While other games may seem like a waste of time, strategy games are the kind of games that make you use your brain. Video games are known to improve motor function and reflexes, but what’s better than allowing video games to help train your brain? Of course, to download these games on your PlayStation console, you must have a blazing-fast internet connection with great reliability. For that matter, we would suggest that you look into Xfinity internet prices to get amazing internet speeds at a price that would astound you!

Back to the strategy games that you should be playing. Here are some games you should remember that will help grind all those gears in your brain!

Cities: Skyline

How often have you found yourself designing your city in your imagination? How tall would the buildings be? What would the cars be like? Would the city be old-fashioned or futuristic, and how will you sustain life in your city? That is exactly what you can do in Cities: Skyline. You can take real-life places as examples, such as Brooklyn, Amsterdam, or even Paris, and you can make a city along the lines of that. You can be the master of all the skyscrapers and see how the traffic flows. You may even see how the city functions during the day and the night. You have all the control over the population and how people function day-to-day.

It would be best if you made you take care of people’s houses, their healthcare, and a lot more.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

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Imagine colonizing an entire world, that too from the perspective of a nomad who keeps traveling from place to place. This is the concept of Civilization VI, where you have a diverse world to conquer and you may use it according to what you want. With time you get to see as your tribe progresses, while you start as a nomadic clan, you eventually watch as your world turns into a tech-savvy setting and how there are technological advances over time. The best part about this game is how it takes ideas from history and allows you to make your army so that you can go to war with other tribes and take over their land.

The game is more strategic since it demands you to expand your empire and ensure you don’t run out of resources to sustain your city.

Two Point Hospital

Everything you see in The Good Doctor, House M.D., and Grey’s Anatomy, but in a game. In Two Point Hospital, you take the role of an administrator who has to run an entire hospital and ensure everything is in order. There are some made-up diseases that you need to cater to in the game and you have to make sure the disease does not spread among other patients. In the game you have to create your hospital from scratch, meaning you have to lay the foundation from the reception to the waiting room, from the surgical suite to the Emergency Room. If you feel like you have what it takes to run your hospital, then this is the game for you to play. So bring out the Dr. Shaun Murphy in you and start imagining what your dream hospital would be like in Two Point Hospital.

Planet Coaster

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How cool would it be if you could run your own theme park? An amusement park that follows the theme you want it to follow. The main focus of this game is roller coasters so you need to make sure that you create the most thrilling rollercoasters anyone has ever seen. All you need to do is to use your imagination to see what would thrill you the most. One of the key features of the game is that you can create your theme park wherever you want, it could even be in a desert if you want! Other terrains include mountains and even tropical rainforests. Not only do you have to look after the rides but you also need to make sure the food and refreshments are in top order.

So bring out all your crazy ideas for a theme park and show the world what your park would look like in Planet Coaster. Not only do you have to see how amazing your park is but you also need to ensure that it is safe as well.

In Conclusion

Who says that strategies are only used in real life? You can also incorporate strategy into video games so that they can help you with critical thinking and more rational ways to look for viable solutions. They can even help you with administrative thinking, such as running a hospital. Or even a game such as The Sims can help you with your social skills and help prepare you for life yet to come!