Do you want to upgrade your character quickly but do not want to spend a lot of time and effort? Want to enjoy one of WoW Wrath of the Lich Kingbut don’t have a level 80 character? Then your solution is wotlk leveling boost. Turning to specialists for help, you can easily upgrade your character from level 1 to level 80 without spending your precious time and effort on it. Specially trained players know many tricks and loopholes. Thanks to this, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to complete any dungeon, thereby allowing you to achieve in a day what would have taken more than one week alone.

How The Boosting

Boosters usually choose dungeons where you can easily control a large number of opponents, and there are various secrets and loopholes, as well as opponents for killing, which give as much experience as possible. Usually, the strategy is to collect as many opponents as possible in one place and destroy them as quickly as possible. Thus, you get a large amount of experience in the shortest possible time, thereby saving your time and effort.

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Choosing a wotlk character boost often does not require any effort from you to gain experience. Most often, boosters put you in some secluded place, after which they begin their work. At this time, you can safely go about your business, as they are not tied to the gameplay in any way. However, there are dungeons where the boosters may need your help, for example, when taking down bosses. Also, before starting pumping with boosters, you can agree on various favorable conditions for you. For example, you can ask to be given the opportunity to take loot or get a free run when a booster dies. The last condition can be safely offered to any booster since an experienced player knows absolutely all the tricks of a passable dungeon and will not allow himself to die under normal conditions. However, it is also worth considering that the cost of pumping, in this case, may increase slightly. All this is discussed before the boost, so you can choose the most suitable pumping style for you.

Most Popular Dungeons For Boosting

As mentioned above, boosters prefer dungeons that are mostly located for leveling. In addition, Wrath of the Lich King also has several dungeons that boosters love. Professional players began to study these locations right from the beginning of the add-on’s release, so at the moment, there are many guides and tips that new boosters learn from.

Below is a list of the most popular ones.

• Borean Tundra

• Fjord

• Dragonblight

• Grizzly Hills

• Zul’Drak

• Sholazar Basin

• Storm Peaks

• Ice Crown

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Mainly wotlk level boost happens exactly on these maps since it is on them that you can pump well and get good loot from opponents. Also, besides all of the above, these dungeons are aesthetically attractive, which is why they attract players so much.

It is due to the convenience and speed of pumping that it is worth using boosting. This step will allow you to spend the time saved on more interesting and important activities than endless grinding. It is also worth noting that by choosing a fast character leveling, you open up new research opportunities, since many quests and locations are closed to people with a low level. Thus, you will not only simplify your game but also discover many new and previously inaccessible ones.