It’s been a long time since the New York Mets had an unassisted triple play.

The “list of triple plays in baseball” is a list of the last unassisted triple plays in major league baseball.

Who had the last unassisted triple play in major league baseball?

In big league baseball, who had the last unassisted triple play?

The last unassisted triple play in the majors was accomplished against Seattle by Boston’s John Valentin on July 8, 1994. It’s Oakland’s seventh triple play, and the first versus Detroit since April 7, 1996. In their existence, the Athletics have never turned an unassisted triple play.

In baseball, how do you execute a triple play?

Definition. When the defending side gets three outs on a single defensive play, it’s called a triple play. Triple plays are uncommon for a variety of reasons. To begin with, they can only happen if the batting side has at least two men on base and no one out.

In baseball, what are the chances of an unassisted triple play?

a probability of 1 in 12,492 You have a 1 in 12,492 chance of seeing an unassisted triple play.

When was the last time baseball saw a triple play?

23rd of August 2009 A triple play ended a game the last time it occurred, on Aug. 23, 2009, when the Phillies turned one against the Mets, and it has only happened 27 times in MLB history.

What is baseball’s most difficult play?

An unassisted triple play in baseball happens when a defensive player makes all three outs in one continuous play without the help of his teammates. On July 19, 1909, Neal Ball became the first player in Major League Baseball (MLB) to do this under contemporary rules.

What is baseball’s rarest play?

triple play with no help The unassisted triple play, in which only one fielder touches the ball, is the least frequent sort of triple play and possibly the most uncommon occurrence in baseball, having occurred just 15 times at the major league level since 1900.

In baseball, when does an unassisted triple play happen?

This is the first and only occasion in playoff history that a triple play has been performed. An unassisted triple play in baseball happens when a defensive player makes all three outs in one continuous play without the help of his teammates.

Which player was the first to make a triple play?

Paul Hines was credited with a triple play on May 8, 1878, that was proper under the “rules in play.” It was, however, an unassisted double play with a throw to second base for the third out under contemporary standards. Did you know that just two first basemen in Major League history, George Burns and Johnny Neun, have ever turned an unassisted triple play?

What was the only triple play ever seen in a World Series game?

Bill Wambsganss, a second baseman for the Cleveland Indians in 1920 against the Brooklyn Robins, pulled off the only unassisted triple play in World Series history, similar to Don Larsen’s perfect game for the New York Yankees in the last World Series played against the Brooklyn version of the Dodgers in 1956. Let’s have a look at what happened:

What is a synonym for a triple play that isn’t assisted?

Unassisted Triple Play is referred to as Bill Wambsganss. Any name other than Bill Wambsganss, the second baseman for the Cleveland Indians in 1920, isn’t eligible.


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