The Esports industry has continued grabbing the attention of masses of players, as it’s an industry where competition knows no bounds. Female players are entering and dominating this industry in the same manner as male players despite facing challenges in an industry that was traditionally considered to be dominated by men. Some professional female players have completely transformed the social stigma from strategic masterminds in Dota 2 to sharpshooters in Counter-Strike. These famous esports players have proved that skill and talent know no gender.

In this article, we’ll shine a spotlight on some of the highest-earning esports players, and we’ll take a deep dive into different aspects to learn more about them and see how they are making significant strides in leveling the playing field. Interested in how marketing is changing the esports landscape? Visit for more information and expert insights. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

Famous Women in the Esports Industry

Despite the overshadowing majority of male players in the esports industry for many decades, the ratio of female players has been continuously increasing for many years. In 2024, the number of female esports players is estimated to be around 45% of the total gaming population in the world, which shows that there are about 1.3 billion female esports players in the whole world, and it is safe to say that this number is rising continuously.

Traditionally female gamers were often harassed in the gaming industry, being the subject of sarcastic comments, unnecessary toxicity, and the unwelcoming nature of the industry made it harder for them to break through and have a positive time while gaming. However, over the years, this nature has transformed completely, leading to higher numbers of women in professional gaming.

Now many world-famous games have introduced female championships where outstanding female esports players have emerged and taken on the industry with their skills. Moreover, female gamers are also digging opportunities on previously male-dominant teams, and thus, this has proven that they are not just players but pioneers, challenging stereotypes and expanding the esports audience by showing that it’s a place for everyone.

Scarlett – Sasha Hostyn

  • Main Game: StarCraft II
  • Gamer Name: Scarlett
  • Country: Canada
  • Overall Earnings: Over $400,000

Sasha Hostyn, otherwise known as Scarlett, is one of the most prominent figures in the world of StarCraft II, standing out not only as one of the best female esports players but also as a formidable competitor overall. Ever since her debut in 2011, she has garnered the attention of Starcraft enthusiasts due to her aggressive Zerg playstyle and strategic acumen, which has led her to perform consistently at the highest level in international tournaments. Since then, she has won the Iron Ladi Champion Cup, IEM Season XIII – PyeongChang, helping her earn substantial prize money. All in all, Sasha has not only made a name in the industry for herself but also started a chain reaction, proving that women can also become the highest-earning esports players in the world.

Mystik – Katherine Gunn

  • Main Game: Halo: Reach
  • Gamer Name: Mystik
  • Country: United States
  • Overall Earnings: Over $130,000

Katherine “Mystik” Gunn is a celebrated figure in the online gaming industry, highly regarded for her famous career, and wins in Halo: Reach. Originating from the United States, Katherine made her mark in the competitive gaming industry through her participation in the reality television show, by the name of WCG Ultimate Gamer, back in 2010. Even back then, her charismatic personality and strategic prowess helped her win the competition, bringing her right under the spotlight.

After her first competition win, Mystik continued competing in various gaming tournaments, primarily revolving around Halo and other first-person shooter games. Her strategic gameplay and consistent gameplay have helped her not only win a great amount of prize money but also a loyal fanbase, which enjoys watching her streams and supporting her.

HaganeNoTema – Sioban Bielamowicz

  • Main Game: Dead or Alive 4
  • Gamer Name: HaganeNoTema
  • Country: United States
  • Overall Earnings: Around $80,000

Sioban Bielamowicz is another one of the best female esports players in the world, notable enough for her expertise in the game “Dead or Alive 4,”. Making marks in the industry since the mid-2000s, when the fighting game community was gaining substantial traction and was still considered a male-dominated community. Despite facing many challenges, HaganeNoTema quickly distinguished herself through her strategic play and good gaming knowledge, which led her to make winning decisions in various national and international tournaments.

In the Championship Gaming Series, Sioban played a crucial role in her team’s performance, and her participation helped her showcase her skills on a global platform. Moreover, she has participated in various panels and discussions aimed at promoting diversity and supporting female gamers in the competitive gaming industry.

Ricki Ortiz

  • Main Game: Street Fighter Series
  • Gamer Name: Ricki Ortiz
  • Country: United States
  • Overall Earnings: Over $100,000

The Street Fighter Series has been one of the most famous fighting games and Ricki Ortiz, without any doubt is considered one of the finest players of the game. For over two decades, Ricki Ortiz dominated the Street Fighter gaming scene and is still renowned for her exceptional skills in this series, especially in games like “Street Fighter IV” and “Street Fighter V”.

During her reign, Ricki Ortiz has competed in various international and high-profile tournaments around the globe, including the Evolution Championship series. Through two decades, Ortiz showcased her aggressive style and precise execution, making her a fearsome opponent in any match. If that wasn’t enough, she has been a strong advocate of the female esports industry, supporting females in the industry and providing a platform for women to become the highest-earning esports players.

Kasumi Chan – Marjorie Bartell

  • Main Game: Dead or Alive 4
  • Gamer Name: Kasumi Chan
  • Country: United States
  • Overall Earnings: Around $55,000

Marjorie Bartell earned the spotlight in the esports industry through her participation and exquisite gameplay showcases in the Championship Gaming Series. The player showcases her expertise in the game, “Dead or Alive 4” and managed to win the championship, and thus, her gaming name, Kasumi Chan was also derived from her favorite character in “Dead or Alive”.


Bartell’s strategic understanding of the game was second to none, the way she adapted to certain scenarios and excelled in the game greatly contributed to her overall fame, as well as her overall earnings. Her success in the series not only boosted her profile within the gaming community but, also served as a strong inspiration to other females who were looking for ways to get into the esports industry.

Sarah Lou – Sarah Harrison

  • Main Game: Guitar Hero
  • Gamer Name: Sarah Lou
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Overall Earnings: Over $100,00

Guitar Hero was easily the game of the decade a couple of years back, where everyone was literally hung on the game trying to beat the records. However, out of all of the other players, Sarah Lou went on to become a prominent figure in the esports industry, as she carved a niche for herself in the game that combines musical rhythm with competitive gaming. She started her esports journey in local competitions, but who knew that she would continue to become one of the highest-earning esports players through playing Guitar Hero?

Despite winning multiple championships, her most notable victory was at the World Cyber Games, where she showcased her skills to the whole world, and they surely appreciated her skills, in addition to her winning significant prize money and solidifying her status as one of the top players in the game. Moreover, being a charming human being, Lou is renowned for her charismatic personality as well as the positive influence she has brought to the esports industry.


  • Main Game: CS: GO/CS2
  • Gamer Name: Tinares
  • Country: Brazil
  • Overall Earnings: Over $100,00

Counter-Strike needs no introduction as it is easily one of the most famous franchises in the FPS gaming industry. However, the game, which was once considered to be dominated by men, was evolved by a female esports player known as Tinares, who earned her spotlight in the game due to her sharp reflexes and strategic gameplay on the battlefields, proving that female esports players can compete at the same player.

Tinares’s ability to perform under pressure has made her a respected person in both national and international CS: GO championship tournaments. Through her prime years, she won numerous championships and achieved podium finishes that helped her earn a significant prize pool as well as a respected place among top CS:GO players. Moreover, Tinares is also an influential personality in the Brazilian gaming community, often advocating female presence in the esports industry, making it her personal agenda to give more chances for females in the esports industry.

zAAz – Zainab Turkie

  • Main Game: CS: GO/CS2
  • Gamer Name: zAAz
  • Country: Sweden
  • Overall Earnings: Over $90,00

Zainab Turkie is another influential and surely one of the best female esports players in the CS: GO community, and she is known for her exceptional skills. Turkey began her career long ago with early versions of Counter-Strike, gradually transitioning to CS: GO when it was released. That’s when she showcased her superior skills in the game and claimed her place on the throne as a leading CS: GO player. This was made possible through her exquisitely aggressive playing style and high leadership skills, which made her a pivotal part of her team’s success at numerous international competitions.

All in all, zAAz has been a prominent figure in the CS: GO championship scene, marking her journey with solid wins against top teams in CS: GO. This allowed her to make a solid name in the gaming industry while also earning a substantial amount from her skills. However, Zainab didn’t just stop there; she continued advocating gender equality in gaming, actively working to make the gaming scene better for female esports players and being one of the highest-earning esports players; she did actually help.

Ant1ka – Anna Ananikova

  • Main Game: CS: GO/CS2
  • Gamer Name: Ant1ka
  • Country: Russia
  • Overall Earnings: Over $30,00

Ant1ka claimed her place among the top players of CS:GO by winning several notable tournaments in her esports career, where her significant triumphs included, Copenhagen Games and Intel Challenge Katowice. Both of these events are considered hard and prestigious enough as they gather the best female CS: GO teams from around the world, and it’s safe to say that Ant1ka’s strategic gameplay was instrumental in navigating her team through tough matches and winning the championship.

These victories marked her on the radar as they were a testament to her skills and her ability to perform under pressure and undergo superb leadership duties. Moreover, throughout her career, Ant1ka has been a part of various all-female teams, consistently leading her team through various championships, earning a good reputation as well as a respectable sum in winnings. However, according to her, her main achievement has been inspiring young female gamers to pursue competitive gaming.

xchocobars – Janet Rose

  • Main Game: League of Legends
  • Gamer Name: xchocobars
  • Country: Canada
  • Overall Earnings: Over $30,00

Janet Roke, better known by her gaming handle “xchocobars” stands as a prominent figure in the competitive League of Legends scene. He hasn’t only made competitive gaming her niche but has also created a reputation by being a famous content creator and streamer, where she showcases her superior skills in the game of “League of Legends.” However, her engaging personality and consistent interaction with her audience have really made her a fan favorite in the online gaming community.

Despite not competing in international gaming competitions, Janet has made it to this list due to her determination and superior skills in the game, which is regularly showcased in various online competitions and charity events related to “League of Legends.” These events have helped her earn recognition and a dedicated fanbase that loves to watch her play, making her a kind of a unique figure in the esports industry.