Esports, or electronic sports, is a growing industry with professional gamers competing in organized, multiplayer video game tournaments for prizes. Though it has only been around since the early 2000s, esports is already a multi-million dollar industry with big names like ESPN investing in coverage.

As a result, there has been plenty of interest in the sector, with many looking to get involved in a variety of different ways. There are gamblers who continue to use to find the best bonuses and safest sites that offer betting opportunities regarding this competitive sport nowadays, with a variety of different games possible to bet on.

However, the explosion of this industry had also seen new career opportunities for people created, as many had started to become professional esports players and realize new dreams that they may have had when they were growing up.

If you are interested in becoming an esports player, there are a few things you should know. Below is a guide on how to become an esports player.

Getting Started

The first step to becoming an esports player is finding the game that you are good at and enjoy playing. There are many different types of games in the competitive gaming world, such as real-time strategy, fighting games, first-person shooters, and more. Do some research on which games are popular in the competitive scene and find one that appeals to you.

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From there, it is important to start honing your skills and learning everything you can about the game. Watch top players stream their gameplay online, read tips and strategies from various websites, and, most importantly, practice as much as possible. The more you play, the better you will get and the more prepared you will be for tournaments.

Entering Tournaments

Once you feel confident in your skills, it is time to start entering tournaments. There are many amateur circuits for most games where you can compete for small prize pools against other up-and-coming players. Winning these tournaments can help bolster your reputation as a competent player and may even get you noticed by bigger organizations. If you do well enough in amateur tournaments, you may even have a chance at being scouted by a professional esports team.

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The Professional Scene

The final step is to reach the professional level and compete with the best of the best. The road to becoming a professional gamer is not easy and will take years of dedication and hard work. But if you love playing video games and are willing to put in the time, it can be a very rewarding career with plenty of opportunities for growth.


Becoming an esports player is no easy feat, but if you have a passion for gaming and are willing to put in the work, it can be a very rewarding experience. Follow the steps above, and who knows, maybe one day you will be playing in front of millions of people with millions of dollars on the line and enjoying a career that so many will wish they were fortunate to have!