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What Is Fossil Island?

Fossil Island is Gielinor’s fifth biggest island and has been a feature of Old School Runescape since 2017. It is situated south of Morytania and north of Karamja and can only be reached by charter ships from Port Sarim or Musa Point.

Fossil Island is home to odd species such as tiny dinosaurs, bizarre volcanoes, and unknown plants. This unique location was formerly home to the mythical Dinhi people, who built various marvels such as the mystery obelisk, dinosaur bones, and ancient stone constructions.

Activities on the island include:

  • Fossil seeking
  • Butterfly catching
  • Herb gardening
  • Wyvern capturing
  • Volcanic mining
  • Building training

With so much to discover, it’s no surprise that Fossil Island has quickly become one of the most popular destinations in Old School Runescape.

Requirements To Reach Fossil Island

A variety of actions are required to reach Fossil Island. To acquire a charter ship ticket from Wilfred, you must first get entry to the Port Sarim port by completing the Dragon Slayer quest. Players must obtain at least 30 Kudos from the Varrock Museum to go aboard this charter ship. Before journeying, players should stock up on logs, food, anti-dragon shields, and other helpful things. Fishing rods and bait may also be carried since fishing is possible upon arrival.

Once on Fossil Island, players may visit several destinations by performing various tasks linked to the island and its residents. These duties involve acquiring fossils from dig sites and exploring unusual structures while gathering things and resources required for living on the island:

  • Acquiring fossils from dig sites
  • Exploring unusual structures
  • Gathering things and resources required for living on the island

How To Obtain Kudos:

Kudos are awarded for successfully completing the Varrock Museum’s natural history quiz. In early 2022, the Kudos system was added to Old School RuneScape, with 145 Kudos accessible from the museum. Answer questions on fossils, bones, critters, and other stuff discovered on Fossil Island to earn Kudos. You may also trade any undesired things, such as gem pebbles or bird nests, for Kudos at the museum.

To successfully answer the questions, you must be familiar with the fossils, animals, and plants found on Fossil Island, as well as Old School RuneScape’s latest improvements. You may spend your Kudos award to buy goodies from the museum’s reward store and get access to more content in different parts of Fossil Island after you’ve gotten it. Additionally, you may utilize your Kudos to earn rare goodies from NPC professors scattered across the island.

Bone Voyage:

The newest task in Old School RuneScape OSRS is Bone Voyage, which is accessible to players level 15 and higher. The search is centered on a strange fossil island off the coast of Morytania. In order to get access to a forgotten civilisation, players must make their way to the island, uncover its mysteries, and solve a mystery.

In Bone Voyage, players will use a boat to explore the fossil island, solve puzzles, and interact with NPCs while collecting things to achieve their quest. They will also meet deadly creatures such as dragons along the route, which they must defeat in order to proceed. They receive access to prizes such as strong gear and craftable resources after finishing their adventure. There’s something for everyone among the treasures on offer. So, what are you still waiting for? Begin your own Bone Voyage right now.

How To Complete Bone Voyage

Bone Voyage is a long-term OSRS Old School RuneScape quest that sends players to Fossil Island to perform different objectives. To begin this quest, players must have completed either the Digsite Quest, the Nature Spirit Quest, or the Priest in Peril Quest.

When you get in Fossil Island, you must identify and gather fossils from the dig site, which you will subsequently utilize throughout your journey. As you continue, you will be forced to repair the antique boat that serves as the island’s method of transportation%.

Completing 3B will give you access to new sections of Fossil Island as well as some other features like financial services. Once all activities have been successfully performed, players may collect their awards and receive access to Bone Voyage’s extra features.

Museum Camp

Museum Camp is a brand-new RuneScape place on Fossil Island. This location was introduced in October of 2022 and has since been a favorite destination for many gamers.

Museum Camp is home to the Varrock Museum, which stands in the camp’s center. The museum stores diverse items from all throughout Gielinor and displays many fascinating pieces of Gielinor’s history.

Museum Camp, in addition to the museum, is an integral element of a bigger study and conservation effort for Fossil Island’s ecosystem and population. Players may help by searching for fossils throughout the island or by assisting Professor Putricide with research projects at his research center near the museum. The camp also features various NPCs that may help players with their Fossil Island adventures, such as:

  • Merrick, who offers watercraft services to go about the island,
  • Alry, who is an experienced fisherman.

Transportation To Fossil Island

Fossil Island is a place in Old School Runescape that requires level 20 Agility to enter. The island is reachable by sailing from Port Sarim on a specially rented boat or by using the Fairy Ring code CJR. Players with level 30 Archaeology may also use the Digsite teleporting function to get there quicker.

Players who wish to explore the island should bring some food and an anti-dragon shield with them since there are two Dragonkin guards prowling about, and their venom may inflict a lot of harm to unprepared explorers. Don’t forget to bring a pickaxe if you plan on exploring the island’s riches. A spade may also be useful for those who wish to participate in bird house runs.

Mycelium Transport System

The Mycelium Transport System (MTS) is a unique fossil island mode of transportation in Old School RuneScape. The MTS is a network of hollowed-out mushrooms that may be walked into and ridden like a floating, magical carpet. It’s a quick and efficient method to move about Fossil Island without having to leave the ground, since some of the pathways lie deep within perilous tunnels or above dangerous volcanoes.

The MTS is also beneficial for fast acquiring materials since it does not need walking between islands like typical sailing boats do. This mode of transportation is available in both the Free and Members worlds, allowing players of all levels to take use of these convenient routes.

To use the MTS, just enter one of the colored mushrooms and choose a destination from the possibilities that display on screen.

Fossil Island Areas

Fossil Island is a mystery island off the coast of Morytania that can only be reached by boat from Port Phasmatys. The island is divided into three sections: Misty Bay, Fossil Island Volcano, and Marine Fossils.

Most adventurers begin their journey at the Misty Bay region, which has a range of fishable areas as well as various types of monsters that may be fought. You may next go to Fossil Island Volcano, which includes a big number of high-level monsters to battle. Finally, in Marine fossils, you may locate a variety of fossils that can be viewed and collected in a variety of methods.

Each location has its own own set of points of interest (POI) and incentives to give those who fully explore it. Fossil Island is likely to keep travelers occupied throughout 2022, with its beautifully detailed flora and wildlife as well as treasures concealed all across the island.

Mushroom Forest

Mushroom Forest is one of the new locations featured in the Old School RuneScape update Fossil Island. It’s just outside the digsite, south of the mountain range. This place is a large forest teeming with mushrooms and other plant life, as well as mystical creatures and monsters.

This area is accessible by travelling north from the digsite and then to the bottom-right corner of the map. When you enter, be sure to have a ranged weapon and armor, since there are numerous violent NPCs that will attack people on sight. Many rare potion components, such as Rare randomly produced mushrooms and Cave crawler herb drops, may also be found here.

There are other common monsters found here, such as Moss giants and Tree spirits, which are useful for cultivating plants and obtaining precious items such as seeds or jewels.

Wyvern Cave

Wyvern Cave is a cave in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) that is found in the southern side of Fossil Island. This cave’s entrance lies just south of the volcanic mine and north-west of the Mushroom Forest.

This cave is home to a number of formidable creatures that drop precious and uncommon items such as the Wyvern Visage and ancient shards. This dungeon’s entrance needs level 68 Slayer and may be reached by using an enchanted gem on it.

The Wyvern Cave has three chambers, one for bronze dragons, one for iron dragons, and one for steel dragons, all of which have the potential to birth wyverns. It also has two banks where players may save their goods while exploring the dungeon.

When entering this perilous dungeon, players should come prepared with:

  • Food
  • Potions
  • Suitable armor/weapons

Tar Swamp

Tar Swamp is a place in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) on Fossil Island. It’s situated northwest of the island and contains some of the game’s most valuable resources, including fossil ores, fossil rocks, and living rocks. Many creatures live in the Tar Swamp, including Giant Salamanders, Jellyfish, and Rock Crabs.

The Tar Swamp section of Fossil Island requires level 35 Woodcutting, level 50 Mining, and level 55 Firemaking. You may use a tinderbox to burn tar found around the swamp, and as it burns, a special animation will emerge, granting you unique benefits such as prayer points or other goods helpful to all players.

The Tar Swamp has been a component of OSRS since 2022, and it provides a unique challenge to high level players with its variety of rare materials and creatures. Players that accept this challenge will undoubtedly gain tremendously from their efforts.

Volcano Mine

The Volcano Mine is a mining location on Fossil Island that may be accessible after solving the Volcano Mystery. It’s a single-level, inaccessible mine on the north shore of Fossil Island. It has a typical number of rocks, such as tin and copper rocks, as well as coal and mithril rocks.

Depending on whatever direction you approach the mine from, it is flanked by either lava or rocky terrain. The mine’s main entrance is at the summit of a big mountain, but it may also be accessed from the north side of the island through an underground tunnel.

Inside, there are several Mining Nodes scattered throughout, but you must wait for your pickaxe to cool down after smashing them with your Hammer in order to extract any ores or jewels they contain. Furthermore, when exploring this location, players may discover certain unusual things, such as fossils, which may be traded for special prizes at the fossil collector’s store located on Fossil Island itself.

Ore Fragments:

In the popular game OSRS Old School Runescape, ore fragments are a valuable resource. They are used to make strong objects like armor and swords. Players may find the pieces spread over Fossil Island and gather them. These mineral bits may also be discovered in the lava fields and desert parts of the main map.

These pieces may be collected by using various tools for different sorts of ore fragments, such as a pickaxe for adamantite ore fragments or an axe for runite ore fragments. Some of these tools will not function on certain ore kinds, so verify before trying to gather any fragments. Ore Fragments are also infrequently awarded as a prize for completing quests or minigames such as Agility Pyramid, Gower Quest, or Legends Quest.

Once acquired, players may sell their extra ore pieces or utilize them to construct strong equipment by smelting ores into bar form in a furnace.

Gas Holes

Gas Holes, commonly known as “Fossil Island OSRS”, are an intriguing place in the Runescape game. These gas holes may be discovered on Fossil Island, the volcanic zone of OSRS. For gamers interested in making goods and developing their characters, Fossil Island is home to a multitude of uncommon materials.

The Gas Holes themselves are a unique resource for gamers wishing to build Firemaking equipment and level up their Firemaking ability. Firemaking tools may be made in the Gas Hole and presented to Bob the Dungeoneer, a nearby NPC. With the appropriate levels, Bob will provide players three Firemaking weapons, including a Pot of Oily Coal.

The Oily Coal Pot must then be returned to the adjacent Firemaker’s Guild and set in one of two furnaces situated south-east or south-west of Bob’s position. This will cause flames to rise from both furnaces and trigger a pressure pad on the ground. This pressure pad, when walked on by an adventurer equipped with either basic mining equipment or mining gloves, depending on their Mining level, will open a route going into the depths of Fossil Island OSRS, where extra rare materials may be obtained for crafting purposes.

Petrified Petes Ore Shop

Petrified Pete’s Ore Business is a shop in 2022 on Fossil Island, OSRS. Petrified Pete owns the business and offers different ores to gamers. There is also an Alchemist and a Geologist in the shop. Players with levels 53 Mining and 50 Smithing may mine and smelt the ore for free at Petrified Pete’s Ore Shop.

In addition, Coal, Mithril, Adamantite, Runite, and Orikalkum ore may be purchased at the store. All of these ores must be mined from Fossil Island or collected from Mining NPCs or monsters scattered over RuneScape. The shop also provides discounts for purchasing big quantities of ore at once.


The Underwater section of Fossil Island is ideal for high-level players wishing to take on some of the most difficult tasks in Old School Runescape. The location lies in the island’s northeast corner, directly south of the volcano.

To get to this place, you’ll need an inflatable boat, as well as a rope and an axe. When you get at the beach, use your rope and axe to down a huge rock wall into the turquoise depths of the Underwater region.

Sharks and manta rays, as well as whale sharks and sea snakes, may be found in the underwater region. This is also an excellent location for underwater fishing, requiring level 79+ Fishing as well as specific bait such as Anglerfishes or Sea Turtles. Fishing tasks such as Turtle Diving yield unusual items such as level 70+ armours, uncut jewels, or alchemical notes that may be utilized in Herblore training.


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