sendlane 20m series arrhalltechcrunch
Sendlane 20m series arrhalltechcrunch

Five Elms Capital, a venture capital firm, recently announced that it will lead Sendlane’s Series A round of funding.

Sendlane is a growth-oriented email marketing automation platform that provides its users with tools to help them grow and scale their businesses. This round of funding will be used to expand Sendlane’s product offering and its customer base.

In this article, we will discuss the funding details, its benefits to both Five Elms Capital and Sendlane, and what it means for the future of both companies.

Overview of Five Elms Capital

Five Elms Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm helping entrepreneurs transform innovative ideas into successful companies. With offices in the US and Europe, the private equity firm invests in various sectors from consumer goods to enterprise software.

The company works with startup founders to provide essential advice and resources that help position emerging businesses for success. In addition, their team of experienced partners, advisors, and portfolio managers offers expertise in sales and customer retention, product development, go-to-market strategies, recruiting top talent, and venture capital funding options.

Their approach involves partnering with technology entrepreneurs at the crucial early stages of growth. Their team has recently led a Series A round for Sendlane – an E-commerce customer messaging platform provider. Five Elms Capital has secured $6 million in total series A funding from Silicon Valley Bank to assist Sendlane’s growth initiatives. The investment will enable Sendlane to expand their suite of customer communication tools, roll out customer service best practices and accelerate business development across all channels globally. The company’s leadership team believes this latest round of funding will help them stay ahead of their competitors and expand their presence outside the United States.

Overview of Sendlane

Sendlane is a fast-growing marketing automation software company that provides visually-appealing email campaigns, automated welcome emails and customer nurturing activities to eCommerce stores. Founded in 2016, Sendlane has experienced exponential growth in the last three years with current customers growing 175% yearly. Through its comprehensive platform, it is used by more than 2,500 companies to create efficient digital marketing strategies to drive traffic and conversions.

Five Elms Capital, a leading venture capital firm based in Austin, Texas, has recently announced the lead of a Series A round for Sendlane. With this investment round of $13 million from Five Elms Capital and other investors participating, Sendlane looks towards an accelerated growth into 2021. The additional capital will help Sendlane develop technologies to power today’s ever-evolving digital marketing space and provide solutions to its rapidly growing customer base. In addition, with Five Elms Capital’s involvement as the lead investor Sendlane further strengthens its partner network with extensive resources and direct access to VC funding within the sector’s hottest tech fields.

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Five Elms Capital leads Series A round for Sendlane

Five Elms Capital is lending financial support to Sendlane through a Series A round of funding. This type of funding is generally used to build the company by investing in marketing, product development and hiring.

Let’s dive into the specifics of series A funding and how it can benefit Sendlane.

What is Series A funding

Series A funding is a type of venture capital financing that helps businesses grow. It’s usually the first significant investment from venture capital firms in a startup and often bridges the gap between seed investments and later-stage venture rounds. This capital allows businesses to increase their marketing presence, hire additional personnel, and continue or scale product development or growth initiatives.

Series A funding typically occurs when a company has already validated its basic business model through market testing, initial product launches, customer base validation and some degree of scalability. Companies have typically received some seed round of funding before this stage and are looking to raise enough funds to become profitable before the next round (Series B).

Five Elms Capital is leading Sendlane’s Series A round with an investment of $10 million USD in the San Diego-based marketing automation software company. This move marks one of Five Elms Capital’s more significant investments as part of its growing commitment to startups. The firm also offers early-stage investments for founders just launching their business concept. In addition, it participates in follow rounds such as Series B, C or other derivatives where it can provide additional support for enterprises with products on the market.

Benefits of Series A funding

Series A funding is an important part of the startup investment cycle, when companies raise a large amount of money to continue the growth of their project. This type of capital rounds up a smaller seed round and positions a business to enter the financial markets, where it can generally raise more money in later rounds. To support these aspirations, investors carefully evaluate the potential of a business to determine how much capital it should receive. For example, Five Elms Capital is currently investing in Sendlane’s Series A round, helping them on their mission to create successful customer engagement and marketing automation operations for their customers.

Series A funding can offer several advantages for businesses beyond the increased equity available for capital approaches. Firstly, businesses team up with investors who bring valuable advice, industry relations, guidance, and any investment. These investors can help your company decide whether or not certain decisions are sound, identify weaknesses that need improvement (based upon sound economic investments) and help you navigate regulatory complexities efficiently now and at all later stages of your venture or project.

Furthermore, there is also opportunity to prove how serious you are about your project through management contacts that investors bring into play during this round – including entrepreneurs from notable companies in your niche – which provides external validation on what your team has already achieved during its development process. Lastly, this type of funding helps nurture corporate infrastructure and expansion into new markets and enhance new projects that could be boons for any investor portfolio. Companies who have successfully closed a series A round demonstrate their success relative to preventing competitors from entering their space or capturing any first mover advantages before D-day one on any new market launch day(s).

How Five Elms Capital is Helping Sendlane

Sendlane, an automated email marketing platform, recently announced the completion of its Series A round of funding led by Five Elms Capital. Five Elms Capital has contributed a significant amount of capital towards Sendlane’s growth and success.

The investment will help sendlane expand its operations and reach even more customers. In this article, we will discuss how Five Elms Capital is helping Sendlane.

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Five Elms Capital’s Investment

Five Elms Capital is proud to announce leading a Series A round of funding for Sendlane (, an email infrastructure provider, to help with the company’s next stage of growth. Five Elms’ contribution and other investors’ capital will allow Sendlane to build additional features and accelerate international expansion by opening offices in several countries worldwide.

Sendlane is a cloud-based email and marketing automation platform that simplifies creating complex customer journeys through triggered emails, segmentation and sophisticated analytics. Sendlane can access Five Elms Capital’s expertise in marketing automation and enterprise software solution providers worldwide through this investment.

Five Elms Capital understands how important it is for companies such as Sendlane to provide an effective platform that enables end users to send more targeted emails faster while also increasing engagement metrics such as open rate, click-through rate (CTR) and unsubscribes. The fund is confident premium email delivery solutions integrated directly into existing software solutions can help create meaningful ROI quickly and fuel growth in the long run — specifically within digital media networks operating within the ad tech industry.

The support from Five Elms Capital will also help brands increase their reach without additional effort or time investments because Sendlane’s cloud-powered features enable them to send messages effortlessly at scale. By leveraging these capabilities — paired with complex automations that trigger emails based on user data — businesses can increase their engagement level exponentially for new customers or those who have been loyal customers over time.

As part of this investment round, Nine Four Ventures LP (a fund affiliated with Five Elms Capital) led a $7M Series A round alongside global funds including Point 72 Venturing & Adventures LLC (with its affiliates), Right Side Capital Management’s Opportunity Fund II LP as well a handful of prominent angel investors like Sam Yamaguchi and Jordan Mozer from Chicago Ventures LLC who joined in during earlier stages of the venture’s adoption lifecycle.

Benefits of Five Elms Capital’s Investment

Five Elms Capital’s investment brings many advantages to Sendlane. First and foremost, it helps ensure adequate resources for the start-up. Financing from Five Elms Capital’s Series A round will enable a team of experienced engineers to continue building out the platform and expanding operations. In addition, by securing access to capital early in its growth, Sendlane can focus on product development rather than fundraising.

The five-person Sendlane team will also benefit from the experience and relationships Five Elms brings. This group of seasoned investors provides Sendlane with expertise in dealing with markets like finance, technology, and startups. Furthermore, they come armed with a community of relationships that can help propel the company forward in its mission: to simplify marketing automation for businesses of all sizes and backgrounds. As a business partner, Five Elms Capital helps fund unique products. Further, it supports them by connecting them with strategic customer relationships across industries such as retail, healthcare, finance and insurance.

Essentially this partnership will help Sendlane scale up quickly as its software platform enters new markets primarily in North America as well as Europe. In addition to increased resources and strategic connections, this backer also provides another advantage: credibility in the eyes of potential customers or even future investors when it’s time for additional fundraising rounds.

Finally, by joining forces with Five Elms Capital, Sendlane benefits from having an invested board member who offers sound governance advice — an opportunity usually reserved for larger companies that have established longer track records or multiple funding rounds completed.

Impact of Five Elms Capital’s Investment

Five Elms Capital’s investment in Sendlane is expected to significantly impact the company’s performance and prospects. This round of funding will enable the company to expand its operations, hire more employees, and launch new products and services.

In addition, the investment will also provide Sendlane with the necessary capital to drive growth and increase customer base. These are just some of the ways that Five Elms Capital’s investment will benefit Sendlane.

How Sendlane will use the funds

Sendlane is a sophisticated customer journey automation platform that helps thousands of SaaS businesses scale their marketing and sales operations. The proceeds from this round of funding will be used to accelerate the execution of Sendlane’s growth strategy, focusing on product development, customer success, and go-to-market initiatives.

The funds will also allow Sendlane to accelerate its partnerships with over 100 technology providers and expand into international markets. By expanding into new countries, Sendlane will increase its market opportunities and further improve customer touchpoints in local markets while leveraging its automated suite of marketing tools.

The infusion of capital from Five Elms Capital will also help fund Sendlane’s process automation initiatives. As potential customers interact with the platform in the future, they’ll see faster onboarding processes and lower barriers for entry due to new technology incorporated into Sendlane’s cloud-based platform. Ultimately, this set of initiatives aims to make both large scale enterprise deals for big companies or teams easier and small scale deals for individual users possible with little friction or volatility in pricing options through streamlined payment flow process.

As a result of this round led by Five Elms Capital, Sendlane plans to build out additional technology capabilities through strategic hires and collaborations that focus on strengthening technical infrastructure while bringing value to their customers in areas such as performance optimization and scalability capacity.

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Impact on the growth of Sendlane

The recent investment of Five Elms Capital in Sendlane promises to significantly impact the growth and development of Sendlane, an email automation platform.

This strategic capital injection is intended to help the company accelerate rapidly by providing funds for product enhancements,talent acquisition, increased marketing initiatives and expansion into new geographical regions and customer categories. The investment follows Sendlane’s successful seed funding round in 2018.

Sendlane’s executives have commented that the partnership with Five Elms Capital has been invaluable, as it has enabled them to build on their existing private investments and scale up quickly. The team at Sendlane looks forward to leveraging this chance to further modernise their operations while offering customers unheard of opportunities in email automation technology.

The Series A round led by Five Elms Capital marks a key milestone for Sendlane. They now have enough resources and access to experienced investors who can advise about managing growth in times of rapid change. In addition, the two teams share a common belief in how technology can help businesses better engage with their audiences, simplify many processes, and manage massive reach through automated systems. This latest collaboration promises huge potential for both companies involved.


This article has discussed Five Elms Capital’s investment in Sendlane’s Series A round of funding. Both companies have agreed to partner up for Sendlane’s next growth and development phase. We can conclude that this agreement has many potential benefits for both Five Elms Capital and Sendlane.

This investment will likely bring positive outcomes and results to both companies shortly.

Summary of Five Elms Capital’s Investment

Five Elms Capital is providing Sendlane with a vital influx of capital to help the business accelerate growth and fuel its long-term vision. Five Elms Capital is leading the Series A round of funding for Sendlane and other key investors include ILLUMINATE Investment Management, SJF Ventures, FoundersX Ventures. Following the close of this financing round, Sendlane will be backed by world-class investors and advisors including Five Elms Capital’s network of institutional and private investors.

This investment will allow Sendlane to accelerate their product development initiatives and scale operations to support their current customer base and future expansion plans. In addition, this financing allows them to further invest in sales, marketing, and customer success initiatives that enable their customers to benefit from Sendlane’s low-code marketing automation solutions for email automation, SMS automation, drip campaigns, workflow automation (journey mapping), analytics and more.

Sendlane combines powerful marketing features with an easy-to-use interface making it one of the top automated email marketing solutions today. With this new injection of capital they can continue pushing the boundaries on innovation while solidifying their position as an industry leader in automated marketing technology solutions.

Summary of the Impact of the Investment

Five Elms Capital’s investment in Sendlane highlights the potential of early stage companies to create innovative products and services that can revolutionize how we live, work, shop and play. By leading the Series A round for Sendlane, Five Elms Capital is focusing on providing an influx of capital to support Sendlane’s growth and development and expanding its core offering into various new markets across the US & Europe.

Through this investment, Five Elms Capital will help drive innovation through a powerful combination of technology and expertise to empower customers with customized marketing automation solutions. The platform also provides resources to small businesses to help them compete more effectively by streamlining processes and reducing time-consuming manual tasks.

Ultimately, Sendlane aims to bridge the gap between traditional and modern customer engagement strategies by allowing marketers to do more with less effort while increasing conversions with personalized messaging. Five Elms Capital’s involvement in the Series A funding round demonstrates their commitment to supporting promising startups that create value through innovative technologies.