If you have just invested in a new gaming PC, then you’ll probably be excited to take it for a test spin. Maybe you’d like to try overclocking your system or playing a competitive game with the graphics set to the highest standard. Either way, having a few goals in mind can help to add to the enjoyment of having a new system.

Try your Hand at Competitive Gaming

Competitive gaming is a great way for you to test your skills, as you can go up against more difficult opponents. You will also be able to experience a different side of some of your favorite games. Some computer systems can’t be used for gaming online because they can’t support a high framerate, or because they lag constantly even on the lowest settings.

With a new system, you shouldn’t have to worry about limitations such as this. Game-specific practice tools and even training maps are ideal if you want to improve your reflexes so you can delve deep into the game mechanics. Remember, you don’t need to venture into huge open-world RPGs or spend a small fortune on games to test your PC.


There are plenty of older games you can buy that have since been remastered, or you can dabble in free online games. Classic casino games such as free roulette are great if you want to enjoy something simpler but with superior processing power and graphics quality. This is especially the case if you have a new monitor, as the colors will really pop and show you what display your setup is capable of.

Upgrade your Monitor

Having a new gaming PC is great, but if you have blown your budget on a system without giving thought to your monitor, then you might have made a mistake. When you buy a new gaming PC, you ideally need to upgrade to a high-refresh monitor too. Some games require you to have a 144Hz-240Hz monitor, as this can provide you with more visual information at any one time. It can help you to improve your reaction time while aiding you when tracking targets across the screen.

One thing to be mindful of is that if you get a high refresh-rate monitor, this will come with additional system requirements. Make sure you check the specs on your CPU and GPU to ensure they are fast enough to keep up. I’m notIs your monitor up to standard. Look at FPS benchmarks to experiment with your game until you can see the results you’re looking for.

Go Live

Live streaming allows you allows you to broadcast your game to anyone, anywhere. It adds social interaction to your gaming experience and will enable you to expand your skill set. Setting up a stream is now easier than ever, too. All you need is an internet connection that can support adequate upload speeds.

A microphone and webcam are optional, but they add much value to your stream. A multi-core processor would also be beneficial, as you’ll have to record video while playing your game. CPUs with a higher core count are ideal as they allocate resources of some cores to gaming, ensuring enough power to encode the video signal. If you can get an Intel® CoreTM i7 with 8GB of RAM or more, you’ll be just fine.


A lot of people think that playing popular games is the best way to get noticed with streaming, but believe it or not, niche games may help you to break into this market. You’ll have less competition, and you may even find that you can establish your presence without devoting too much time or energy to your streaming setup. When combined with the above points, is a great way for you to make the most out of your new system.