The global popularity of competitive video gaming is growing. Betting on the winner of a game where players pit their wits against one another emerged soon after such games first appeared. Gambling on video games, or “eSports,” is a popular pastime for gamers and people who love competitive sports like football, tennis, basketball, etc.

ESports betting is growing in popularity. This isn’t just due to a larger fan base. Media outlets have estimated that the eSports betting market was worth more than $1 billion in 2019. At the time, experts predicted that eSports would generate over $2 billion in income within the next three years. That’s not even close to the truth. As the industry continues to grow in popularity, betting on eSports is becoming a more fun thing to do.

Professional gaming has come a long way since the early days of Counter-Strike and Warcraft tournaments. These days, there are leagues and championships for just about every major eSports title, drawing in millions of viewers online and in person. With stakes increasing all the time, it’s no surprise that people are starting to place bets with UFA ESPORT on who will win.

If you’re considering getting into eSports betting, here’s what you need to know:

Increased Popularity of Esports

This increase in popularity is surely a factor that one needs to analyze. Why are people betting so heavily on this niche? Is it more profitable? Maybe they are less likely to depend on luck. Does it need skills and betting accuracy?

Because eSports have become increasingly popular, betting on them has become a fad. From 2016’s $463 million, the global eSports economy is projected to increase to $696 million in 2017, according to Newzoo. This growth in interest will undoubtedly result in more wagers being placed on eSports, which makes it an opportunity to collaborate.

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More Betting Options

Betting on eSports is on the rise, partly because there are more opportunities to wager on these games than ever before. Bets on eSports used to be placed primarily on unofficial, often shady websites. However, with the rise of legitimate eSports betting sites, more and more individuals are eager to wager on eSports.

Better Odds

Betting in eSports is on the rise, and one reason is that the odds are generally higher than in traditional sports. This is because bookies can take advantage of the fact that many things about eSports are still up in the air.

A bookmaker might provide odds of 2-to-1 for an underdog team to win an eSports match but only 1-to-2 for the same team in a regular sports match. Prop, and specialty bets found in conventional betting markets are likely to be recognizable to most gamblers.

ESports betting covers nearly every one of these verticals, with the best sites offering a slew of exotic wagers you won’t find at traditional bookmakers. You can also conduct thorough research to increase your winning odds when betting.

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More Exciting Games

As a fourth factor, many people perceive eSports games to be more interesting than regular sports games, which has contributed to the popularity of betting on eSports. This is because eSports tend to be more fast-paced and unpredictable than regular sports. The sheer volume of games ensures that there will always be a thrilling match to wager on.

Growing Prize Pools

Finally, the increasing size of the prize pools at many eSports tournaments is attracting more and more wagers. Dota 2 events can be very lucrative; for instance, consider the $24 million prize pool at last year’s International. The rise in prize money for professional gamers directly results from more people betting on eSports events.

In addition, online sportsbooks frequently offer bonuses specific to their site and unavailable elsewhere in the betting industry. Video game tournaments and other themed events frequently serve as inspiration for these kinds of marketing campaigns.

Some sites even offer special promotions and casino prizes for eSports, plus regular deposit bonuses. Bonuses for eSports betting tend to be more lucrative than those for more traditional sports betting, although they may be restricted to wagering on esports alone.