tel aviv palo altobased grove ventureswiggersventurebeat, an AI-driven data transformation platform, has announced that it has closed a Series B funding round for USD 22 million. Founded by former Google and Microsoft engineers, helps organisations integrate data from multiple sources into a unified platform, enabling businesses to gain deeper insights into their data and make more informed decisions.

Let’s take a closer look at the company and their offering.

Overview of is a data transformation platform that helps organisations improve their data’s accuracy, consistency and coverage. Our technology lets you quickly and easily move and transform data from structured sources, like databases and files, and unstructured sources, like text-based documents and images.’s platform is designed for business users who want to push AI through their organisation in record time. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to use the product, regardless of technical experience or expertise. In addition, provides powerful capabilities such as supervised learning algorithms for advanced analysis, scalability to handle large volumes of data, analytics capabilities to gain insights into the data, integration with existing systems such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 and more!

Utilising’s platform allows you to:

  • Automate tedious manual tasks in your workflow
  • Securely store large data sets in an easily accessible format
  • Connect datasets across multiple sources for better insights
  • Create custom models that can identify patterns in complex datasets
  • Monitor model performance over time with detailed analytics

Benefits of’s data transformation platform provides a powerful data transformation platform that helps enterprises of all sizes efficiently manage, interpret and analyse large datasets. This Platform allows businesses to unlock the power of their data by simplifying and reducing tedious manual steps while automating key operations, so enterprises can conveniently explore the possibilities in turning their vast data into beneficial business decisions.

The Benefits of using’s Data Transformation Platform include:

  • Reducing manual labour and increasing automation: By eliminating tedious manual steps, users can save countless hours of productivity with’s automated data transformations, enabling businesses to easily configure workflows that save time and effort day after day.
  • Enhancing visibility with real-time data:’s platform is designed to deliver personalised insights on demand through a user-friendly dashboard, providing companies with real-time visibility over key datasets driving critical decisions within the organisation.
  • Improving accuracy with AI-driven quality checks: Leveraging the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), quality checks are intelligently automated to ensure accuracy in results – ensuring officers view reliable datasets they can trust at all times.
  • Accelerating decision making processes: Cutting down on long manual processes of data gathering and manipulation, Metrolink makes analytics faster than ever and provides dynamic insights for better decision making within organisations if necessary action is required or changes have occurred within the organisation or external environment for strategic planning purposes.

Data transformation platform raises $22M, a data transformation platform, recently announced that they have raised $22M in Series A funding.

This new funding will allow to expand their platform to meet the growing demand for data transformation solutions.

Let’s take a closer look at the details of this funding round and how plans to use it.

Amount of funding raised, a data transformation platform, recently announced that it had closed a $1.6 million Series A funding round led by iX Ventures, an early stage investment fund with a focus on technology.

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In addition to iX Ventures, this round of funding was backed by Moonshots Capital and StartX – Stanford’s startup accelerator program.

This Series A funding will be used to expand the team, scale development of the data transformation platform, and accelerate the adoption of the real-time retail automation technologies. By leveraging AI in its solutions, Metrolink can reduce errors in customer service processes and significantly improve accuracy and customer experience.

With this new capital infusion, Metrolink plans to build its presence across various retail industries in Southeast Asia – such as groceries and convenience stores where real-time data access is essential for making more informed business decisions. This will also enable retailers to quickly manage their web applications from their desktop or browser-based applications. The Series A funding follows a successful seed round of USD 500K raised in 2018.

Investors involved in the round is excited to announce the successful completion of our first seed funding round. We are very grateful for our partners’ generous investment, which has enabled us to accelerate the development of our data transformation platform and expand into new markets.

The funding round included investments from:

  • Berkshire Technology Partners
  • Inspired Ventures
  • Polaron Ventures
  • Vault Capital
  • Stage Venture Partners

This infusion of capital will help us focus on developing innovative solutions to complex problems by leveraging our AI and data transformation technology. We are confident that this partnership with leading investors will help us become a key player in the growing data market.

Use of funds

Funds raised will support an expansion of the’s data transformation platform. This platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology to improve the efficiency and accuracy of data ingestion, processing, analysing and execution processes that drive business value.

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Funds will bolster investments in key areas such as improving scalability, expanding user interface functionalities, optimising analytical capabilities, bolstering marketing initiatives and driving user acquisition. The strategic deployment of funds across these components of Metrolink’s platform will ensure the company can meet rapidly growing client demands for AI/ML-driven solutions that facilitate their digital transformation journey.’s Platform, a data transformation platform that simplifies data movement, has recently raised $22M in a Series A funding round.

The platform uses machine learning to automate data processing, making it easier for developers and businesses to move data more efficiently.

This article will explain what’s platform is and how it can benefit businesses.

Features of the platform’s platform is a unique, end-to-end data transformation solution that allows organisations to quickly and accurately transform vast amounts of data into actionable insights. Here are some of the powerful features and capabilities our platform offers:

1. Automated Data Transformation: Our platform uses advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to automatically clean, match, transform and enrich data from multiple sources into consistent, understandable datasets without manual intervention. This automated process can save organisations time and money while improving accuracy.

2. Query Builder: Our query builder tool allows users to quickly build complex queries intuitively, ensuring that users can transform their data in the most intuitive way possible with minimal effort. The query builder also includes comprehensive filters for deeper analysis of data sets.

3. Data Visualization: Our platform provides comprehensive visualisations of data sets in various graphical formats including charts, tables, diagrams and maps for dynamic exploration and analysis of your data. These visuals provide insightful context to aid decision making processes with ease.

4. Cloud Deployment & Integration: Metrolink’s platform can easily be deployed on local or cloud infrastructures for maximum flexibility when scaling up or down operations as needed by an organisation’s unique needs and constraints. In addition, our platform integrates with a variety of other business intelligence tools to ensure that it is part of a robust analytics system within an organisation’s information infrastructure.

5. Secure & Compliance Ready: Our platform was designed to meet various industry standards including HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA ensuring secure handling throughout all stages of use while adhering to all global privacy regulations as required by law.

Types of data transformation supported’s platform provides extensive data transformation tools to help you prepare your data quickly and efficiently. By accurately transforming raw data into the format required for analysis, helps users gain valuable insight into their data and make better decisions.

Our platform supports several different types of data transformation:

  • Formatting: We can reformat your source data into CSV, XML and JSON formats for easier handling. This can include changing the column or field names, or reformatting values to fit a certain standard.
  • Cleansing: We support various operations including standardisation, merging duplicates, de-duplication and validation to ensure your source data is reliable and ready for analysis.
  • Structuring: With our platform, you can combine multiple columns or fields within a dataset into one field or attribute using transforming rules such as concatenation, indexing and slicing.
  • Summarising: Our platform supports summarising large datasets by aggregating fields based on user requirements using stats such as mean, median, mode and sum combined with expressions like count function or conditional formatting e.g., rollups (yearly/monthly), countifs etc..
  • Enriching: We also support enriching your source datasets by integrating external datasets with standard APIs like Data Marketplaces (DMPs). This helps you quickly identify key insights about users that can be used for segmentation or targeting purposes in marketing campaigns.

Benefits of using’s platform’s data transformation platform simplifies the process of preparing datasets for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tasks. The user-friendly web-based platform helps organisations quickly understand their data, modify it, and make informed decisions to leverage its value.

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By leveraging’s easy-to-use visualisation capabilities and effective data cleansing pipeline, data scientists, businesses and software developers can obtain clean, well-structured datasets for Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence tasks with minimal effort.’s powerful automated platform offers a host of benefits including immediate definition of schemas from existing databases or uploaded files; extensive set of cleansing parameters including but not limited to duplicate detection, disparity detection in values & columns; an intuitive UI that helps quickly understand dataset characteristics; powerful feature engineering in addition to normalisation and categorisation; integrated dashboard with clear metrics enabling users to track every modification; accompanied Python library allowing smooth transition from one state to the other with plenty of I/O options available such as PostgreSQL connections & AWS S3 buckets; automated preprocessing strategies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) on textual data ensuring maximum insight extraction from existing sources alongside executing customisable rules for specific cases or desired outcomes.

Use Cases’s data transformation platform allows organisations to manage their data transformation activities more efficiently. The platform is designed to help organisations better understand, manage, and utilise their data to build AI-driven projects.

This section will look at some use cases of’s data transformation platform and how it can help organisations.

Examples of how customers are using the platform is a cloud-native data transformation platform that can help customers across industries quickly spin up and automate their data pipelines and initiatives. Customers are using our platform to meaningfully extract their data and convert it into actionable insights that they can use to reach their long-term business objectives. We have compiled some examples of how our customers are using’s data transformation capabilities, allowing them to unlock value in previously inaccessible ways:

• Leveraging the platform’s extensible architecture, automotive companies are scaling up vehicle manufacturing process efficiency by leveraging automatically collected data sets.

• Finance companies use the platform to expedite customer onboarding workflows by generating intelligent real time customer segmentation insights from historical behaviour records.

• Healthcare organisations are deriving more precise predictions from patient health care records, enabling improved patient outcomes and treatment plans.

• Retailers are utilising data transformation capabilities for accurate customer profiling and targeting for more customised campaigns, promotional activities, as well as purchase decisions in an optimised manner.

• Real Estate firms incorporate predictive analytics components on the platform for predicting property prices, optimising investments and hedging risks in property acquisition activities with simplicity.

Benefits of using the platform for data transformation’s data transformation platform provides numerous benefits and can help increase efficiency and accuracy when managing data. In addition, the platform offers a wide range of features that can help streamline the transformation of raw data into usable insights.

One of the primary advantages of this platform is the ability to automate parts of the process so that manual, labour-intensive tasks are no longer necessary. This automation eliminates potential errors caused by manual entry, increasing accuracy and reliability. The platform also enables users to monitor every step in real time, quickly identifying issues as they arise and adjusting as needed.

The platform simplifies data input by allowing users to access multiple sources simultaneously and upload files from Salesforce or CSV with just a few clicks. It also provides customizable templates for various types of transformations (such as formatting, filtering, logical checks, etc.) that make creating meaningful reports fast and simple.

In addition, integrations with popular business intelligence tools such as Tableau or PowerBI can bring your analyses together in one place for easy visualisation. Finally, our AI assistants provide intelligent evergreen reporting so you don’t have to spend time on manual processes when generating insights from your datasets or historical reports. By leveraging Metrolink’s advanced tooling users save significant time while ensuring they get meaningful insights quickly.