Pearls Peril is a puzzle game with 5 levels that are worth 500 points each and the highest score possible at the end of level 1 is 1000.

The “pearl’s peril cheat codes 2021” is a video game that has five levels. The game was released in 1990 and is rated for all ages.

How many levels are in pearls peril?

How many levels are there in Pearls in Danger?

Pearl’s Peril begins with seven comprehensive chapters in which you’ll meet more than ten intriguing characters and travel with Pearl to four different continents across the world to uncover crucial clues – and that’s only the beginning!

In Pearl’s predicament, how can you obtain more money?

There are various methods for obtaining money:

  1. By solving the riddle at the conclusion of each chapter.
  2. Making a transaction using a credit card via the internet.
  3. On the Pearl’s Peril Facebook fan page, cash is often given to followers (make sure to open the gift link on your desktop)
  4. Putting the Daily Puzzle pieces together (occasionally)

Pearls Perils has how many levels?

What’s the best way to play Pearl’s peril?

To begin, you must complete the hidden object scenarios. A list of objects to locate may be seen at the bottom of the screen. Simply click or touch on an item when you see it. Finish the scenario by completing the list.

In Pearl’s danger, what are badges?

By revisiting scenes, you may earn badges. The sooner you acquire a badge, the better your points are, since they assist fill out the badge symbol. When all of the badges in a scene have been gathered, the scene will be labeled “Scene Mastered!”

What’s the best way to acquire a compass on Pearl’s peril?

Compasses may be earned by completing hidden item scenarios or purchased for money on the “Explore Region” prerequisite screen. Once you’ve completed these prerequisites, you’ll have to manually press on the cloudy region to unlock the land since it doesn’t happen automatically.

In Pearl’s Peril, how do you activate tokens?

Click the brown chest on your island screen, then the Token tab. All of the tokens you’ve won through Adventure Club tasks, as well as those you’ve received from Seasonal Events, may be found here. Choose the token you want to use and start playing for free.

What is the procedure for resetting the game Pearl’s Peril?

You must contact our Customer Care Team with your User ID, which can be found in your Settings menu, if you want to make a complete reset of your game. A complete reset will return you to Chapter 1 with nothing on your island and will wipe out all game money.

In June’s voyage, what does the compass mean?

June’s Journey is a book about a woman named June. To clear the clouds and access new sections of Orchid Island is a small island in the Pacific Ocean., you must acquire Compasses. Unlocking an area depletes your Compasses, and you’ll need to acquire more to get to the next zone.

June’s adventure has how many levels?

June’s Journey is a mystery game aimed towards female fans of the genre in which you must find certain things in a crowded scene. “We will start with 20 chapters of material, and we will introduce a new chapter every single week,” Wooga CEO Jens Begemann revealed in an exclusive interview with GamesBeat.

How do I know how many compasses I’ll need for June’s journey?

To check your current Compass balance, tap on the next open land region. Compasses may be found in Star Boxes and are sometimes given as incentives for completing Hidden Object Scenes. They may also be acquired at special sales with Diamonds or actual money.

In June’s trip, where is the cafe?

Orchid Island is a small island in the Pacific Ocean.

In June’s journey, what does it mean to be promoted to officer?

Tearius It indicates you assist the president, according to the answer. The majority of the president’s responsibilities will fall to you, including inviting players from your boat list, modifying the club’s information (icon, description, meeting time, language), and promoting and dismissing members.

In June’s travels, what are the silver coins for?

Coins are used to buy decorations and buildings in the Shop and to remove obstacles from Orchid Island is a small island in the Pacific Ocean.. There are several ways to get them: Buildings produce Coins, which you can collect once every few hours.

In June’s quest, how do you get coins?

Get your hands on some coins from the estate. Go to the island screen and press the estate to finish this job. When you initially start playing June’s Journey, the estate is the first item you develop. A coin icon will sometimes appear above it. Touch it to acquire money, and keep doing so until you’ve accumulated the specified amount.

In June’s adventure, what are gold bars?

How can you get your hands on gold bars?

  • Answers.
  • Tearius, Ms. Answered: The gold bar is a new currency that can only be obtained in one of two ways: 1. by participating in a team competition with gold awards, or 2. by participating in the Detectives League and winning the chest prizes at the conclusion of the seven-week league. REPORT NO. 11

In June’s voyage, how do you go to a new island?

1. Located northwest of Orchid Island is a small island in the Pacific Ocean., this new island is available after you have unlocked all of Willow Island, which is in turn unlocked after you have opened all of Orchid, Sunflower, and Laurel Islands.

In June’s voyage, how do you harvest flowers?

To earn more Flowers and increase your Flower level, you must improve Orchid Island is a small island in the Pacific Ocean.. Build or upgrade buildings, decorate with decorations, or renovate landmarks to earn the Flowers you need to unlock the scene.