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One of the most famous old adages is that “Knowledge is Power,” and the reason it has become so prominent is that it’s eternally true. It’s borne out every day in the most basic ways and in the most far-reaching ones too. If a business knows that a competitor is struggling, it is better positioned to buy that business out for a smaller amount. If you know that a store replenishes a certain coveted product at a certain time, you can be there to buy it before it sells out. And when it comes to playing games from the sites at sinlicencia.org, it certainly pays to know things that other players don’t.

There are things everyone knows about online casinos. The casino always has the ultimate advantage; bonuses come with terms and conditions; the more you play, the more VIP treatment the casino throws your way. There are also other things that aren’t so widely known because it’s not in the casino’s interest for you to know them. Having some more nuanced knowledge about casino games can help you to win more often and just … win more. Enhancing your knowledge is always going to be a good thing. So here are some potentially surprising facts that can help you benefit.

The simpler slots usually pay out more

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Casino slots have become so intricate that playing a new-generation slot can be pretty close to playing a legit video game. The graphics are impressive, the music immersive, and the budget that has gone into them is clearly higher than most. That’s great. But experienced casino players constantly report that the bigger wins come more often on, the more basic slots. The games you are naturally attracted to play don’t need to offer a better RTP because people will gravitate toward them anyway. So play the more basic, cherries-and-bananas, classic slots, and you’ll win more. The game may be less fun, but more money is plenty of fun in its own right.

A stop-win limit is as important as a stop-loss

Anyone who plays in an online casino should have an idea of the amount of money they’re prepared to lose. After all, it is more likely that you’ll end up down on the day than up – that’s how gambling works. When you’re winning, it’s easy to get swept up in the enthusiasm of it all, and this is why you should also consider having a stop-win amount too. Where you set it is up to you, but if you’ve doubled your money in one sitting, you’ve done incredibly well and should walk away. Even if it’s five minutes after you started playing, you can’t reasonably expect to keep winning. So once you’ve won a certain amount, it’s time to bask in the glory and just hit the bricks. Don’t give probability time to swing back in the casino’s favor.

Make the most basic bets

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Many games at a casino have the option for side bets and progressive bets that go along with the basic, every-hand wagering. They’re always intriguing and tempting, and you should probably think about why that is. The house edge on these bets is colossal. You will almost certainly lose when making them. And even worse than that, they are distracting. You’re in a casino in the hope of winning money. Making the basic bet and focusing on that is the best way to do what you’ve come to do, so ignore the tempting side bets and stick to the mission.