The Pokemon Company releases a new set of trading cards called the Game Boy Shining Legends 23 karat gold plated edition. The limited run is only 1,000 copies and cost $1 million each to produce, with special packaging that includes an entire Nintendo Switch console in its case. How much would one have to sell for to make back this investment?

The “how much is a gold pikachu card worth” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question is not as simple as it seems. There are several factors that determine how much a Pokemon special edition 23 karat gold plated trading card is worth.

How much is a Pokemon special edition 23 karat gold plated trading card worth?

What is the market value of a Pokemon special edition 23 carat gold plated trade card?

Burger King’s gold-plated Pokemon cards, on the other hand, are almost useless. A short search on eBay indicates they’re selling for between $5 and $20 USD apiece, while there are a few postings for all six cards, in-box, for over $100.

What are the values of 23k gold-plated Pokemon cards?

It is made of 11 grams of pure 24 carat gold and costs 216,000 yen (JPY), which is comparable to £1544 GBP or $1880 USD at the current currency rate.

What is the value of a golden Mewtwo card?

It’s not worth much if it’s the gold-plated Mewtwo card from the 1999 Burger King promotion. These are plentiful on the market. However, if it’s still sealed in the box, you may be able to obtain a reasonable deal. I have a Golden Reshiram Pokémon card for sale on eBay for around $50 USD.

What is the value of a gold-plated Charizard?

What is the value of a Charizard gold card? The gold star charizard is the rarest of the gold charizards, and this one sells for $200 in damaged condition… SR charizard #1.