Valorant is a dynamic tactical shooter that demands a blend of precise shooting, creative use of agent abilities, and deep understanding of game mechanics from its players. With each passing year, the level of mastery among professional esports athletes grows, bringing forth new tactics and strategies. In this article, we will delve into the best Valorant players in 2024 – those who have reached the pinnacle of rankings and dominate major tournaments. Undoubtedly, any such list is subjective, but we have endeavored to highlight truly outstanding esports athletes across all Valorant roles. Chances are you already know each of these esports athletes. And if you want to test your knowledge, you can do so with the bookmaker Melbet online. The company offers excellent conditions for betting on esports online, as well as live broadcasts of tournaments directly in your personal account.

Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto – The Leading Captain and Sniper

Nineteen-year-old Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto from the Paper Rex team kicks off our list, showcasing impressive achievements. Not only does he possess phenomenal shooting accuracy, but he is also one of the most decorated players in Valorant history.

Under f0rsakeN’s leadership as the captain, the Paper Rex team secured silver medals at the recent Valorant Champions tournament. The team consistently delivers outstanding results, largely thanks to f0rsakeN’s skilled leadership and tactical thinking.

His personal skills remain top-notch as well – incredible shooting accuracy with any rifle is complemented by the ability to anticipate opponents’ actions and use blind spots on maps to his advantage. In dueling situations, f0rsakeN often emerges victorious due to swift reflexes and impeccable timing.

Eric “aspas” Santos – The Best Duelist

Eric “aspas” Santos is widely known as one of the strongest duelists in Valorant at the moment. The Brazilian star currently plays for the Leviatan team, but many remember his triumph at Valorant Champions 2022 as part of LOUD.


Aspas often opts for agents like Jett or Raze, whose arsenal of abilities perfectly suits his aggressive playstyle. Lightning-fast reflexes, impeccable aiming, and the ability to read situations allow aspas to prevail even in the most hopeless shootouts.

His tendency to play on the edge of a foul and willingness to take reckless risks sometimes draw criticism, but in most cases, this strategy pays off handsomely. Aspas is capable of single-handedly dismantling opponents’ defenses or saving a match in a dire situation with a series of kills that seem unbelievable.

The Brazilian esports athlete has already made history as the first Valorant Champions champion from Latin America. And there’s no doubt that thanks to his exceptional dueling mastery, new records are still ahead.

Kim “MaKo” Myung Kwan – The Leading Controller

South Korean Valorant professional Kim “MaKo” Myung Kwan is rightfully considered one of the strongest controllers in the world. His incredible skills in controlling territory and map control allowed the DRX team to dominate in the VCT 2023 Pacific League, where MaKo received the award for the best controller of the tournament.

MaKo demonstrates virtuoso mastery of controller agents like Omen, Brimstone, and Viper. He excellently utilizes their abilities to zone enemies from crucial positions and create space for allies’ maneuvers. However, MaKo’s true strength lies in his deep understanding of game mechanics and ability to anticipate opponents’ plans.

Using his sense of timing, MaKo always knows precisely when and where to deploy smoke screens, toxic screens, or flash grenades. His skillful smoke placements and targeted zoning often become the key to DRX’s victories on the professional stage.

One should also not underestimate MaKo’s ability to independently take down even dangerous opponent duelists. His clear movements, cunning, and knowledge of all map angles make him an extremely dangerous fighter in close quarters.

Kelden “Boostio” Pupello – The Versatile Sentinel

Kelden “Boostio” Pupello is rightfully regarded as one of the best sentinel players in modern Valorant. The former Overwatch professional excels not only in the Sentinel role but also in performing on other positions due to his versatility.

Boostio currently plays as the captain for the 100 Thieves team. However, he achieved the greatest success in the former Evil Geniuses lineup, where his skilled leadership led the team to victory at Valorant Champions 2023.


In his gameplay, Boostio emphasizes precise positioning, control over key points, and support for allies. At the same time, his high level of mechanical skill allows him to successfully play not only as sentinel agents like Killjoy or Cypher but also to choose more aggressive heroes when the situation demands it.

Versatility and the ability to quickly adapt to changing match conditions are among Boostio’s main strengths. His diverse experience playing on different roles helps him find unconventional solutions in the most challenging rounds.