The elite four are the strongest Pokemon, who cannot be defeated with conventional means in a normal game.

The “pokémon insurgence elite 4 strategy” is the level that the Elite Four in Pokemon Insurgence is. The Elite Four is a group of powerful trainers who are at the top of their game. They have taken on all challengers, and won every battle.

What level is the elite four in Pokemon insurgence?

In Pokemon Insurgence, what level are the elite four?

The levels of the Elite Four’s Pokémon vary; they are usually set to the highest level Pokémon in your current party, while there are certain minimum levels. For the first game on Easy, the absolute minimum is level 88.

Where is Delta amid the Pokemon craze?

Delta Pokémon are listed below.

Dex Pokémon Location
#727 Bulbasaur Delta Pokémon starters, Telnor Town, and Erebus City
#728 Ivysaur Delta Only Evolve
#729 Venusaur Delta Only Evolve
#730 Delta Charmander is a kind of Charmander found in the Pokémon starters, Telnor Town, and Erebus City

Who is the insurgent’s champion?


In Pokemon Insurgence, how do I get to the Pokemon League?

After beating all four Elite Four members, click the button under the Giratina statue in the first chamber to unlock the door to the Champion’s room. Once the Champion has been vanquished, accompany Professor Sylvan to the Hall of Fame to register the player’s team.

Is it possible to capture Darkrai in a state of insurgence?

No, it’s not time-limited; it’s simply a challenge run, and you may perform one whenever you want as long as you choose it at the start. The fastest method to capture Darkrai in a vanilla game without having to wait for an update. Thundurus is the only Legendary you can capture right now without using a randomizer.

In Pokemon Insurgence, how do you catch Groudon?

Visit Suntouched and speak with Orion. He’ll mention something about his Reshiram being taken or anything along those lines. If you get to the volcano, someone will tell you about the Magma Stone. Groudon and either Heatran or Volcanion will be given to you (I recommend Heatran because Volcanion has Explosion).

In Pokemon Insurgence, where can you acquire the relic song?

Samsara Cave’s northeast entrance

In Pokemon Insurgence, what do I do with the mystery scroll?

To confront the legendary Pokémon Meloetta, you must first unlock the locks in Samsara Cave. Koril Cave offers a reward for finishing the Meloetta tile puzzles. Helios Sewers is a company that specializes in sewers.

I’m looking for antique music, but I’m not sure where to look.

A musician will also teach Meloetta Relic Song if the player takes an event Meloetta to Café Sonata in Castelia City.

Is it possible to purchase rare candies in Pokemon Insurgence?

You’ll want to exit the purchasing page and return to the game. Rare Candies are now available at a reasonable price!

Delta litwick grows what kind of berries?

Oran Berry is a kind of berry that grows in

Where can I get Insurgence Ball in Quick Times?


Item Location
Premier League Football (Buy 10 Poké Balls) Poké Mart Upper Mantle Gaea Core Midna Town
Ball in Quick Time Sonata Tracks on Route 7 (Possible reward if sponsored by Devon Corp) x3 Hekate Town
Ball should be repeated. 1000 Helios Department Store
Ball with a Shine Professor Pine’s supplies for Mount Rose (surfing and rock climbing) Holon Marsh, 10000


The “pokémon insurgence champion rematch” is the level that the elite four are in. The elite four is a group of powerful trainers who test your skills and see how much you have grown as a trainer.