Canada is a gaming paradise, one of the leading jurisdictions in the industry, globally, in terms of innovation, technology, transparency, and player safety. Instead of turning a blind eye to its gambling businesses and leaving them in the grey zone like most countries still do, it regulates and supervises the industry. All this results in a very advantageous situation for its players (and tourists can gamble, too!)

Eventually, you can enjoy lots of gaming fun in Canada, almost regardless of the province you are in. Just pay attention when in Ontario and Quebec because its online services apply geolocation and if you are close to the border, you may experience difficulties with access.

In other cases, you can choose between several gaming options that we discuss further in the post.

Land-Based Casino Houses & Resorts

Given that gambling is fully legal in Canada, there are several land-based casinos and even bigger casino resorts almost in every province. You can play slots in city casinos or travel for your weekend, or vacation, to a resort with a luxurious hotel, spa, a huge casino hall with slots and table games, play golf, make bets on sports, play poker, and so on.

The good news about land-based casinos in Canada is that they are regulated and therefore safe to visit and play for real money. Big resorts are even better, offering relaxation and entertainment even to non-gamblers. You can visit at any time of the year, summer and winter alike, and pursue extra activities such as hiking, skiing, swimming, and so on.

If you are a passionate poker player or blackjack fan, big land-based casino houses are ideal for entertainment. You can play at electronic tables, or you can play against a real dealer and other players.

If you are a regular customer at one of the casino facilities, or a network of houses by the same operator, you can even join the member club and enjoy substantial discounts and other rewards.

Various Online Casinos

Legit access to online casinos is probably one of the main attractions in Canada for gambling tourists. Most provinces regulate online casinos properly so it is safe to play there for real money.


What is even better is that Canada, in contrast to many other jurisdictions that regulate gambling, does not limit access to bonuses. For example, Finland, Sweden, and some other countries allow online casino gambling but prohibit any kind of bonuses. In turn, you can play at an online casino, deposit any range from $1 to $1000, and claim no deposit free spins, welcome packages, or free spins for $1 in Canada.

Another good news is that online casinos in Canada usually offer a wide range of software providers – studios that develop casino games – which means that players can find on average 1,000 – 3,000 games in any casino’s lobby. The range of game types is also impressive, almost any kind of game is available, even bonus-buy online slots. This is why online gambling is so popular in Canada and this is why the industry is flourishing.

Provincial and Country-Wise Lotteries

Surprisingly enough, lotteries are still insanely popular in Canada. There are several lotteries that are available across the country and have the same rules and regulations in every province. Also, there are local provincial lotteries you can only play when located there. As far as we are concerned, most lotteries are available to citizens but some instant lotteries with smaller wins can also be played by guests.

The beauty of lotteries in Canada is that they can be played offline by getting tickets or scratch cards from official retailers in supermarkets and shops, or they can be played completely online. You can buy a physical ticket and then check online if it wins. In some provinces, local players can download official mobile apps to play lottery games, check the draws, and track their winnings.

Most lotteries have very affordable tickets, costing from $3 to $5 per ticket. Draws usually take place either daily, or weekly. Some lotteries offer two draws: daily for smaller wins and weekly for bigger jackpots with huge prize pools. So if you are into lotteries, Canada is an ideal location for you.

Land-Based Bingo Halls

Bingo is a family-style entertainment in Canada and it is also very popular and widespread. You can play bingo games online, of course, like a lottery, or at an online casino. However, offline bingo is much more fun.


Sometimes, charitable bingo games are organized at fairs but bingo is very much connected to local charity projects in general. People approach it as a socializing event where they can spend time with family and friends, meet neighbors or make new friends, play a non-complicated game for fun, and maybe even win some money or a prize. Considering that local bingo halls give away an impressive percentage of their income to local charities, this is a win-win activity for all stakeholders.

In Canada, you have to be 18 years old to play bingo games. However, some provinces allow teenagers to participate in offline events if the teenager is accompanied by a parent or a guardian.