In this guide, we will be uncovering the best agility shortcuts that will help you train your agility skill in OSRS. We’ll also be providing some tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your training.

What Is Agility?

Agility is one of the five primary talents in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), allowing players to move fast and efficiently, uncover shortcuts throughout the game’s areas, and utilize agility-based objects like as ropes, bars, and ladders. It allows players to travel about rapidly and take on some of the game’s most difficult activities or enemies.

Completing obstacles dispersed across RuneScape’s many maps increases agility. When a player successfully completes an obstacle, they get Agility experience. They will be able to reach new locations sooner than other players as their level increases. For example, a player with level 80 Agility may travel all of Feralas while wearing just basic gear. Furthermore, each barrier provides access to relevant shortcuts that may save run time and money when playing the game. All of these advantages make Agility training very gratifying.

Useful Agility Shortcuts

OSRS players may swiftly level up their agility skill by using agility shortcuts There are 99 osrs range guide shortcuts in practically every level in the game, allowing players to avoid obstacles, climb over barriers, and even employ special technologies. Each shortcut requires a particular degree of Agility, which ranges from 1 to 99..

The Gnome Stronghold Agility Course, for example, demands an agility level of at least 35 to utilize most of its shortcuts. There is a train ranged There is a 1-99 OSRS Range fence jump shortcut on this course that enables you to bypass multiple obstacles and save time and energy while honing your agility. Furthermore, certain shortcuts require particular items or specific armor or equipment in order to access them. Additionally, there are various subterranean tunnels in the game environment that will transport you straight from one spot to another, all of which require a 1-99 OSRS Range level of agility.

When it comes to quickly Train Ranged up your talent and saving time, agility shortcuts can be incredibly useful. They’re also a great way for players who don’t have access to high-level content or expensive gear, such asBarrows gear or Dragonhide armor, to get started. So, if you want to improve your agility without breaking the wallet, try employing these agility shortcuts.

Useful Agility Items

Agility is a fundamental talent in OSRS that enables players to take shortcuts and utilize objects to gain agility experience. There are a variety of goods you may utilize to enhance your Agility experience, in addition to the numerous Agility courses and shortcuts. These objects include teleport tablets, cash, and even summoning familiars to assist you with your training.

Teleport tablets are very useful for agility training since they enable for quick movement between stations or around the Agility arena itself. Coins may be spent in particular locations of each Agility course, such as Brimhaven or Gnome Stronghold, to get extra experience. Bonds, which provide a one-time bonus of 1 million XP when redeemed, can be purchased using an OSRS Range Guide to help you find the best deals., may also be acquired from other players. Finally, summoning familiars like the Bullfrog and Fetch cauldron may assist alleviate weariness while also improving total XP gains each hour.

Best Agility Quests

The finest agility shortcuts in Old School Runescape OSRS are represented by the Best Agility Quests. They provide the greatest agility xp increases in general, and some of them are paired with other valuable prizes.

The Grand Tree is perhaps the finest quest for agility xp. It grants up to 7200 Agility experience and grants entry to the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course upon completion. The track demands a minimum Agility level of 35 and awards up to 945 Agility experience each lap.

The Tourist Trap is another popular quest that grants players entry to the Pollnivneach Agility Dungeon and its varied difficulties. Completing this fast task grants players 8440 Agility XP and grants access to more lucrative shortcuts.

The Rogues’ Den miniquest also allows players access to an agility shortcut course, equipped with the best equipment, including numerous obstacles and bonus prizes such as coin bag drops and thieving xp; based on the player’s success in the minigame.

How To Train Agility

Agility is a talent that requires players to sprint, leap, and climb past obstacles in order to improve their agility. It is typically utilized for shortcuts or other activities that demand a high degree of agility, such as finishing quests or minigames.

Agility training often entails completing numerous obstacle courses that may include swinging on ropes, crawling through tunnels, and walking on tightropes. Each action grants experience based on its difficulty level and how fast it is done. Players may get more experience by training at higher levels, but this also increases the danger of failure due to exhaustion when running courses.

Players may swiftly raise their agility levels by running courses in numerous locales such as the Barbarian Outpost, Gnome Stronghold, and Ape Atoll, while also taking use of any shortcuts they stumble across throughout their training sessions. Using consumables like energy potions or stamina potions during Agility training may also assist players restore lost energy points quicker, allowing them to practice for longer periods of time.

OSRS Level 1-99 Agility Guide

OSRS Level 1-99 Agility Approach provides a detailed guide to training your agility level from 1 to 99, including all necessary shortcuts. It’s the quickest method to increase your Agility level.

The book provides extensive instructions on the quickest and most effective methods to level up, such as shortcuts that need equipment for speedier completion. The book also covers all of the crucial aspects of training agility, such as what incentives are available and how to utilize them, where to locate different levels of obstacles, and unique sites that provide access to higher challenges. It also includes a section on skill mastery, which includes information and tactics for achieving various degrees of mastery in order to optimize your experience when leveling up.

This article will provide you with extensive instructions on how to quickly attain your maximum Agility level.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is a feature seen on many websites and blogs. The FAQ page provides answers to Level 1-99 OSRS questions frequently asked about a product, service, or subject. Having a FAQ page helps visitors access information quickly and simply by answering common queries.

In this scenario, the 2022 OSRS Agility Training Guide contains a FAQ page that answers frequently asked questions about different Agility features such as how to train using shortcuts, how to avoid obstacles, and how to swiftly complete a course. The FAQ page also discusses the significance of Agility levels in Old School RuneScape OSRS Agility-based objectives in-game require a certain level of success, which is determined by the user’s ranged fastest level 1. A FAQ that provides insight into training techniques and tactics can be helpful for gamers to reach their desired ranged fastest level 1. without having to read large papers or books.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts on the 2022 OSRS Agility Training Guide: Find the Best Agility Shortcuts.

Everything you need to know about agility training in Old School RuneScape has been addressed in this tutorial. You should have some ideas about alternative routes to go for your agility training trip, as well as the greatest shortcuts to get there fast, by now.

Having a clear plan of action can help you optimize your time whether it’s Barbarian Outpost, Werewolf Course, Gnome Stronghold, or any other agility course offered in OSRS. Remember that the more you improve your agility and employ sophisticated shortcuts, the more awards you will obtain. Maintain a steady pace throughout your workout and have fun. All that remains for you to do in Old School RuneScape is to become the ultimate ninja-like agility champion.

OSRS Agility Training Guide [2022]: Best Agility Shortcuts

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