If you’ve ever played one of the original Pokémon games on a Gameboy, then you probably already know how intricate and entertaining they were. However, did you know how full of easter eggs they were?

If not, you’ll want to see some of the most interesting easter eggs you can find in these games.

Shadows of The Dream World | Pokémon Ruby And Sapphire

A small easter egg to start, but a fun one nonetheless.

The next time you’re playing one of the Third Generation games, make sure you take the time to talk to everyone in the Devon Corporation Headquarters. While you’re enjoying all of the writing that someone took the time to write, you’ll find a certain NPC that tells you about his work to “visualize the dreams of Pokémon”.

This quirky sentence seems like a throwaway line, if a strange one, until you fast forward to the fifth-generation games. The Dream World is a big part of those games. A world made by connecting to and visualizing the dreams of Pokémon. Now that’s some foreshadowing.


The Celadon City Game Corner | Pokémon Red And Blue

Another interesting and surprisingly intricate detail of the original Pokémon games can be found in Celadon City. If you’ve played the games yourself, then you probably wondered briefly why the Game Corner was split into two buildings, one for playing the games and the other for claiming your prizes. Of course, you probably forgot about this quickly and just continued your game.

However, the answer to this question is a fascinating one. Casinos, as it turns out, are illegal in Japan, and since Game Freak didn’t want to have anything illegal in the very first installment of this game, they took a cue from real life. By separating the buildings into “one where you play games” and “one where you collect prizes,” they can act like separate businesses, not like a true casino. Neat.

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Giovanni’s Son | Pokémon Gold And Silver

Pokémon Gold and Silver had quite the legacy to live up to, being the very first sequel to a series that had taken the world by storm. Fortunately for fans the world over, Game Freak delivered with this game and strengthened the foundations that – in time – led to one of the single most popular video game series in the world.

However, if one character had big shoes to fill, it would have to be Silver – the rival for this game. Regardless of whether or not you think Silver managed to live up to the legacy of Blue – the previous rival – did you know that he was canonically tied to Giovanni the mob-boss leader of Team Rocket?

It’s true! In the remake games, Fire Red and Leaf Green, you can learn from Giovanni that he has a red-haired son, a revelation that sparked fan theories about his connection to Silver.

Theories that were later confirmed in Heart Gold and Soul Silver (assuming you had an insanely rare Celebi).