For many people, it became a habit not to be satisfied with their jobs. They only do it because of the salary. Well, that is reasonable; you need money to live. But what about your life, well-being, and time to play Tombstone RIP slot review? If you have to force yourself to go to work but do not actually like what you are doing. Many surveys have shown that there is one profession where people are very happy and love what they are doing.

However, it is quite competitive.

We are talking about gamers. But not everyone can call themselves this. But what is wrong with the other jobs? And why are people so unhappy?

Many people define themselves by their job because it takes up a significant part of their lives. We also like to judge other people by their job and the social status that goes with them. But does a certain professional position really determine whether someone leads a meaningful life? What criteria can be used to determine a meaningful life?

What is the purpose of work

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Work is an integral part of life for most people. Everyone has living expenses that they must meet. Most people finance their living from paid work. Whether they see it as a career, a vocation, a profession, simply a job, or even a cause of stress and anger is very individual. For some, work is a necessary evil; for others, the meaning of their existence. That being said, people need a meaningful occupation to pursue in order to feel good about themselves.

Doing nothing is unbearable for the majority of people, even though many dream of quitting their jobs at the age of 40 or 50 and just relaxing for the rest of their days. In fact, virtually no one does that. Even when people leave the traditional bread-and-butter job, they usually look for a meaningful task again after a break to recuperate. If they are financially independent, their choice usually no longer falls on the traditional eight-hour job. But most people still need a regular job to feel good.

Finding fulfillment in work

It is not the purpose of our lives to perform monotonous activities in an eight-hour job. In fact, we are created in such a way that meaningful work brings us joy. An activity in which we can create something, produce something, create something, or express ourselves fills us with satisfaction and pride.

The further up the career ladder you go, the fewer other things there are in life for most people. They increasingly identify with their jobs and accomplishments. Hobbies, relationships, periods of rest – all of that is put on the back burner and postponed to a vague “later.” If you get into this spiral first and do not find a healthy balance, you will eventually get to the point where all you have is your job.

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Apart from work, money, and status, your life no longer has any content. You only identify yourself with your professional activity.

With the money you earn, you then buy things to fill the emptiness inside you. You have reached a point where your work has become your purpose in life and is no longer just a means to an end to pay for your living expenses.

We are drawn to where we can get recognition

A good salary or a higher position at work are signs that your achievements are seen and valued. It makes you feel like you are making an important contribution. Everyone likes to be recognized – for who they are or for what they accomplish. Reconciling the job and the soul – is possible but rare.

Few of us are blessed with a job that we see as a calling rather than a profession. Some are doctors, teachers, or even spiritual leaders with heart and soul. These people see their profession as fulfillment and the expression of their soul. Mind you, not every doctor, whether a doctor, is by vocation. But some people actually manage to choose exactly the profession that suits them perfectly. They make their choice of profession not on the basis of practical considerations but out of a deep inner need.