Looking for a guide to everything there is to know about Green Dragon OSRS? You’ve come to the right place! This comprehensive guide covers everything from the basics of this popular Old School RuneScape game mode to more advanced strategies for getting the most out of it.

What Are Green Dragons?

Green Dragons are a kind of dragon that may be discovered in Old School RuneScape. They are monsters of medium to high level, having an average fighting level of 79. Green Dragons, as the name implies, have green scales and bright emerald eyes. They are often encountered in difficult terrain and on the top of the Champions’ Guild.

Green Dragons drop a variety of goods, ranging from dragon bones and claws to rune items. Killing these dragons is an excellent method to earn additional cash or obtain unusual items.

Green Dragons may also be slain for Slayer Master-assigned slayer duties. Some can be tamed with an Amulet of Dragon Speaker and a digsite pendant. However, before they may be deemed tameable, they must first be tamed using different tools such as raw fish or powerful dragon bones.

Baby Green Dragons

Baby Green Dragons are a kind of dragon that may be discovered in Old School RuneScape. They are little green animals with wings who live in the Wilderness. Baby Green Dragons have a potential to drop uncommon goods such as Dragon Bones, Rune equipment, and Armor when slain. The infant dragons become increasingly difficult to slay as they develop in size and strength.

Baby Green Dragons may be found around Wilderness level 28. Because they are in the Wilderness, they may flee their pursuers quickly, making them tough to kill. It is advised that players always have high-healing food with them in case they are unable to finish off a Baby Green Dragon. Furthermore, players should only battle Baby Green Dragons if they have enough protection, such as the Protect Item prayer or an Anti-dragon shield.

Where Can I Find Baby Green Dragons?

Green dragons are among the most powerful and coveted monsters in Old School Runescape (OSRS). Baby green dragons, which are significantly weaker than adult green dragons, may be found in a variety of locales.

The Wilderness volcano, situated south of Edgeville, is the most likely location for infant green dragon spawning. To defend yourself from the extreme heat created by the location, you’ll need to employ a dragon-fire shield or an anti-dragonfire shield.

Baby green dragons may also be seen on Crandor Island, as well as in Brimhaven Dungeon and Kuradal’s Dungeon. If you have a current slayer job for green dragons, these dungeons become extremely handy since they often contain larger numbers of dragons that may be readily approached and destroyed without having to journey into hazardous area like the Wilderness.

Brimhaven Dungeon

Brimhaven Dungeon is a fantastic location for low-level OSRS players to earn a lot of money. This medium-sized dungeon, located on the western side of Karamja near the docks, has a variety of enemies that drop valuable things like as runes, money, and herbs. Here, players may also locate the uncommon and expensive Dragonaxe, a two-handed weapon with strong attack and strength bonuses.

Brimhaven Dungeon requires an admission charge of 875 coins, which will rapidly pay for itself as you go through the dungeon. With a little patience and expertise, it’s feasible to generate roughly 100k per hour with only one or two excursions here, making it a perfect area for new accounts wanting to profit on their early levels without having to farm for too long.

Myths Guild Basement

The Myths Guild is a popular hangout for Old School RuneScape (OSRS) players. Vorkath, a gigantic dragon with toxic breath, may be found in the mythologies guild’s basement. This beast can be found via the mythologies guild’s rear door and is known to drop uncommon things such as dragon bones and adamant bars.

Vorkath is regarded as one of the most difficult monsters to defeat, since it has a plethora of devastating attacks that may quickly overwhelm unprepared players. To preparation for this battle, players typically load up on food and potions, as well as packing prayer-boosting gear, such as a Zamorakian hasta, to assist offset his assaults. Vorkath is also renowned for dropping a variety of rare and sought-after loot items, making it a very appealing target for those hoping for rapid earnings from monster hunting.

Green Dragons

Green Dragons are a common kind of monster in Old School RuneScape. They may be found in a variety of areas, including the Wilderness, making them an excellent monster to practice on for players looking to earn prizes from slayer quests or money from drops. Green dragons have an average level of 80 and a range of attacks. They may also be found in multi-combat regions, unlike many other monsters, enabling many players to battle them at the same time for bonus experience or loot.

Green Dragons drop a range of goods depending on where they are, although they all often drop money, green dragonhide, and, on rare occasions, rune items. Green dragonhide is utilized to build magic armor, as well as ranged armor when combined with molten glass and seaweed. Because Green Dragon skin is rather plentiful, there is always a demand for it on the Grand Exchange.

Where Can I Find Green Dragons?

Green Dragons are highly sought-after animals in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). These dragons may be discovered throughout the game, but each place has its own set of regulations and conditions that must be completed before you can visit them.

The simplest approach to locate Green Dragons is to select the “Wilderness” option on your minimap. This will lead you directly to the Wilderness level 9 region, which is home to a slew of ferocious beasts, including Green Dragons. If you have access to members-only stuff, the level 31 Wilderness is a good spot to seek for it.

Green Dragons may also be found outside of the Wilderness in some Slayer Dungeons and in the Chaos Druid Tower on Karamja Island. It’s vital to note that entering these dungeons requires a high level of Slayer and the accomplishment of specified missions. Finally, after all three components of Recipe For Disaster have been finished, players may enter Tentacle Level 1, which includes two Green Dragons every hour.

Wilderness Locations

Green dragons are among the most formidable monsters in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)’s wilderness. They may be found in a number of places, but the most prevalent is within a cave east of Count Draynor’s home. Because they are so powerful and deadly, it is best to hunt them with high-level equipment and potions.

Green dragons drop precious treasure such as herbs, rare ores, dragon bones, leather, and other items in addition to their battle prowess. Although they may be found all throughout the countryside, their proximity to Draynor makes them a great target for anyone looking to train Slayer or just earn some fast cash. But be prepared for a tough struggle—Green dragons with ⨂ levels are aggressive and have good battle stats.

Wilderness Slayer Cave

Wilderness Slayer Cave is found in level 47-54 Wilderness, south of the Wilderness Volcano. To get entry to this Slayer cave, slay the level 74 Moss Giant guarding its entrance. Inside the cave, there are six Moss Giants ranging in level from 40 to 50.

The Wilderness Slayer Cave is an excellent spot for killing Moss Giants for drops since there is little competition for kills and it is reasonably safe compared to other sites such as the Ardougne Sewers or Edgeville Dungeon. The sole disadvantage of this place is that it has low respawn rates owing to its seclusion from other players, thus if you require faster kills, you should try heading to the regions mentioned below:

Corsair Cove Dungeon

The Corsair Cove Dungeon is a difficult dungeon found in the northern part of Corsair Cove, north of the Voyage’s beginning place. The dungeon has numerous levels, one of which has an entrance to the Green Dragon. The Green Dragon serves as the last destination for OSRS Bone Voyage, since it houses a secret altar that players must discover in order to fulfill their objective.

The dungeon’s entrance is guarded by level 78 Elite Black Knights and Elite Dark Wizards, who must be slain before entering. Furthermore, there are various enemies within the dungeon, like Skeletal Wyverns, Ice Trolls, and Mutated Bloodvelds, so players should be prepared to battle.


In Old School RuneScape, Elvarg is a green dragon that lives on Crandor Island. She is the most difficult creature to defeat in the game, even more so than the Chambers of Xeric boss, Telos. Elvarg is one of only two dragons that may be slain inside OSRS, the other being Vorkath. Killing her grants players strong treasures such as dragon bones and dragonhide armor, as well as significant experience points.

Elvarg is one of the most powerful creatures in OSRS, with a Combat Level of 83. She has a maximum hit of 28 and access to all three dragon breath attacks, which can cause up to 80 damage apiece. Elvarg also has a special attack in which she summons little boulders that orbit around her body and deliver up to 50 damage if not evaded appropriately. This makes her a very formidable foe, necessitating the use of suitable armor and methods while facing Elvarg.

Brutal Green Dragons

Brutal Green Dragons are a rare breed of dragon located near the Ruins of Uzer and the River Lum. They are powerful opponents due to their distinctive green hue and aggressive temperament. They may easily beat many players, especially at higher levels, due to their tremendous strikes.

Because they live in the forest, it is critical to store up on steel dragon requirements gear before trying to combat them. Brutal Green Dragons employ a broad range of special powers, including fire breath and lightning strikes, so having the right equipment is essential for success.poison clouds and paralyzing breath, which may render unskilled adventurers unable to move or take action for prolonged periods of time.

To face Brutal Green Dragons, players must carry a variety of combat gear, including:

  • Melee weapons
  • Ranged ammo
  • Prayers/curses
  • Food

in order to sustain their defense against the dragon’s attack.

Where Can I Kill Brutal Green Dragons?

Brutal Green Dragons are high-level creatures that may be encountered in OSRS’s Wilderness. If you want to take on this dangerous opponent, you’ll need to have the greatest equipment and access to the correct areas. Brutal Green Dragons may be found at two levels: 37 Wildy and 50 Wildy. They drop precious things including rune arrowheads, dragon bones, and Brutal green dragon hide& bones in both.

  • The level 37 Wildy can be found north of Edgeville, while the level 50 Wildy can be found south of Lava Maze.
  • Both regions demand fighting levels of 70 or above, and if you want to risk it all for glory, make sure your inventory is loaded with food.
  • It’s also worth noting that these dragons have very high defense levels, so make sure your weapons and armor are up to date before confronting them in fight.

Ancient Cavern

In Old School Runescape, the Ancient Cavern is one of the quickest ways to attain level 99 Magic. It consists of a vast cavern that may be entered from the southwest side of the Baxtorian Falls. The Cavern is home to a large number of green dragons, who are the most powerful monsters in Old School Runescape, with level 79 combat and incredibly expensive drops. Killing them and collecting their skins, bones, or claws allows players to earn experience.

There are also numerous additional creatures in the region that drop bones and skins, as well as plants and other valuable goods. It’s vital to remember that the Cavern has various harmful traps Players exploring the summoning familiars use should be cautious at all times and carry high-level food and armor, as certain green dragons may deal up to 10 hitpoints of damage. every strike.

Where Should I Kill Green Dragons?

Green Dragons, sometimes known as “Greens,” are a prominent monster in the popular MMORPG Old School RuneScape (OSRS). These creatures may be found in a variety of places around the game world, however some are better than others for killing them. The key to locating the best location to slay Green dragons is to evaluate numerous criteria such as spawn rate, frequency of other players’ presence, and distance from banks.

In OSRS, the greatest place to slay Green dragons is in the forest. This location is known as the Lava Maze, and it has a high spawn rate of up to 6 Green Dragons per 30 minutes. This location also gives players access to other creatures such as Black Demons and Greater Demons, which deliver extra resources during kills. Furthermore, since this region is somewhat remote from banks, other players will find it more difficult to interfere with your kills.

What Combat Levels Should I Have When Fighting Green Dragons?

The suggested fighting level for OSRS green dragon hunting is determined by the player’s experience and the equipment provided. Beginners may hunt green dragons with a fighting level of 89 or above, however experienced players may need a higher level. Green Dragons are mostly found in the Wilderness, where they drop precious things like Dragon Bones and Green Dragonhide.

It is ideal for beginner players to have at least 90 combat levels so that they can employ Magic or Ranged attacks with some success. It is also suggested that players have a high Hitpoint count while battling Green Dragons since they may do a lot of damage and rapidly deplete your Hitpoints. Furthermore, utilizing the Protect from Magic prayer will offer you an advantage over your opponent since you will be able to deflect some of their magical strikes.

Finally, carry some food with you in case you incur too much damage while battling these beasts.

What Gear Should I Use Against Green Dragons?

When battling a green dragon in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), it is critical to have the proper equipment. An Anti-Dragon Shield, a Neitiznot helm, a rune platebody, rune platelegs, a rune kiteshield, and either a dragon scimitar or an abyssal whip are typical setups for green dragons. This armor set will significantly decrease the amount of damage dealt by green dragons.

In addition to armor, it is recommended that you pack sustenance, such as monkfish, and suitable potions, such as ranging potions and prayers. Depending on your degree of preparedness, you might also bring along some runes for an air staff and high level alchemy to boost your experience rate and profit from green dragon drops.

What Drops Can I Get From Green Dragons?

Green Dragons are formidable foes found in the Wilderness and in the vicinity of large towns such as Edgeville, and they are a popular source of uncommon drops such as Dragon Bones, Green Dragonhide, and even the very prized dragon plateskirts.

Green Dragons are level 79 creatures that must be protected from their strong dragonfire breath attack with an anti-dragon shield or defense. Killing them is pretty simple with the correct weaponry, and they can be rapidly slain again with the use of a riches ring.

Aside from dragon bones, green dragonhides, and plateskirts, Green Dragons often drop precious goods such as:

  • Raw stone
  • Seeds of different trees such as yew
  • Coins ranging from 1gp to 2000gp
  • Jewels like as opal, jade, and ruby topaz
  • Unstrung symbols

Make sure you have someone on your squad or nearby to assist you in picking up these crucial drops.

Should I Fight Green Dragons For Experience Gains Or Profit?

Green Dragons are among the most desired foes in Old School Runescape (OSRS). They provide a significant experience gain as well as a reasonable profit margin. However, it is critical to understand what sort of equipment is necessary, as well as the optimum locations for slaying green dragons.

Players should be careful of their own personal fighting level while facing green dragons for experience or profit. The appropriate level depends on the objects you have access to and the spells you can perform. For example, if you are a low-level player, you should battle Green Dragons from a safe distance while employing prayer flicking to maximize your chances of success.magic or ranged attacks on them, with food and potions for assistance.

Overall, if you know how to correctly attack Green Dragons in terms of gear and tactics, they may yield both experience increases and earnings in OSRS.

Question: Should I Skip Green Dragons As A Slayer Task?

When it comes to increasing your Slayer points, you must decide whether or not to bypass Green Dragons as a Slayer duty. The final decision is yours, since some players may prefer the slightly greater experience points gained by defeating Green Dragons.

Green Dragons, on the other hand, are not advised for individuals searching for the fastest method to increase their Slayer points.

  • Green Dragons take substantially longer to kill than popular activities like Cows, and the rewards are much lower.
  • Furthermore, these species typically spawn in spots that need extra preparation or may not be worth the effort.

As a result, omitting Green Dragons as a Slayer assignment might help you save time while still maximizing your Slayer points.

Question: Can I get Larrans keys as drops from Wilderness green dragons while not on task for Krystilia?

No, you cannot get Larrans keys as drops from Wilderness green dragons while you are not on duty for Krystilia. This is due to the fact that the green dragons in the Wilderness will only give you access to their stashes if you are on assignment for Krystilia.

It is vital to remember that Larrans Keys may only be gained as a prize from Wilderness Green dragons when doing a mission provided by Krystilia, and they cannot be earned in any other manner. Furthermore, if you wish to access each of a green dragon’s four stashes, you must place something special in each stash, thus it is a good idea to find up what has to be kept in each stash before performing the corresponding assignment.

Question: Which is the better attack option – Melee or Ranged?

Ranged strikes are the preferred approach for dispatching a Green Dragon in OSRS. Depending on your fighting style, ranged combat has the ability to do huge damage with Accuracy and Strength enhancements. The greater your Ranged level, the more successful you will be while battling a Black Dragon.

When battling dragons, it is best to utilize a mix of melee and ranged strikes. This enables for numerous attack methods and defense tactics to be used.

Melee users Players should carry dragonhide armor, an Antifire shield, and an Ava’s accumulator for additional protection against the special attacks used by their opponents. It is also recommended to pack food to replenish any lost hitpoints throughout the fight, as well as prayer potions to replenish prayer points if they are depleted during the combat.

Ranged users should bring both Magic and Ranged weaponry, as well as some form of armor that provides defense against both Magical and Melee attack styles, such as dragonhide armor or Karil’s armor set, as well as a few dragonfire potions or antifire potions for even more protection against their attacks. Similarly, food should be carried along to replenish any lost hitpoints during the battle, and prayer potions should be taken to replenish prayer points if necessary during combat with them.


To summarize, Green Dragon OSRS is an amazing RPG fighting game that provides a thrilling experience for all gamers. There is something for everyone with a variety of bosses to battle and prizes to reap. The game is appropriate for all ages, and there is a tutorial option if you are new to the game and want to learn the fundamentals. Furthermore, the online community promotes social contact and friendly rivalry.

Overall, Green Dragon OSRS offers a dynamic gaming experience with a large amount of material and hours of fun. This is a nice game to play if you want to level up your abilities or simply have some fun trying out various techniques against different bosses.

Green Dragon OSRS Guide

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