Looking to get started with OSRS Slayer? Our comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know to get up to speed quickly and train effectively.

Why Train Slayer?

Slayer is a popular talent in Old School Runescape OSRS due to the many methods to learn and level up your Slayer skill. There are several creatures to slaughter, various weapons and goods to utilize, and numerous techniques for honing your Slayer ability.

One of the key reasons Slayer is so intriguing is because it makes game grinding more pleasant. Slaying diverse enemies allows you to experience fight on various levels and with varied techniques. This will not only fast level you up, but will also reward you with gold coins, rune essences, dragon bones, and other rare stuff. You will also be possible to get one-of-a-kind armor that provides outstanding protection against monsters or increases your damage output while battling them.

Furthermore, Slayer allows players to practice their talents in an effective manner. As you fight each enemy, your Attack level rises, giving you access to stronger weapons and armor; Defence rises, protecting you from harm; Prayer improves, allowing the player to pray against specific attacks; Magic unlocks spells such as teleportation and alchemy; Range unlocks bows for combat; Strength increases your overall melee damage output; and Hitpoints increase maximum health points, allowing players to take more damage before dying in battle. All of these advantages make Slayer training well worth the time spent.

How To Train Slayer

Slayer is a very popular skill in Old School Runescape. It is necessary for a player to slaughter assigned creatures in order to acquire experience and prizes. To fast train Slayer, you’ll need the correct tools, be aware of the many methods to get experience, and grasp how bonuses function.

  • Tools – Before you start training Slayer, make sure you have all of the necessary equipment and supplies for each monster. This includes having any essential potions or weapon upgrades to increase your stats while battling a certain enemy.
  • Bonuses – Slayer may earn bonuses by accomplishing certain chores or fulfilling particular challenges from other players or NPCs during training. These advantages include increased xp, reduced time required for particular chores, and increased odds of success while battling certain enemies.
  • Ways – There are many methods for training Slayer, including using various potions or spells, using different weapons, donning the appropriate armor for each monster, murdering numerous assignees at once, and utilizing specific tactics such as rapid swapping after an attack. All of these strategies will dramatically enhance your efficiency while training Slayer and enable you to level up quicker than traditional approaches would.


Turael is an excellent alternative for individuals wishing to train strength in OSRS, particularly at lower levels. This Slayer master offers the simplest assignments, thus it’s a wonderful method to go quickly while still gaining some early Slayer XP. Turael’s assignments are useful for swiftly increasing your Strength levels since they are so simple.

Turael may be located just outside of Taverley Dungeon in the little settlement of Burthorpe. He will assign you creatures ranging in level from 3 to 8 and provide you alternatives for completing your assignment. Try going for:

  • Level 5 Dinham Zombies in the Asgarnian dungeon
  • Level 6 Moss Giants in the Edgeville dungeon

for the most effective Strength training.


In Oldschool Runescape, Spria is one of the quickest ways to develop strength from Level 1 to Level 99. The Stronghold Slayer Cave, situated just north of Taverley Dungeon, contains Spria or Spire Stones. Spires may be used on Osman, the Pollnivneach Slayer group’s commander, to increase your Combat and Strength levels. The boost spans from 1 to 9 levels and is determined on the number of spires utilized.

The suggested number of spires required to reach Level 99 strength is 1000-1500, although this may vary depending on your fighting level and current level of Strength. The ideal way to employ this approach is to constantly accomplish Slayer duties while simultaneously utilizing spires, gaining strength and Slayer exp at the same time. As you go down this path, make sure you bring high levels food or fishing potions with you so that your health does not deplete during fight engagements.


Krystilia is a non-player character in the game Old School Runescape OSRS. She may be found on the west side of Edgeville, next to the Slayer Master. Krystilia, as a Slayer Trainer, may teach you how to steal and reward you with slayer points for fulfilling her chores. She also has the capacity to provide you access to certain shortcuts throughout the game. She may, for example, let players to enter monster lairs without first traversing a dungeon.

The fact that stealing is one of the most essential talents in OSRS makes it advantageous for players to utilize Krystilia and practice with her. It is employed in practically every kind of content, ranging from PvMing (player versus monster) and Player Killing (PK) to skilling and combat-based activities. High-level weapons, armor, and accessories, runes and ingredients for player-made potions and spells, and even unique goods like anti-dragonfire shields or runes necessary for particular tasks are all available by mastering stealing.


Mazchna is the first and most basic trainer who will teach a player the fundamentals of thievery. Mazchna may teach players to level 32 in stealing, after which they can access numerous thieving ways to level up higher. He functions similarly to other Slayer Masters, assigning assignments that players might accept or refuse.

Mazchna’s duties are designed for individuals who are new to thievery and involve:

  • Pickpocketing NPCs
  • Stealing from stalls
  • Looters running containers

He can be found in Canifis and grants players an extra 15% XP increase for getting quick slayer points by doing any of his assignments. All you need to begin training with Mazchna is a lockpick and some food for protection from monsters if you’re prospecting outside of Canifis. So take a lockpick and spend some time with Mazchna, who will teach you the fundamentals of how to get quick slayer points.learn Thieving rapidly.


Vannaka is one of the greatest alternatives for practicing thievery in Old School Runescape OSRS. Vannaka is an NPC in Edgeville Dungeon that provides Thieving and Slayer Training. However, given his Slayer Training demands level 70 or higher Thieving, it’s recommended to choose the former. This allows you to raise your Thieving level far more quickly and effectively.

When you chat with Vannaka, you’ll be offered the option of choose one of three tasks:

  • Pickpocketing
  • Blackjacking
  • Stealing Creation

The XP rates for each of the three jobs change based on the task at hand. Pickpocketing gives the most XP and is often regarded as the most effective technique to practice Thieving in OSRS Slayer training.


Chaeldar is one of the Runescape universe’s seven Slayer Masters. Her job list varies from the others in that it concentrates on a range of thieving-related activities. Her duties may be accessed through the slayer interface or the task list window at the bottom left of the game window.

Chaeldar gives chores such as stealing from stalls, pickpocketing NPCs, and breaking safes to players. For most of Chaeldar’s missions, players must develop their thieving skill up to level 75 in order to fulfill them effectively. Access to Chaeldar’s assignments may be obtained by either fulfilling prior Slayer Masters tier 1-5 criteria or by finishing specific missions that give access.

Thieving also requires the use of certain items of equipment, such as lock picks and globes, which may be acquired from other characters in the game or discovered in different spots across the world. Thieving with Chaeldar is an excellent strategy for players to advance swiftly and effectively in 2022 OSRS slayer training.

Konar qu the Maten

Konar qu the Maten is an Old School Runescape Slayer Master. She may be located east of the Feldip Hills, approximately south of Mount Quidamortem. Konar has been included as an additional Slayer Master in the game, and she sets slayer assignments to players, rewarding them with slayer points upon accomplishment.

Konar of the Maten is well-known for her distinct ways in comparison to other Slayer Masters, since she gives players with benefits depending on how effectively they execute their chores. Items that may be provided as bonuses include imp̳l̳i̳n̳g̳ ̳j̳a̳r̳s̳ ̳a̳n̳d̳ ̳p̳r̳i̳s̳m̳a̳t̳i̳c̳ ̳l̳i̳g̳h̳t̳s̳. Konar also gives players hints about their assignments, which allows them to obtain more XP when rising up their Slayer skill.


Snow OSRS Slayer training is a kind of Slayer training in Old School RuneScape. This strategy requires medium to high Slayer and Herblore levels, as well as a great deal of patience.

Snow may be used to build up your Slayer skill by defeating high-level monsters such the Polar Kebbit, Turoth, and Jadinko. Because of the high drop rates of expensive goods such as uncut gems, coins, and charms, which can be sold to stores or other players, it may also be utilized to gain money. It is also possible to acquire unique gifts such as snow equipment, which is greatly sought after by gamers owing to its powerful combat boosts.

Snow OSRS slayer training takes commitment and patience, but the benefits are well worth the effort.


Steve is a level 73 hostile monster located in the Mos Le’Harmless Caves in the deep Wilderness. His drop table is very uncommon, however one item discovered on it is the Xerics Talisman, a precious piece of jewelry utilized in Slayer and Prayer training. The talisman increases Slayer and Prayer experience while also granting access to numerous Slayer functions. Steve also has Zulrah scales, Berserker rings, and Saradomin brews for sale.

Because of his aggressive demeanor and huge hitpoints, killing Steve is not advised for anyone below Combat level 75. Due to Steve’s depleting assaults, players will require roughly 30 minutes of prayer to restore equipment for the battle. When battling Steve, players should wear armour with strong ranged defense bonuses since he employs ranged attacks for the majority of the battle.


Duradel is the highest rank Slayer master available and can be found in Shilo Village. To delegate assignments, he needs a fighting level of at least 100 and a Slayer level of at least 50.

Duradel sends assignments to monsters, demons, dragons, and undead beings from all four categories. Duradel’s tasks provide the player rare drops like as Abyssal Whips, Dragonfire Shields, Hexcrests, and more.

To use the Xerics Talisman to access Duradel’s teleports, players will need an amulet mould, which can be purchased from Meiyerditch while in vampire city, or it may be produced using the crafting skill. Once the amulet mould has been obtained, players must bring all five requisite talismans to Vector, who dwells in the Meiyerditch laboratory south of Canifis. He will mix them with their amulet mold to create the Xerics Talisman for them, which will enable them to easily utilize Duradel’s teleports.

What Are Slayer Points?

In the game Old School Runescape, Slayer Points are a sort of money. They are obtained through performing Slayer objectives and provide players with prizes, equipment, and skill-boosting benefits.

Slayer Points may be obtained by performing Slayer assignments set by the game’s numerous Slayer Master NPCs. Depending on the complexity of the work, each accomplished task grants players XP and a set number of Slayer Points. The more challenging the activity, the more XP and Slayer Points players will gain – subject to a daily cap.

Players may redeem their points for items like as weapons, armour, potions, and even entry to one-time special regions. Additionally, certain awards include:

  • Short-term skill boosts;
  • Teleportations throughout Gielinor, which may be beneficial for fast travelling about Runescape’s globe.

Slayer Point Rewards

Slayer Point awards are additional incentives earned by completing particular Slayer duties. Because some of the point prizes are particularly helpful, most of the Slayer activities that yield these rewards demand higher levels. Let’s take a look at the four greatest woodcutting spots for point payouts to enable OSRS players outfit their gear and start training Slayer swiftly and effectively.

  1. Bay of Storms is one of the greatest woodcutting locations for Slayer points due to the abundance of trees in close proximity to one another. Yews, magic trees, and numerous oak species may all be found here, all within easy reach for simple woodcutting. You will also discover two types of bird nests here, both of which will offer you with Bird Eggs, which are ideal for earning money when Slaying.
  2. The Second Age Woodcutting region is also a fantastic place since it has many various tree kinds, such as Yew and Magic Trees, that you may utilize to swiftly develop your Woodcutting talents while accumulating experience. Furthermore, this location is reported to have a couple Giant Oak Trees nearby, which will provide some additional nice XP benefits when chopped.

What Do You Need To Train Slayer?

To train Slayer in OSRS, players must achieve a variety of missions and goals. You will need a variety of materials to begin training Slayer in OSRS, depending on the sort of Slayer duties you choose to do. A Slayer helmet, a tinderbox, an enchanted jewel, a light source, and weight-reducing clothes or equipment are all required for the training.

The first step is to equip the required goods and ensure that they are in your inventory. The Slayer helmet does more damage to monsters of the same kind, therefore it’s always a good idea to wear one when training. The tinderbox may be used to kindle fires in dark areas or caverns when farming or mining are not viable due to a lack of light. The enchanted gem allows gamers to easily monitor their current work and identify where fresh creatures appear. Finally, weight-reducing apparel, such as boots or vambraces, may help to reduce the amount of energy used while sprinting great distances between monster areas during a Slayer duty.

Bossing With Slayer

Slayer is a very popular skill in Old School Runescape. Increasing your Slayer level lets you to take on more difficult creatures and bosses, granting you access to otherwise unavailable goods and prizes. However, reaching level 99 in Slayer swiftly might be challenging, particularly if you lack the necessary equipment or knowledge.

That is why we are here today to provide our members with the quickest level 1-99 OSRS Slayer training guide. We’ll give you some pointers on how to powerlevel Slayer swiftly and effortlessly. Our cheat sheet will provide you all the information you need for optimal efficiency, from utilizing equipment like the ring of slaying and slayer ring to which creatures you should concentrate on killing for maximum XP per kill.

Questing For Slayer Experience

Doing Slayer-related missions is one method to get Slayer experience in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). This form of gameplay demands you to execute certain Slayer duties connected to the quest, and then use your quest prizes to buy Slayer gear or upgrade current ones for increased efficiency.

Slayer gloves, a fermented spider eye, a face mask or nosepeg, and earmuffs or a spiny helmet are all recommended. These items may greatly enhance your slayer experience by providing benefits and extra protection against enemies when on assignments.

Completing all tasks linked to the Song of the Elves narrative arc will also provide you higher XP rates while on slayer assignments. Overall, possessing these pieces of equipment/items will allow you to make the most of your time when training slayer in OSRS.

Must-do Quests For Slayer

It is helpful to have completed a few crucial missions while training Slayer in Oldschool Runescape in order to perform some of the more challenging jobs. These missions might get you access to tools and strategies that will make your slayer training far more effective.

Some of the important quests for slayer include:

  • Dragon Slayer II which grants access to the Zamorak Godsword and an experience increase while slaying frost dragons. This quest also unlocks the ability to utilize fairy rings for faster travel, which may save time while doing specific slayer activities.
  • Desert Treasure which allows access to AFK Magic training techniques in the Kuradel Dungeon as well as a teleport lever near the Entrana Dungeon – another excellent location for AFK Mage training.
  • Finishing Ritual of The Mahjarrat grants access to Zulrah rotations in Zeah, one of the most lucrative Slayer techniques available in Osrs.

Fastest OSRS Slayer Training Guide

If you’re seeking for Old School Runescape OSRS slayer training, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Our “Fastest OSRS Slayer Training Guide” will show you the best way to train slayer in 2022. This guide was written by experienced gamers to help you get the most out of your slayer experience. By following this approach, you will be able to swiftly level up your Slayer skill and become an OSRS master.

You’ll discover secrets, tactics, and strategies for training Slayer quicker than ever before while having a good time doing it. The Fastest OSRS Slayer Training Guide is ideal for all sorts of gamers, from novices to seasoned veterans looking for fresh challenges. So read on and start honing your Slayer abilities right now.

Profitable OSRS Slayer Training Guide

Lucrative OSRS Slayer Training Tutorial is a thorough guide designed to assist novice and veteran OSRS Slayer players become more efficient and profitable. This article will educate users how to train slayer in Old School RuneScape OSRS in the best and most efficient manner possible, as well as how to utilize their abilities efficiently and gain money quickly.

This guide includes strategies for:

  • Increasing your XP gain per hour
  • Increasing your gold efficiency
  • Identifying the best monsters to slay
  • Determining when to switch slayer tasks
  • Using the highest tier items available
  • Understanding how rune costs factor into your profits
  • Finding quests with good rewards
  • Selling your loot for maximum profit.

Furthermore, gamers will be given explicit instructions on how to perform each assignment swiftly while maximizing their benefits.


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Question: What Are The Best Slayer Monsters To Kill For Profit?

When it comes to Slayer training, slaying lucrative Slayer creatures is the fastest and most effective method to level up. King Awowogei is one such monster, and he can be located on the second level of Lumbridge Castle in the Hall of Heroes. You must have finished the Dragon Slayer quest, opened the shortcut from Lumbridge Castle’s kitchen to the Hall of Heroes, and either have a dusty key or use an enchanted key to reach him.

King Awowogei drops a variety of items, including:

  • cash
  • Black dragonhide scraps
  • a bone seed bag
  • medium clue scrolls
  • bits of a map that can be utilized for treasure trails

making it one of the most lucrative monsters to fight when training slayer. Completing additional activities or mini-quests while battling King Awowogei may also significantly improve your prizes.

Question: What Is The Best Combat Style For Slayer?

It is critical to choose the optimal fighting style for your specific Slayer mission while practicing Slayer in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). There are four fighting styles available, each of which is useful in various situations: Melee, Magic, Ranged, and Hybrid.

  • Melee combat focuses on close-quarters combat with swords, axes, maces, and other melee weapons.
  • Magic adds spells that may harm several opponents with splash damage or control effects like stunning or slowing them down.
  • Ranged lets you to strike from a distance with bows and crossbows, as well as throw weapons like knives and darts, adding another degree of complexity to each Slayer encounter.
  • Hybrid lets you employ all three basic combat methods interchangeably, allowing you to switch between ranged/melee/magic at any moment for optimal efficiency while slaughtering a variety of NPCs.

Question: What Is The Hardest Slayer Boss?

The answer to the topic of which Slayer boss is the most difficult in Old School Runescape (OSRS) depends on the player’s skill level and experience. Zulrah, Vorkath, and Cerberus are some of the most difficult Slayer bosses. All three of these monsters are difficult to defeat, but they also provide excellent rewards.

  • Zulrah is a snake-like monster with numerous stages that each have a distinct mechanic. Players should get acquainted with the various stages and understand how to utilize their prayer and gear successfully against this challenging opponent.
  • Vorkath is a dragon that demands players to keep a specific distance between themselves and their weapons in order to prevent being struck by its devastating assaults. In addition, in order to withstand Vorkath’s assaults, players must utilize specific potions beverages manufactured from rare components.
  • Cerberus is a three-headed dog with excellent defense and powerful attacks that can penetrate most types of protective prayers. To succeed against this formidable Slayer monster, players must prepare with comprehensive understanding of its mechanics as well as excellent gear setups.

Final Thoughts

The OSRS Slayer training guide may be a wonderful starting place for someone new to Slayer or for an experienced player looking to brush up on their Slayer expertise. Learning the fundamentals of what slayer is and how it works will provide you with a solid basis upon which to build when you begin training Slayer in OSRS.

Furthermore, knowing the many sorts of slayer jobs available and how they vary may help you ensure that you’re getting the most out of your skill training. Finally, knowing what rewards are available for successfully completing slayer missions and which ones are appropriate for your objectives will assist ensure that your time spent brings you closer to where you want to be in terms of level and other skill advancements in general.

OSRS Slayer Training Guide [2022]: How To Train Slayer Best