Gaming is one of the most enjoyable leisure activities, and when you take it online, the excitement can reach new heights. Engaging in online video games with friends, colleagues, or even strangers has become a popular pastime.

While online gaming can sometimes be a remedy for sadness and a way to release mental stress, a poor internet connection leading to laggy gameplay often results in increased frustration. Furthermore, the issue is exacerbated when playing online, as phone lag can significantly diminish the gaming experience.

How to Stop Phone from Lagging?

#1 Don’t Keep the Resolution

Enjoying a mobile app with exceptional graphics, you might suddenly experience unexpected stuttering or see noticeable lags on your screen. The root of the issue often lies in sudden drops in frames per second (FPS) and inaccurate frame pacing, which diminishes the overall smoothness of your experience.

With the latest devices boasting high resolutions of 1440p or even 4K, there’s an increased demand for processing power to keep up with new game releases. To improve your gameplay experience without overtaxing your smartphone, you could consider reducing the graphical settings, which would enhance the frame rate by decreasing the data load on your device’s hardware.

#2 Remove Extra Load

Phone lagging most often appears due to excessive load on the device, including due to insufficient memory. If you clean up apps on your phone, you can speed up your device. The lower the remaining free memory, the more you can boost your phone. The fastest way is to use the Apple clean up app, and the whole process will take you 2 minutes. The mobile cleaner app searches for temporary files, duplicate photos, and various caches. Another way to clear phone memory is to compress video – this function is also available in the application.

#3 Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Modern smartphones are often burdened with a host of preinstalled applications commonly referred to as bloatware. This issue is exacerbated as users install additional apps, many of which persistently run in the background, consuming processing power and occupying valuable RAM—even when the phone is idle. Given that a device’s memory is finite, this can lead to diminished performance over time.


To mitigate this, it is advisable to undertake regular maintenance of your device. This includes uninstalling apps that are no longer in use and clearing cache storage, which can grow significantly and contribute to system sluggishness. Proactive management of these elements can help maintain your phone’s speed and efficiency.

#4 Refresh the Game

Keeping contemporary games running smoothly across different devices can be challenging due to complex programming and potential security threats like malware. Developers often issue updates in the form of patches to enhance game performance and fix errors that may slow down the experience.

Regularly updating your game is the simplest way you can ensure access to these improvements directly from the developers, helping to prevent glitches and optimization issues. While not every game is optimized for every type of hardware, applying the latest updates can solve several common performance issues.

Remember that staying on top of updates is a minimal but crucial step in optimizing your gaming experience. By keeping your games up-to-date, you reduce the risk of encountering problems and can enjoy smoother, more efficient gameplay.

#5 Use Game Booster

Boost your gaming experience with Game Booster! This essential tool shuts down superfluous background apps and services, freeing up valuable RAM to enhance your game’s performance. Simply install Game Booster, hit the ‘plus’ icon, select your intended game, and touch it once more.


You’ll be redirected to the homepage where your chosen game appears on the queue. A single tap is all it takes to clear up memory space and kickstart your game seamlessly. Game on with Game Booster and say goodbye to lag and interruptions!

Final Thoughts

Online gaming, a favorite pastime for many, promises thrilling adventures and endless fun. Nevertheless, it’s not without its challenges. Occasional lags due to a sluggish internet connection, server overcapacity, or compatibility hurdles can dampen the excitement. To safeguard your virtual escapades from the dreaded drag of lag, proactively manage these issues and ensure your experience remains as seamless and exhilarating as you envisioned.