There are a number of ways to gauge the popularity or market share of any game, one is using data from an official site. The second way would be checking on Console agreement partners and community websites that monitor these statistics.

The “lol rank distribution 2020” is a statistic that shows the percentage of players who are gold. The data was collected from the LOL ranked system, and it has been updated in recent years.

What percentage of LOL players are gold?

How many of the LOL gamers are gold?


What is a decent League of Legends rank?

Gold – an excellent spot to remain for casual gaming if the percentage is over 50%. Platinum – top 8% (excellent – congratulations) Diamond – the top 2% of the population (D1 or D2: streamers, pros) Masters – the top 1% of the population () Although Gold 4 and 5 and Silver 2 and 1 are almost identical, there is a distinct distinction between low silver and low gold. …

Is Diamond a decent league rank?

Many of the higher-tier players will undoubtedly consider this to be true Elo Hell. Low Diamond: It’s not bad. High Diamond: Excellent. Master: That’s fantastic.

Is Platinum ELO a decent product?

Yes, statistically speaking. Platinum is the highest level of Elo. If you read High Gold, you are in the top ten percent of readers. In other words, you’re better than 90% of the individuals that play this game.

Which ELO is the most difficult to scale?


Is gold considered to be a good ELO?

No, statistically speaking. Gold is superior than the great majority of the game’s players. Golds, on the other hand, are so terrible in comparison to the game’s best players that calling them low elo is an understatement. Well, only 30% of people achieve gold, so it’s not low elo if you look at it that way.

What is the formula for calculating ELO?

The following is how the performance rating for an event is computed using this algorithm: Add 400 to your opponent’s rating for each victory, and 400 to your opponent’s rating with each defeat. Then divide the total by the number of games played.

What does ELO mean?


Acronym Definition
ELO Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) is a group of musicians (band)
ELO Early Childhood Education Possibilities (Florida)
ELO Lateral Epitaxial Overgrowth
ELO Opportunity for Continuing Education

Is Valorant compatible with ELO?

Your ELO is a number that you compute yourself, and there is no mechanism in Valorant that informs you what your ELO is. The app makes a guess based on a 100-point ranking system. The entire amount of points gained is shown. Finally, the app displays your score for the three most recent games you played.

Why is it that I have fewer ELO in Valorant?

Since a result of this tendency, players are locked at lower Elo levels, as the publisher punishes them more for losses than for victory. To reverse this tendency, players must carry Valorant matches on a regular basis and substantially enhance their skills.

What is a decent Valorant rank?


  • 15.3 percent iron
  • Bronze is worth 28.9% of the total.
  • Silver is worth 29.3 percent of the total.
  • 15.2 percent gold
  • 7 percent platinum
  • 3.7 percent diamond
  • 0.4 percent of the population is immortal.
  • 0.4 percent radiant