Once upon a time, playing video games was only for kids. Nowadays, there are people of all ages playing video games. The truth is that video games are so much more than just Pacman or pixelated spaceships nowadays. Video games can actually be good for our well-being. That’s right; studies have shown that video games can actually improve our lives. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the ways that video games positively affect your brain.

Improved Memory

The latest statistics show that about 40% of people over the age of 65 experience memory loss. While in some cases it may be a simple case of forgetfulness, in other cases it may be something much more serious. Video games can help improve your memory and cognitive functions.

This is because many video games force you to make decisions on the fly and think on your feet. Some games even require you to memorize certain aspects of the plot, which can be even more stimulating for memory training. For people who are looking to keep their memories sharp, look no further than video games.

Improved Decision Making

Games with high stakes which require you to make decisions quickly have been proven to help you make better decisions in the real world too. In many cases, the most modern games require you to make extremely difficult decisions in order to strategize.

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So although it may be nothing but a game, it’s training your brain to make the same kind of split-second decisions in your day-to-day life as well.

Improved Mood

Playing video games is a pleasure, and most people experience positive feelings when they’re doing something they love. If you love video games, then it’s only natural that you’ll be in a positive and upbeat mood when you play them. Nowadays, games can be played live amongst other friends, which makes video games a group activity, making us feel more connected to others. As a result, it makes us feel happier and more connected to our friends.

Reduced Chances of Other Addictions

For people who have an addictive personality, their attachment to playing video games may seem unhealthy. However, these are the types of people that may have fallen victim to much more damaging addictions like substance abuse.

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As such, video games can be a positive replacement for much more damaging activities. Some addiction counselors even recommend addicts turn to video games as a replacement for their prior vices!

Reduced Stress

The modern world is full of all sorts of things that we are constantly worrying about. Video games can serve as a fantastic distraction from what’s bothering us. Because it keeps our minds occupied, we don’t have time to go over the stressful things in our heads over and over. Like dipping into a good book, a good video game transports us to another world and storyline that can reduce our stress and provide us enjoyment.