Website owners are in a hurry to get sales going, and while building links, they just focus on content-based link-building strategies. Link building is a vast area, and when all its bits and pieces are joined, they can make a beautiful picture. Here are some must-employ link-building tactics that website owners neglect:

YouTube Video Marketing: You must post helpful and informative videos on YouTube with links back to your website. YouTube belongs to Google, and your videos can hit the jackpot at and increase your visibility.

Forum Posting: Website owners neglect forum posting because it is tedious and needs registration at different forums and appropriate follow-up. However, helpful content placed on forums possesses great value and can go viral. In any case, your forum postings carry a signature which should include a link back to your website. You can employ a low-cost employee to post on all relevant forums.

Social Bookmarking: Sites like Digg, Reedit, Tweet-meme, Stumble Upon, and Delicious help users publish their favorite links and stories.

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You can create an account and publish helpful and informative 3rd party links, including some linking back to your site. However, please know that the popularity of these sites is on the wane. However, they do have many followers left to make a difference.

Blogging: If you have enough time to spare, you should start a blog, post interesting and informative articles and publicize the blog by listing it in all blog directories and spreading links all over the place – in social media pages, in forums, etc.

Guest Blogging Abs Blog Commenting: Write and posts informative and interesting blogs at the top blogs — not just at any or every blog. Don’t forget to include your URL at the end. If you don’t get a chance to guest blog, leave your insightful comments on other blog posts that are published in top blogs.

Infographics: These were the rage in 2010, but things are a little quiet now. However, if you can assemble, create and give away high-quality facts and figures about something interesting (like Google+ vs. Facebook), then your infographic will be hosted at many sites, and each site will link back to you.

Niche Directory and Association Listing: There seems to be a niche directory for every business. Find out your relevant guide and list your casino website on it. Also, join an association for a few dollars and post your URL in their providers’ list.

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Research Competitors’ Links: Use a free back-link checker like Yahoo! Site Explorer or Alex a to find out who backlinks to your competitor and go after these sites asking them to link to you.

Conduct a Provocative Interview: Research enough in one relevant niche and interview a top (or, middle) dog. Ask him detailed questions and try and make him slip up. Then create a sensationalist headline and post the interview on your blog and tweet, +1, share, like, or stumble upon it.