Of all the genres of games, sports games can appeal to a wide group of people because of how they cross interest lines and boundaries. You might not have much of an interest in video games, but if you like football, then you can spend multiple hours a week playing games like FIFA with your friends without it feeling outside your comfort zone.

What if you wanted to take this interest outside of the home environment, though? There are more ways than ever to enjoy games on the go, but does this also apply to sports games?

Your Phone

The obvious candidate here is your smartphone. It might be that your attention immediately turns to FIFA Mobile and similar titles that generally allow for the same experience, but on the move, and that might be all that you want out of this.

However, it’s worth being aware of what other options you have. For example, you might be more interested in the strategy of the Football Manager games when it comes to gaming on the go, giving you something to focus your mind on as you’re waiting for your journey to be over.

Alternatively, this could be a good chance to move away from the kinds of games that you already know, either toward fantasy sports games like Rocket League or you can visit so you can play sports slots like Football Star or Football Star Deluxe, all while enjoying immersive sound design on a safe and responsible platform.

Nintendo Switch

However, there’s another major game console that’s designed to help you play on the move. The Switch might not be your go-to console when it comes to playing games like FIFA at home, but there are a huge number of sports games available for it that might make it an appealing option for when you’re traveling.


What might interest you when you look at these games could be the ones that are more unique to the platform. Nintendo Switch Sports is certainly different to games like FIFA in where its focus lies, but it’s also arguably a more relaxing way to play a variety of games like golf and bowling. Alternatively, you could turn to the titles that are set in licensed Nintendo universes, like Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Games That Aren’t Games

However, this might be looking too exclusively at video games, especially if you’re in the category of people who don’t feel as though their interest extends far enough into video games for this to be relevant.


In this case, you might look at other types of games that can focus more explicitly on your love of sports. If you’re traveling with your friends in person, this might take the form of quiz games that you can play together, which is also something that you can also do by yourself through platforms like Sporcle. If you are traveling, you might prefer to simply catch up with professional sports games by streaming them on your phone or by listening to the post-match analysis.