In this guide, we’ll help you find the best OSRS pets for you and your goals. Whether you’re looking for a money-making pet or a pet to help you train your skills, we’ve got you covered!

How To Obtain Pets In OSRS

There are many methods to get a pet in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). The most popular method to earn a pet is to play certain minigames, such as the Stronghold of Security or the Warrior’s Guild, which have a chance to drop specific pets. Additionally, certain creatures may be purchased from other players who discovered them via events or skilling. More uncommon pets may also be acquired with elite and master clue scrolls.

Alternatively, unique gifts may be gained by fulfilling new quests or duties assigned by leaders of towns such as Fremennik Province or Great Kourend. These may provide players with one-of-a-kind pets that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Finally, when exploring specific dungeons and tunnels, players may come across wild pet spawning.

Boss Pets

Boss Pets are unique companion pets that drop from certain boss monsters or minigames in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). While these pets are not as strong as the bosses they originate from, they may still be a valuable asset to your squad. They may aid you in combat by providing unique perks and giving your character an advantage.

Boss Pets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms. The following are some of the most popular among OSRS players:

  • Magical Puppy
  • Smoke Devil
  • Kalphite Princess
  • King Black Dragon
  • Western Dwarf

Each pet has its own set of stats and bonuses, such as improved fighting or healing skills. They also look terrific while trailing you.

Some Boss Pets have particular prerequisites for obtaining them. For example, the King Black Dragon would need you to have a high enough level fighting stat to defeat it. Other Boss Pets may also need an item, such as a pet bag or certain weaponry, in order to drop for you when slain. Obtaining a Boss Pet is also heavily determined by chance, so keep trying your luck against different bosses until one drops for you.

Questing Pets and Others

Questing-exclusive pets are pets that may only be gained by completing certain tasks in Old School RuneScape OSRS. These creatures, which include the Kitten and the Penance Queen Baby Dragon, give a delightful challenge to your questing adventure.

Aside from questing pets, there are several more sorts of OSRS pets to gather. There is no lack of charming animals to adopt, ranging from familiars who can help you in combat to cute-as-a-button babydolls. With their progeny and extra XP, Player Owned Farm pets give an additional source of revenue. Some of the rarer OSRS Pets will become ferocious companions with unique stats and abilities; these high level ones may be obtained via Slayer quests or skilling activities.

There are hundreds upon dozens of different animals just waiting to be discovered.


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The OSRS Pet Guide helps players of the popular MMORPG select the ideal pets for their specific aims and gaming styles. With so many different pets to pick from, this guide gives players detailed analyses of each pet’s advantages and downsides, as well as suggestions for which pet would be most useful for whatever sort of OSRS player.

This article covers combat, questing, and money-making, as well as skilling, bossing, and general activities. It also covers pet leveling tactics, pet ownership charges, and ways for gamers to strengthen their relationship with their virtual companion. This guide is guaranteed to be a beneficial resource for anybody wishing to optimize their pleasure of the game by assisting runescape gamers in making an educated selection when it comes to picking a pet companion.

OSRS Pets Guide: Find The Best One For You!