More information about Street Fighter 6 was revealed at the Capcom Tokyo Game Show Showcase, which recently ended. We will get right to it: Street Fighter 6 is looking fantastic!

The Old Guard Is Back

First off, Street Fighter 6’s roster has grown significantly! There will be four additional characters, including some of the most recognizable Street Fighters from the arcade era! Ken, Ryu’s best buddy and enduring foe is first up and is sporting a harsher appearance this time. He possessed all the tools of the traditional photo-trade archetypes, yet he was quicker and more combative than Ryu.

E. Honda also will participate in the battle after sitting out the majority of Street Fighter V, delivering the strong-style play that players have come to expect. The most dreadful yogi ever included in a video game, Dhalsim, is also back and providing his lightning grabs and blows. Blanka is also present with him. With more figures still to be added, the roster now stands at 11.

World Tour: Discover the Street Fighter World

Without a doubt, the Street Fighter universe is illogical. After all, you get to discover a portion of this world for the first time ever as ancient warriors battle demons; criminals become governors and amazon tour guides. You can build your own character and leisurely explore Metro City as the freshest trainee for Luke’s Gym. There are many things to do in Street Fighter 6’s single-player campaign.

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Of course, you want to establish yourself as one of Metro City’s most formidable competitors. To achieve that, you can summon a public to watch a dynamic conflict between you and a group of random bystanders on the Street. You can enroll in lessons with some of the most well-known Street Fighter characters, study their combat techniques, combine them as you like, and then put your fighting skills to the test. Your unique skills will also aid you in navigating Metro City’s open world, such as using a fireball to clear barriers, an uppercut to climb ledges, or a dragon kick to prolong jumps.

You can practice by playing a wide variety of crazy mini-games on your path to the top. Classic examples include ramming automobiles or getting into a good old Street’s (Fighter) of Rage fight. As you level up through doing this, the open world will become more and more accessible to you, allowing you to outfit your avatar with new clothing and equipment. Why did you do that?

Street Fighter Metaverse: The Battlehub

However, there is no need to purchase pricey VR gear because Street Fighter 6’s Battlehub is its online social hub. Here, you can socialize and engage in combat with other gamers from all over the world. You will be represented by the persona you made up and gave life to during the world tour. You can play old Street Fighter games, observe other players compete, or simply hang out.

Although its original origins are unknown, this feature seeks to capture the feel of an arcade. Meet individuals, play a few rounds with them, and challenge one another. As is typical with modern fighting games, Street Fighter 6 could pretty likely include a full-fledged ranked mode and costume rooms. However, this function gives the impression that you are playing a fighting game in your neighborhood and creating some rivalries. It is preferable to be paired with unrelated individuals in a queue who you would never see again following a rematch. We are eager to see it!

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Closed Beta and Extreme Battles

Additionally, we mention the news that Street Fighter 6 will introduce severe combat. Why not introduce a little anarchy into this instead of a brutal fight? Either include extra items that players can fling at one another or set up obstacles that must be avoided. This will undoubtedly shake up your typical competition and assist you in relaxing after a close match.

Aaah, and also, from October 7 till October 10, Street Fighter 6 will be in closed beta testing. Visit Capcom’s website here to register. Eight of the previously announced characters will be available for you to play, along with the aforementioned Extreme Battles, the new Battlehub, and even some of the mini-games! And yes, if you plan to bet on the new sequel of the Street Fighter franchise, stick to doing so on sequel No. 5 while choosing some of the Internet operators at because there is a long path to incorporating Street Fighter 6 into the offer for betting.