Hello everyone; welcome to this new installment. Did you know that after twenty long years, Old School RuneScape still captivates players with its vast and immersive world filled to the brim with adventure, mystery, and lots of challenges? Oh yes! And as any other MMORPG, OSRS provides lots of fascinating quests which can be short and sweet and long and fruitful.

In OSRS, there are an infinite number of quests, 156 to be more precise. Today we will focus on the longest ones; after extensive deliberation, we have chosen the ones we consider important. If you don’t find your favorite long quest in this list, leave us a comment, and soon we will be creating a wonderful article about it.

Since these quests are so long, it’s easy to lose track of your gold and the state of your gear. Luckily, you can check GamerTotal out if you find yourself needing to take the edge off and make it easier so you can take care of your adventure. Now, without further ado, let’s begin!

1- The Grand Tree Quest

This quest begins in the Tree Gnome Stronghold city; in it, you will need to help the gnomes solve a mystery involving the Grand Tree. Besides the fabulous story behind this quest, what sets The Grand Tree apart is that it rewards you with access to the Gnome glider system, which allows you to travel around the Runescape world in a very quick way. Another reward you get for completing is the ring of Charos; this can be used to obtain discounts from certain NPCs as well as access to a few particular areas.

2- The Temple of Ikov

Although you don’t need to complete this quest to enter the Temple of Ikov, there are certain areas you will only enter during it. The quest is located in the Ice Mountain, and it begins when a group of bandits steals a valuable artifact from the temple, and players are asked to retrieve it. Along the way, you will need to navigate more than a few traps, complete several puzzles, and combat to reach the temple and retrieve the artifact.

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One of the major reasons why “The Temple of Ikov” is so challenging is that it requires a high level of skill in combat, agility, as well as excellent problem-solving skills to navigate all of the traps and puzzles in the temple.

Also, in this quest, you will face Lucien, the boss, and to beat him, you’ll need to use the Ivandis Flail. If you wonder what the reward is, you’ll be able to wield the Ivandis flail as a standard weapon, but it will not have any special properties or bonuses. You’ll also gain access to the ancient magicks spellbook.

3- Recipe for Disaster

Let’s stop here for a moment; this is a very complex quest that will see you helping the Culinaromancer, a powerful wizard, to escape his own magical kitchen. We recommend that to get the most out of this quest, gather ingredients, cook dishes, battle lots of enemies, and solve several sets of puzzles. One of our favorite features of “Recipe for Disaster” is that it is broken up into ten subquests, each with its unique challenges and rewards.

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You should know that this whole quest also has a fantastic storyline and immersive world-building that will make you feel like you are on an epic adventure. The rewards for completing the quest include access to the Culinaromancer’s chest, which contains highly-valuable items such as the ring of life and the ability to wield the Culinaromancer’s gloves which will give you a bonus to your cooking experience.

To Conclude!

As you can see, these three long quests are the ones we love the most. Each one of these provides a nice blend of combat, puzzle-solving, epic storylines, and, of course, some big rewards. All it takes to make them iconic and loved by everyone who plays them. These quests are a test of skill and determination and an opportunity to fully immerse oneself in the world of Runescape and experience the thrill of adventure. So, did we cover your favorite?