to unlink my epic account?

An Epic Games account is the same thing as a Fortnite account. To unlink: Go to, log in to your account, and select Connections. Select Disconnect > Unlink under Xbox, Nintendo Switch, GitHub, Twitch, or the PlayStation Network.