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Apple recently confirmed that it is working on a completely redesigned Mac Pro and Apple iMac Pro, which could arrive as early as 2023 – several years after the highly divisive launch of the current model. This upcoming launch will mark the latest chapter in the iconic desktop range, with both machines sporting an all-new design and latest processors from Intel and AMD.

The update will include a complete overhaul of the existing interior and out design. On the outside of these new generations, buyers can expect a revamped aluminium frame with laser-cut side panels from stainless steel. Inside, however, is where all the new power lies — Intel’s 10th generation Core chips and AMD’s upcoming Navi GPUs are expected to feature across different Mac configurations.

Apple has also declared their commitment to reviving its product line, meaning updates to other successful lines like MacBooks, iPads etc., could be on their way in this refresh cycle. So let’s look at what’s likely coming with these machines when they hit shelves in 2023.

New Mac mini & display in 2022, Mac Pro & iMac Pro coming in 2023 says Ming-Chi Kuo

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple plans to release a new Mac mini and a display in 2022 and a Mac Pro and iMac Pro in 2023.

He says that the new Mac mini and display will come with a modern design and will be powered by Apple’s processors.

With this news, Apple fans have several things to look forward to shortly.

Features of the new Mac mini & display

In 2022, Apple is expected to launch a revamped Mac mini and accompanying monitor that will help reinvigorate the desktop computing market. The new devices are an answer to criticism of Apple’s lack of innovation in the category and a response to the success of consumer-level computers such as the Windows PC, Chromebooks and iPads.

The new Mac mini & display is said to feature powerful internals and come in an adjustable form factor with a built-in stand. In addition, it will feature faster processors, connectivity options, storage options and better cooling capabilities than past models. It is also expected to have dual Thunderbolt ports for high-speed connections and compatibility with a wide range of external storage drives. Other features could include support for up to 4K monitors, touch ID authentication sensing for security purposes, force feedback technology for gaming purposes and improved graphics capabilities.

This new model will likely be more expensive than past models but still cheaper than the much-anticipated Mac Pro & iMac Pro expected in 2023. While details on pricing have yet to be released, analysts believe that consumers can expect significantly upgraded specs at an attractive price point.

Pricing and availability

Apple’s new Mac mini, iPad Pro and Apple Silicon Macs are expected to be available during the second half of 2021. Meanwhile, updates to the iMac Pro and Mac Pro lines of computers may not be available until 2023, according to reports from 9to5Mac.

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Pricing for these products is not yet known and may vary depending on configuration options. However, current rumours indicate that the new models with Apple Silicon chips could cost much less than previous generation Apple computers with Intel processors. Additionally, updated iMac Pro and Mac Pro machines could cost more due to their higher-end hardware options.

Apple is also rumoured to be developing a more affordable monitor for its upcoming Macs, potentially in the $500-$600 range. This new monitor reportedly features two USB-C ports and an updated stand design. The release date for this display is unknown at this time; however, it could be part of the same product refresh cycle as Apple’s other devices in 2022 or 2023.

Mac Pro & iMac Pro coming in 2023

Mac fans have something to look forward to as famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently revealed that the Mac Pro and iMac Pro will arrive in 2023.

According to the report, this will follow the release of the new Mac mini and display in 2022. First, look at what to expect from these upcoming Mac devices.

Features of the new Mac Pro & iMac Pro

Apple recently announced that they will introduce the new Mac Pro and iMac Pro in 2023. These two computers will reportedly introduce advanced features, like improved performance and memory options, faster storage speeds and innovative new design features.

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The new Mac Pro features an all-new design – a stainless steel frame with expandable side walls allows users to customise their workstations to suit their needs. The processor options are expected to reach up to 28 cores. With up to 1TB of RAM, it’s the ultimate powerhouse for professionals who need high performance capabilities for complex tasks. In addition, with up to 8TB of fast storage capacity, users can store large files easily without sacrificing speed or storage space.

The new iMac Pro also boasts impressive specs – it’s powered by either Apple’s T2X processor or Intel’s powerful Core processor range, allowing for top-of-the-line computing power regardless of the task. With up to 128GB RAM and advanced storage options available up to 8TB, this computer is a powerful choice for those who need more than general usage from their machine but don’t need an external graphics card.

High speed data transfer is made possible by four Thunderbolt 3 ports while also providing daisy chain support and optional 10Gb Ethernet connection when connected externally. In addition, the iMac Pro has dedicated graphics processing options with Apple’s AMD Radeon Pro Vega 20 or 54 GPUs and optional Radeon Pro Vega 64X GPUs if you want even more power behind your visuals. Finally the monitor is 5K resolution wide at 27 inches across so you’ll still manage clear images all round no matter your viewing angle or position regarding the display itself.

These two models are some of Apple’s most powerful yet boast innovative design and impressive specs – making them perfect for professional workflows and intensive projects like 3D rendering or gaming, which require a lot of compute power on top of great visuals for immersive user experiences.

Pricing and availability

Apple has not yet announced pricing and availability for the Mac Pro and iMac Pro, slated for release in 2023. However, customers interested in either of these powerful machines should keep an eye on the Apple website for additional updates.

Apple has typically released updated models of Mac Pros every four to five years, with 2019 being the most recent. Launching a new model suggests that it may come preloaded with the latest generation of processors to give customers even more power. With updated ports and compatibility options, a new Mac Pro could be an attractive choice for those who demand unparalleled computer performance.

The iMac Pro is similarly expected to add more value when compared to its predecessor, offering enhanced visuals and immersive audio functions within its all-in-one form factor. While many core components are expected to stay the same as the 2019 version of the iMac Pro, customers can expect some new updates including faster processors and additional memory options in 2023.

Stay tuned for additional details about pricing and availability expected soon from Apple.

Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions

Renowned leaker and Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently released a report detailing Apple’s plans for its lineup of Macs in the coming years. According to Kuo, Apple will release a new Mac mini and external display in 2022, followed by the highly-anticipated Mac Pro and iMac Pro in 2023.

Let’s take a closer look at his predictions.

Background on Ming-Chi Kuo

Ming-Chi Kuo is a noted Apple analyst who often provides insight and predictions about upcoming Apple products based on his connections with the supply chain. Due to the accuracy of his predictions, Kuo is known as the most reliable source for details on unreleased Apple products.

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Kuo recently made two significant predictions regarding Apple’s planned desktop computer updates. First, in a research note from October 2020, Kuo included news about an upcoming Mac Pro and iMac Pro update that should arrive in 2023. According to Kuo, the updated models are expected to feature Apple Silicon CPUs and higher RAM and storage capacities than current versions.

Apple initially revealed plans for its chips in June 2020 when it announced the 3rd generation of its Macbook processor, featuring an 8-core CPU system-on-chip (SoC). Since then, trial manufacturing has taken place at TSMC – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company – an industry leader in production of integrated circuits. The new Mac Pro and iMac Pro models will reportedly feature this same processor technology, making them faster and more efficient than existing models.

Kuo also noted that these updated models are likely to include significant changes regarding design elements such as ports and video output technologies like Thunderbolt I/O speeds, USB4 support and DisplayPort 1.4 connections could be added or replaced by USB-C ports or HDMI 2.1 interfaces on either device model depending upon which component suppliers Apple chooses to use.

What Ming-Chi Kuo said about the new Mac Pro & iMac Pro

In the latest Apple predictions from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the popular analyst projected that the company may release three new Mac Pro models in 2023. He also predicted that a new high-end iMac Pro with an A14T or higher processor and GPUs will likely launch this year.

According to Kuo, Apple particularly targets professionals who use powerful applications such as video editing software, augmented reality models and 3D rendering programs — all of which require larger amounts of RAM and storage, faster CPUs and stronger graphics processing. As a result, his predictions suggest that three different versions of the Mac Pro will be released soon — one 12-Core model with 64GB RAM, a 24-Core model with 128GB RAM, and an even more powerful 48-Core model with 256GB RAM.

The new iMac Pro could also come with an A14T or higher processor and dedicated graphics cards to match the speedier performance the Mac Pros offers. In addition to faster CPUs for both machines, Kuo believes the Mac Pro and iMac Pro will be equipped with SSDs for better storage performance and Thunderbolt connectivity for faster data transfer speeds.

Overall these reports from Kuo provide an insight into what type of hardware improvements are expected when these highly anticipated devices are eventually released in 2023.