Streamlabs OBS is the most popular and widely used live video game streaming software in the world. Many esports players use StreamLabs to capture CSGO games, but when you try to record a CSGO game on stream it doesn’t work.

CSGO is a popular video game that requires the use of Streamlabs OBS. However, when you try to start capturing CSGO, it will show up as black screen in the program.

Why is Streamlabs OBS not capturing CSGO?

Why isn’t CSGO being captured by Streamlabs OBS?

To repair your game capture source that isn’t functioning, follow these easy steps: Delete the capture source, then re-add it after restarting Streamlabs OBS as administrator. To force the capture to the game, use “Capture Specific Window” or “Capture Foreground Window with Hotkey.” Toggle the Anti-cheat hook on or off to see what happens.

Why isn’t OBS recording my screen?

Make sure the “App Preference” is set to “Classic App” and click browse. Go to “Local Disk C” > “Program Files” > “obs-studio” > “bin” > and finally “64bit”. To make OBS capture your desktop, select the “Power Saving” option, and click “Save”. Finally, restart OBS and your problem should be solved.

Is it possible to capture your screen using OBS?

Select “Display Capture” from the selection to record your desktop using OBS. When you click OK, OBS will offer you a preview right away. You may also select whether or not you want your cursor to be visible. You may also pick which of your displays to record if you have more than one.

Is it possible to capture video using OBS?

You can use OBS to record on-screen video and capture the computer’s internal audio, as well as record video and sound from external cameras and microphones, and you’re probably aware of the need of a decent microphone for recording.

Is it possible to edit video using OBS?

OBS is a free and open-source recording and live-streaming application, however it lacks a built-in video editor. You’ll need an OBS video editor if you want to edit the video you just shot using OBS.

Is it possible to store OBS as an MP4 file?

Go to Settings->Advanced->Recording and activate “Automatically remux to mp4 (record as mkv). This way, if you have a crash, you get an incomplete *. mkv file which is still usable. You then convert that to mp4 manually by using File->Remux Recordings.

Is MKV supported by VLC?

Almost any video file, including MKV, may be recognized and played by the VLC media player. Better still, it can convert them to a more universal format, like as MP4.