Have you ever wondered what is most important to you in a game? What do you rely on when you choose a game? We all have a favorite game that stands out among all the others. A game is a way to be transported into a parallel reality where everything is so exciting and wonderful. Life in another dimension is memorable, with a vivid and intense storyline. Agree that playing genius stories with the author’s ideas and their implementation in the story is much more interesting. Games are complete work; without a story, the gameplay and atmosphere have no weight. Games are designed to be nothing but pleasant memories of them.

Top 5 Games With A Great Story Open Knock on the Coffin Lid.

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Knock on the Coffin Lid – the world in which the game takes place was invented before the game itself. The plot of the game is connected with the miraculous rescue from death. Characters tell their own story and show the same events that happened from different points of view, supplementing them with details. Since the characters are locked inside a time loop, a sequel, in the classic sense of the word, is impossible. But the story does not freeze, it continues to go on, turning out new details. The main task is to give the player the full idea that all events are interconnected, and that all the characters that meet along the way are not random here. Everything fits into the global picture unfolding before the player.

The story develops according to the mosaic principle. As the characters learn more about what’s going on around them, there comes a point when it’s impossible to tear themselves away from the game. Talking about specific things should be careful, as gaining knowledge about the world around you is not a necessary but interesting part of the gameplay. Any new information is an element of the puzzle, a fragment of the mosaic, from which the overall picture is formed. You will like it!

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – Nicalis

The most fascinating roguelike, which has drawn thousands of users for hundreds of hours, has received popular love. The story begins with Isaac and his mother living peacefully in a small house on a hill. But at some point, the woman, after watching too many Christian shows, goes crazy and decides to sacrifice her child to the voices in her head. In a panic, the baby runs away to the basement, where it is handed over to the player’s control.

This is just the beginning of a long journey: with each startup, the dungeon with monsters is randomly generated, and you have to go down there many times. To just get to the “real” ending, you will have to watch ten intermediate endings. To unlock all the items – several times to reach the end by each of the ten characters, complete trials, and gain several achievements.

It takes finesse management to make the most of your resources and stay ahead by collecting new and new enhancements for the protagonist.

The beauty is that there are no clues in the game. You constantly feel like an explorer, a tactician, a discoverer. The game throws up such surprises that can shock you even at the thirtieth hour, and the tension during the first timid attempts to overcome the dungeon is difficult to assess.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Frictional Games

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a first-person survival game, with a physically advanced engine and the hero’s helplessness in the face of unknown danger. No unprecedented abilities or weaponry behind your shoulders. Only a small cursor hand, with which Daniel – a new victim of circumstance – gropes everything, unlocks doors, tosses chairs, and so on. For starters, the storyline is set back in the 19th century, in an anonymous castle on the outskirts of Prussia. Developers do not hide that the castle is a metaphor for their approach to gameplay, a monumental structure of dark nooks, rustles, levers, and gears. It was there that Daniel woke up with obvious signs of amnesia.

The hero reconstructs the events of past years, discovers the details of his biography, and discovers the nature of his nightmares piece by piece. The past is put together piece by piece and not necessarily in chronological order. The plot here exists on an equal footing with mechanical puzzles – to make it work, you must also put it together. You have to meet in a bleak desert that makes your hair stand on end. What did you expect from a game with no weapons? Get ready to hide in corners, turning into a listening ear. Or run with all your might from something invisible but very creepy. The reason to return to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, in the first place, will be the plot – interesting, rich, fascinating, and clinging to the heart.

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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter – The Astronauts

This story-driven adventure doesn’t lead you by the hand, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter openly declares in its first seconds. Paul Prospero comes to Redcreek Valley along the railroad tracks. Behind is the tunnel’s darkness, and ahead is the dark past of the settlement. Somewhere out there, the boy Ethan is waiting for us. That’s all we’re given for the road. We walk through the woods, listening to the inner monologues of Paul, the famous private detective with paranormal powers. However, as we turn off the trail, primitive traps emerge on our path. They pose no threat, but if you find and examine them all, the reality is distorted, and Paul leaks into another dimension. Or maybe it’s all a lie, and we walked on quietly without noticing anything or getting anywhere. Here we see someone’s severed legs in a pool of blood on the tracks. A scarlet trail leads us down the slope to the mutilated body. What has happened?

The Banner Saga – Stoic

The game’s story is based on the end of the world of Scandinavian mythology. A race of armor-clad creatures, conscious of the gods, attacks one of the Rhine lands on the outskirts of the developed lands to unite humans and warlords, the formidable giants, against a common enemy.

As a result, one of the main characters, Ubin, gathers a caravan to relocate to safer lands. The only question is whether they remain. Another protagonist in the game will tell the story from a different perspective. The Gods themselves are dead, so the fate of mortals depends only on themselves.

The game is bright, colorful, and uncompromising, without senseless experiences and love stories. The main plus of the game is undoubtedly the story and the interaction between the characters.

The story is the quality that makes a good game comparable to a good movie or book, which is always a pleasure to return to. So start playing bright and colorful games with the most interesting stories.