Are you seeking to take advantage of the current explosion in the price of video games? Perhaps your collection has gotten a little too big, and you want some extra space on your shelves to add new game purchases? Maybe you simply want to give your bank balance a boost? 

Whatever the reason, you have decided to sell your video games. While there are various paths you can take in that regard; arguably the most effective is eBay. With a massive customer base and auction functionality, this platform is the best for maximizing profits. 

However, that can only be achieved if you know how to successfully sell on eBay. It might seem simple on the surface, but there are a few important points to consider. 

The Right Imagery 

Humans are visual creatures. Due to this, the pictures you use are the most integral element of your eBay listing. You cannot simply go with a stock image of a game’s cover found on the internet. This lack of attention will turn people away and make them feel your listing isn’t genuine or truthful enough. 

Your original images should be clear and provide everything a potential customer wants to see. If it’s a single game you’re selling, for instance, you will want to show the front and back of the case/box, along with a shot of the game disc/cartridge and instruction manual. 

Accurate Description 

When selling a video game, not much has to be added in terms of a description. However, it is important you highlight the condition of the game. Is the box showing any wear and tear? Perhaps there are some noticeable scratches on the disc? Maybe an item such as a DLC code is missing? These are the types of details customers want to know about before deciding to make a bid. 

Save on Shipping

Shipping is always a tricky element of selling on eBay. You want to provide customers with competitive shipping prices, but you also don’t want to offer this at too low a price in case it cuts into your profits. If you’re selling an individual game, first find out how much it will cost to purchase a suitable envelope and to ship the item before settling on a shipping fee. 

The situation becomes trickier when you’re selling a console bundle. This is a heavy, bulky package that can cost a lot of money to send. At least, that’s the case if you don’t know where to find couriers at competitive prices. For instance, with Shiply, you can receive quotes from eBay shipping specialists and save up to 75% on delivery.

The Price is Right

You want to avoid having your eBay listing up for months without getting any bites. Yet this is a very real reality if you go too high with your pricing. Before setting any prices, analyze how much auctions sold for in the past – this can be done through ‘Advanced Search’ and ticking ‘Search including sold listings – to get an idea of how much people are willing to pay for your games.