The face of sports is changing, and it’s in the form of eSports. A new generation has combined with latest technology to see the eSports industry boom over the past decade, from virtually non-existent, to a multi-billion dollar market. With so much growth and change already over the last few years, we look at what’s coming up over the next year in eSports.

A Growing Industry in 2023

A decade ago, if you’d mentioned eSports seriously in a conversation, you would have been laughed out of most rooms. Now, however, eSports is absolutely a serious matter, with the industry growing at a rate of 21.9% per year and anticipated to reach $5.74 billion by 2030. What this means for eSports in 2023 is much the same. There will be continued growth. This means more events than ever before, larger crowds, more streaming deals, increased prize money, and greater market penetration across diverse demographics—everything that comes with a healthy, growing industry. From a business perspective, expect more big-ticket sponsors to come on board with branding deals, and plenty of records to fall across the board financially.

The eSports Betting Industry Will Mature Further

As part of the eSports industry continues to grow and mature, naturally related markets will also experience a knock-on effect.

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In 2023, expect betting on eSports to continue to mature as well. What this will look like practically is eSports betting becoming available on more mainstream betting platforms, wider betting markets with more proposition odds available, and an influx of attention in the industry as a result of the increased interest due to betting. For those who want to be ahead of the curve and start betting on eSports now, before this big influx occurs, they should start by finding a licensed sportsbook provider and get the hang of how to bet on the different bets provided. Along with casino games, betting has become increasingly popular within the last couple of years as more states have started to legalize gambling. No matter which kind of these new operations you want to indulge in it is always a good idea to start out by practicing and reading expert advice. If you would like to play casino games, you can find an online list of casino guides that can help you get started and thereby make the most of your money.

Mobile eSports Will Continue to Rise in Popularity

Look at any eSports event, and they are clearly targeted toward PC games. Regardless of whether it’s a first-person shooter, role-playing game, or real-time strategy, the majority of these games are played competitively on the big screen.

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This could be set to shift in 2023 however, or at least begin to. Mobile games are projected to continue growing its share of the eSports market, and will likely be a trend that influences the industry overall. While there are plenty of merits to playing on the big screen, the reality is that the mobile eSports market is far larger than the PC eSports market. Developers in the eSports space will be wanting to capture as much of the mobile market as possible. While this is already happening on a consumer level, there’s every chance that competitive eSports on the mobile platform will grow to become popular as well, in much the same way that mainstream eSports has.