Many of us will be familiar with online games, whether we like to play the most recent releases or enjoy playing online slots and poker in our spare time. Over the years, online gaming platforms have had to adapt to suit the player’s needs, to provide them with a more convenient, exciting, and immersive way of playing. So, no matter what game you enjoy most, you can almost guarantee that the platform you’re using has made changes so you can benefit from the most modern way to play. Below, we’ll look at different online games and how platforms change to accommodate them.

Types of Online Games

Before we take a look at how online games are forcing platforms to become more advanced, we should first look at the various types of online games that you may come across. These include:

  • Sandbox: These types of games tend to have a more open-ended approach when it comes to gameplay. Players will have less strict and linear goals and tasks to complete, which allows more immersive experiences and helps you to experiment within the game. Minecraft is a great example of this.
  • Sports: Over the years, the graphics within these games and the experience that they offer have improved. You can choose your favourite sport and be immersed in realistic gameplay, where you can decide whether you’d rather compete, or play in the style you’d find with a sandbox game.
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  • Puzzlers: These are some of the most popular as they are easy to play and get stuck into. They can be played in a way that incorporates a narrative and storyline, with Tomb Raider being one of the most popular.
  • Casino games: These games bring the casino to you. You can play online on various platforms that offer games you’d find in the casino, without having to leave the house. You can deposit money, win prizes, and socialise with others while playing.

You may not realize it but playing your favorite games online has meant that platforms have had to adapt over time to give you the best experience possible. Read on as we take a look at some of the ways platforms are advancing to improve online gaming.

Cloud Technology

This is one of the most important ways in which online gaming has changed over the years. We’ve seen cloud technology appearing in the way that we have access to games, for example, instead of going out and buying a physical copy of a new game, players can download games directly onto their console or desktop if they have a connection. Cloud technology also plays a role in saving games as you go – you don’t need a specific amount of storage or special hardware, just access to the cloud so you can save your game and pick up where you left off.


The rise in popularity of cryptocurrency is having an impact on the way that the gaming industry is progressing. More platforms are allowing this type of currency, most commonly Bitcoin, to be used as a way of purchasing and playing games online. In addition, more platforms are having to adapt so that players can use cryptocurrency as deposits and get cryptocurrency back if they win. This shows that platforms are advancing in line with modern times and means that they will become more accessible to many all over the world.

Secure Payments

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With online casino games like poker, slots, and bingo becoming more popular, platforms have had to ensure that they are advanced enough to allow for secure payments and deposits. As a result, many venues now use SSL encryption so that purchases to upgrade and for certain features are safer, making payments easier for the player. Not only does this help the platform become more advanced and reliable, but it also allows the players to have peace of mind that their money is secure and safe at all times.

Multi-Platform Gaming

Over the years, it has become more aware that gamers would like to have the choice of which platform they play on, and media have had to adapt to offer this to their customers. Maybe you like to play games online, but you also want to take them with you on the go or enjoy playing on your lunch break at work. So gaming platforms have had to adapt so that players can enjoy games wherever and however they enjoy most.